Adopted By 5sos


2. Signing papers

While Cal and Mikey sign papers, Luke sits with me. Ash is with Brianna.
“What’s your story?” he asked
“I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’d rather explain to all of you at the same time.” i said.
“Ok. That’s fine.”
Now I was crying and Luke had no clue if he did anything. He didn’t, I often cry about what had happened in my past. Sometimes i just need a shoulder to cry on.
“Did I say something? He asked.
“No. I cry very often about my past.” I answer.
Luke pulls me into his lap and I cry on his shoulder. I can tell that Luke is someone i can talk to because he took it upon himself to hold me tight even though he didn’t do anything to me. I’ve never had that before. Ash comes over and asks
“Luke what did you do? She was was fine a minute ago.”
“I didn’t do anything mate, she’s remembering something about her past. I’m doing all that I can to make her feel safe and that she can trust me.” Luke answers.
“Em, you ok sweetheart?” Ash asks
“I’m fine. I have my moments where memories come back from when I was with my abusive father or other things that happened in my horrible life that I had.” I said.
“Ash you got her to talk. She has only said one thing to me for the past hour.” Luke said.
Now that all the paperwork is signed we get to go to our new home.


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