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8. Supportive

I said that i just wanted to be alone for a little while and went to the back lounge of the bus. I felt a calling to praise my Savior Jesus Christ so i got my guitar and started worshiping. I was alone for only like 5 minutes when Ash walks in.
“We want you out here with us. The boys have something to say.”
“Ok. “
I go out with Ash and go to the living room of the bus. I sit in between Luke and Ash.
“We know that you probably went to deal with something like you said you do but from experience with some of the things you are going through I’ve discovered that even when you don’t think you can talk about it, sometimes that’s the best way to deal with the memories. We all want to hear your story. If you don’t feel comfortable telling all of us I at least wanna hear it because i might be able to relate to some of the things you’ve been through.” Ash says.
“I would be glad to share with you Ash and everyone but not all at once. I don’t like talking about these things in big groups of people. all of you will get to hear some of my story. I don’t feel comfortable telling you everything. Nothing personal to any of you but the only people i feel comfortable telling my whole story to right now are Ash and Lukey. Through spending more time with some of you i will begin to feel more comfortable and tell you more and more.”
“Ok sweetheart. I’m always here to talk about anything and the rest of the boys are as well. We will have plenty of time to share throughout this tour. I think that we should all hear most if not all by the end of this tour though.”
"You all will hear most if not all depending on how comfortable i became with all of you. But I’m also doing school online and need to focus on that as well. I am working on finishing high school and if i finish my courses in a certain amount of time or earlier we may end up having to make an unexpected trip back to Sydney so that i can graduate alongside my sister. That’s what i want to do. I’m on track to do that if i keep at it. That was my goal from the beginning, to finish and graduate alongside Brianna.”
“We all support you 100%. Luke and I know that you are so close to finishing and you will finish alongside Bri, we will make sure of it. I hope you aren’t mad but i told Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis. They arranged for a break in shows so that we could do that. We are here to help you in any way we can.”
“Thanks everyone. I actually have something to tell all of you now that i know that you had decided to support my decision.”
“Em when did you finish?
“I just did a little while ago while i was in my bunk for a long time before i went to be alone. And I’m almost done with Calculus. I should be done with that tomorrow. I should be done with all my courses by the end of the week if i keep on track. I looked at my pace charts earlier and I’m ahead in all my courses. I have only like 3 more assignments in Calculus. I normally do like 2 to 3 assignments daily in my classes and I might be able to finish Calc today if i get time to work on it. Also in Chem I have like 2 assignments left. I already finished my elective classes like 2 days ago so i just have to worry about Chem, and Calc.”
“Wow!! If you want you can go work now. We think you can finish today if you start now. We are still like 5 hours from Melbourne where the show is tonight so you have plenty of time to work.”
“I’ll see y’all later. I’m gonna try to finish at least Chem by the time we get to Melbourne.”
I went to work on Chem and finished the course in like 90 minutes. turns out i only had one lesson in Calc left so i knew that i could finish school today. Calc is done in like an hour and i come out and see everyone is playing FIFA. Ash notices me and pauses the game.
“Did you need help sweetheart?”


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