I Kissed The Witchpire

Malachai Parker, the psychopathic witchpire and the love of Alex's life. Its been three months since her great great great uncle Damon had killed Kai, and shes devastated. She hasent eaten, she hasent slept, all she does is cry. With no hope in sight she searches for a permanent solution to stop the pain. But is it really that easy to kill a witchpire?


6. Here Come The Heritics

"So, what would you like to do today my love?" Kai said taking my hand as we resumed our walk.

"I kinda wanna go look at baby stuff. I know it's still early but the babies will be here before you know it and we need to be prepared. I'm not saying we have to buy everything now, but it doesn't hurt to look?" biting my lip I waited for him to say no.

"I think that sounds like a wonderful idea." he said with a smile as he planted a kiss on my forehead.

We continued walking down the streets of Mystic Falls, looking at all the cute little shops when someone bumped into me.

"Hey! Watch where your going!" I yelled to the stranger.

A tall slim red headed brunette turned around. She had a certain charm to her and I knew then and there she wasn't full human, a witch maybe?

"I'm sorry, do you think I actually care?" she said looking at me as if she was so much more better than everyone.

"It's just common sen-" all of a sudden it felt as though my air way was being closed off. "Kai I-" I tried to talk but it was no use. 

Kai stepped in front of me and started chanting something under his breath. The girl fell to her knees trying not to scream, he was turning her blood to acid. The pressure on my neck was gone and I gasped for air. Looking around I could see people starting to stare.

"Kai stop your drawing attention," grabbing his arm I tried to pull him away but it didn't work. "Kai come on let's go leave her I'm fine!" I tried pulling him again but he wouldn't budge.

Opening my purse, I looked around for something sharp. Finding a pair of scissors I pressed the blade to my wrist hoping the smell of blood would draw him out on his hypnotic state, and it did.

Within a second he smelt the blood and put his hand over the wound to heal it. He didn't say a word to me, just grabbed me by the waist and vamp speeded home not caring if anyone saw us.

"What was that all about?" opening the door to our apartment. "Did you know that girl Kai?"

Following me in, he shut the door and took a long deep breath.

"That my beautiful fiancé, was a Heritic. Part of Lily's family. Her name is Valarie. Not very dangerous, she just hates life from what I've been told." Kai said rubbing his hands over his face.

"What's gonna happen now? I just pissed off an all mighty member of the Heritics. Is there like a bounty out for my head now?" shaking my head I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Not quite," he said chuckling to himself. "I would assume Lily will be paying us a visit soon, possibly with the rest of them."

"OK, I'm officially scared now. What if they do something to me, or worse something to harm the babies!?"

"Nothings going to happen. You have the almighty Gemini Witchpire Coven leader to protect you and the twinsies."

"The twinsies?" moving closed to him I planted a smile on my face.

"Or tweedle dee and tweedle dumb." placing his hands on my hips he looked down at me with such lust in his eyes.

"Hey! These baby's are going to be smart. They have you as a father." biting my lip, I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled my self closer to him.

Grinning he looked up. "This is true," he looked back down at me with love in his eyes.

Stepping on my tiptoes, I reached up and planted a soft yet passionate kiss on his lips. His hands quickly grabbed my face and pulled me even closer to him.

Just then, the door burst open. Quickly pulling away Kai could see the look and panic in my eyes. My hands shot to my belly instantly as though that would somehow be able to protect the babies.

"Lily. And I see you brought friends," turning around Kai grabbed me and held me behind him. I again felt as though I was being put in a bubble.

"Yes well it seems you have upset and hurt my family, I came here to remind you that if this happens again, the truce we have will be no more."

I peered around his shoulder to see the girl from earlier accompanied by two more girls who where drop dead gorgeous, as well as two men who had a charm to them.

"Noted. And you will do well as to remind your family that if they go anywhere near my fiancé and unborn babies again... I'll kill them." I could hear the smile on his face.

"Dooly noted." Lily said with a fake smile.

Hearing a loud whoosh, Kai released me and went to close the door.

"I take it that's the ScoobyDooby-Doo gang 2.0?" I teased.

Laughing he nodded. Turning, he walked to me slowly and took my hands in his, "Alex, I vow to do everything in my protection to keep you safe and out of harms way."

Smiling I placed a kiss on his cheek. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my lower body. 

"Kai," trying not to scream I nearly fell over, "Kai somethings wrong with the babies."

Suddenly I felt something leave my body.

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