Adopted By 5sos


10. Some Special Suprises

Now we have like 5 hours until showtime. I don’t get why i had to go into hair and makeup so early. It’s only gonna get messed up and I’ll have to go through the process all over again. I decide to call Bri. It rings three times then she answers.
“Hey Bri”
“How’s school going?”
“Great. I actually finished on the way to Melbourne.”
“Wow. I have like 2 more assignments in Chem and I’ll be done.”
“that’s fantastic. Does that mean you’ll be able to meet us here tonight before the show?”
“Yeah. I already booked a flight that leaves in about a half an hour so I’m already at the airport just waiting.”
“Awesome! I’m playing with them during a few songs tonight.”
“Can’t wait. Well I’ve gotta board but I’ll call you when i land.”
"Alright. Bye Bri.”
“Bye Em.”
Great now i have another 4 hours and nothing to do. I could go hang out with Niall but he might be busy. I guess I’ll just sit here and do nothing. Ash walks in and asks
“Em, What are you doing?”
“Nothing, I don’t wanna mess up my hair.”
“Wanna listen to Greenday with me?”
“I was actually going to see if Niall was available.”
“I just got back from talking to Niall. He’s free if you wanna hang out. He’s bored out of his mind.”
“I think I will. See you later Ash.”
I go down to 1D’s dressing room and knock on the door. I hear a come in and go inside. Niall is staring right at me as if he had been waiting on my arrival.
“Why are you acting so weird Niall?”
“I’ve been waiting to ask you something.”
“What’s up?”
“Will you be my girlfriend Em?”
“Are you kidding, Of course yes!"
“Well ok then babe.”
“Baby, can we snuggle?”
“Sure Babe. Wanna watch a movie?”
“Yes. Let’s watch Insurgent.”
We watch the movie hand in hand cuddling and laughing and occasionally kissing. We were kissing right when Harry walked in.
“Did i miss something? And am i interrupting anything?”
“We are dating and no you weren’t interrupting.”
“Since when?”
“Like 15 minutes ago."
“I’ll leave you two alone.”
Then my phone rings.
“Hey Bri.”
“Hey Em. I just landed in Melbourne.”
“That’s great. I’ll send someone to come get you.”
“Actually Luke and Michael are here to get me."
“Ok. see you in a little bit. Go to 1D’s dressing room. I’m there.”
"Ok. Bye Em.”
“Bye Bri.”

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