I Kissed The Witchpire

Malachai Parker, the psychopathic witchpire and the love of Alex's life. Its been three months since her great great great uncle Damon had killed Kai, and shes devastated. She hasent eaten, she hasent slept, all she does is cry. With no hope in sight she searches for a permanent solution to stop the pain. But is it really that easy to kill a witchpire?


1. My One True Love

My heart felt as though it was going to explode out of my chest. I sat on the floor with my legs tight to my chest. I didn't bother stopping the tears, the crying hasent stopped since the wedding and I knew they wouldn't stop anytime soon. I know what Kai did was wrong, but couldn't they find another way, one that didn't involve him dying!? I screamed at the thought that I would never see him again. Never able to feel his warmth on my skin, never able to feel his deep and passionate kisses, never able to hold him. Slowly getting up, I made my way upstairs into the bedroom I used to share with Kai. Heading to one of his drawers I reached in and took out one of his shirts and sweat pants. Changing slowly, I then crawled into bed and reached for an anxiety pill, gulping it down I attempted to try and get some sleep but it wasn't as easy no matter what I took.


Waking up covered in sweat I began crying, same dream different night. Getting out of bed, I made my way downstairs. Heating up the kettle to make some tea, I heard a knock on the door.

"Bonnie?" I asked when I opened the door.

"Alex, I couldn't sleep. And I was wondering if we could talk?"

"Um, yeah, sure come on in." I say moving to the side so she could enter. Shutting the door I turned to her, "I'm making some tea, would you like some?"

"Sure," she smiled but I can see the pain behind her eyes.

I grabbed our cups and headed into the living room.

"So what did you need to talk about?" I asked handing her her cup and taking a sip of mine.

"Kai," she said looking serious for a second.

Staring at her blankly I set my cup down on the table and took a deep breath.

"What about Kai?" I asked trying to keep my voice steady.

"I'm sorry for how things ended, but we had no choice, he was going to kill everyone. All of your friends that you and I love."

"I know, and I understand why Damon did what he did, but that doesn't mean I have to accept it. Their could of been another way." shaking my head I looked down at my hands.

"Their wasn't, and Damon being Damon wouldn't of listened. He wanted Kai dead." Bonnie said rubbing my shoulder.

"BUT I DIDN'T! And the worst part is I didn't even get to say goodbye! Not when you left him in the prison world the second time and not when you killed him! Do my feelings not even matter to you guys!?" I said looking up at her, tears running down my face.

"I'm sorry Alex. I really truly am,"

She leans in to hug me but I move away.

Wipintears from my eyes I turn my head to the side, "I think you should go,"

"But Alex I-"

"Now! Please."

Taking our cups to the kitchen I heard the door shut. I reached for one of the cups throwing it against the wall, screaming and crying out his name.


Sinking to the floor again I stayed there for the rest of the night, not having the strength to move. 

"Alex" I recognized the voice, it belonged to the last person I ever wanted to see.

"Go away Damon." opening my eyes I got up from the kitchen floor.

"Now is that any way to treat family?" he said with his usual smirk on his face.

"Don't, don't you dare, we are not family. Not anymore. Nor will we ever be again.

"Listen Alex, I'm sorry. I know you can never forgive me but I needed to tell you that."

"Im sorry to,"

"For what?" he asked looking suspicious.

"This," I take the knife on the counter and stab it in his neck."You killed the man I loved, and you think sorry is going to make up for it!? Get out of my house." I walked away leaving him to show himself out.

Upstairs I go through Kais things, searching for something anything, when I come across a box. Sucking in air I opened it and found a small yet beautiful wedding ring. I instantly felt my heart break, I fell to the floor crying, not holding back and not caring who hears me. He was going to propose, we where going to get married and Damon took that away from me. Feeling nothing but anger and rage mixed in with sadness and hopelessness, I layed their on my back. Letting everything run its course. Looking at the ring, I saw engraved "My One True Love"

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