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6. Music store

There are so many guitars at the music store.
“We already have decided to let you customize your guitar. All you have to choose acoustic or electric, the color, and if you want anything extra on it.”
“Acoustic, Turquoise, Sparkles. Thats what i want.”
“Ok. we’ve already got you a special guitar pick. Niall helped me customize it.”
“Perfect. Even better, I know the owner of this store and he will make it right away. It’ll take about an hour to spray paint and add sparkles. and you get to pick the spray paint shade.”
“As neon as possible.”
“What do you wanna do for an hour?”
“Go to Nando’s.”
“That’s my kind of girl!” Niall said.
We go to Nando’s but it’s closed until 11 and it’s 9. So we just go get smoothies at McDonald’s. When we get back to the music store I finally get to hold my guitar. It’s beautiful and already tuned. In the backseat on the way home I’m playing. I really want to learn how to play Jet Black Heart and Fly Away. But in the mean time I’ll just play Good Girls and some One Direction songs that i know how to play. Niall looks at me shocked.
“I used to go to the music store and play when i was upset at the orphanage.”
“Must have been upset often then. you are fantastic." 

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