Adopted By 5sos


14. Shopping

Now we are in London and it’s time to go shopping. Luke and Michael take me, Ash and Cal take Bri.  “We are staying on the beach in most of our stops. Might wanna get a swim suit or 2.” “Yes. also I wanna get some dresses.” “Ok. And you are definitely getting at least a pair of black skinny jeans.” “I actually want to.” We go to Aero first. I see a dress that is perfect for anything. And many bikinis that i like. Then flip flops. Luke and Michael say that i need everything I found and I agree. Then we go to American Eagle where I get most of my bottoms from. I find a pair of black skinny jeans right away. I also find short shorts that are like my life. Once again I am led to believe i needed everything.  “I think I’ve had enough shopping for today.” I said. “Are you ok sweetheart?” Ash asks. “No. I’m not. My ankle hurts.” “I want Niall.” “Ok I’ll call him.” “Niall Em wants you.” “I’m coming. Tell her I’ll be there in 5.” “Em Niall will be here in 5 minutes.” “I’m here beautiful. What can do for my princess?” “Carry me and cuddle.” “Ok. Cal Ash and Bri are done so lets go back to the bus." 

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