I Kissed The Witchpire

Malachai Parker, the psychopathic witchpire and the love of Alex's life. Its been three months since her great great great uncle Damon had killed Kai, and shes devastated. She hasent eaten, she hasent slept, all she does is cry. With no hope in sight she searches for a permanent solution to stop the pain. But is it really that easy to kill a witchpire?


2. A New Begging To An Old Story

I opened the door to find Tyler Lockwood outside my door.

"Did you get it?" I asked looking at him with a worried look.

"Chill out I got it," pulling out the baggy with the green plant in it.

"Thanks, how much do I owe you?" moving away from the door to grab my purse.

Tyler stepped inside and closed the door.

"I know money's tight right now, soooooooo," leaning in he pressed his lips to mine.

"What the fuck Tyler!?" pushing him away I look at his face for some sort or reason.

"What, it's not like you have a boyfriend. And your really hot." He said shrugging.

"Get out of my house, and keep the herbs."

"Fine. Just trying to help." turning around he left slamming the door.

A/N I just want to clarify it's the herbs that Elena used in the beginning of season 6. I couldn't remember if we ever saw them so I just said green plant.

I jumped at the loudness and sighed. The quietness crept up and the emptiness inside of me grew. Looking around the house, I found nothing, nothing worth living for. Maybe I would be better off dead. Climbing the stairs, I went into the bedroom and pulled open the drawer containing the ring. Our 9 month anniversary is tomorrow, I bet that's when he was going to propose. I took the ring out of the box and placed it on my ring finger. It fit like a charm and I immediately broke down into tears. How could this happened. I just wish this was all just one big dream. Taking the ring off I put it back in the box and into the drawer. I'm never going to get better. This pain will never end. What's the point anymore? Resting my hand in my belly I felt the bump growing. A tear escaped my cheek. I can't raise this baby by myself. This baby deserves two loving parents, not a single mother who can't get her life together. But I can't put it through the struggle of foster care, not knowing why it was given up. A shiver ran down my spine. I looked over at the open window. The curtains blowing ever so slightly as if they where trying to tell me something. I walk over and slam the window shut. Climbing into bed I pulled the covers over me.

Opening my eyes I'm immediately hit with crashing waves of anxiety. Feeling like I'm drowning I try to control my breathing. Feeling the nausea coming on I don't hold back. Crying my eyes out I feel all hope being lost. Getting up slowly, I made my way to the window. Throwing the curtains back and pushing the window up I let the cold air hit my face. Taking in a deep breath I opened my eyes.

"Happy anniversary Kai." I whispered.

I took one last breath of the cool air. I stepped out onto the fire escape. As my eyes adjusted I noticed their weren't a lot of people out. I could feel the tears coming again, the tightness in my stomach. This is no way to live. Putting my legs over the railing, I fell backwards. Not caring as to what happened.

Looking into the same blue gray eyes I fell in love with and I never thought I would see again, I shut my eyes.

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