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15. London Concert

We go back to the bus. We get to the venue in like 5 minutes. I’m really happy that Bri is here now because she can finally see what the whole process of getting ready is like. 

“Bri, want to come and see just what I go through to get ready to sit on the edge of the stage and play along with the boys?”

“Sure Em, I’d love to.”

“Alright well I’m going to see what’s in store for wardrobe now.”

            We go to my stylist and she has a black high low dress with sequins on the top half. I wouldn’t choose to buy it myself but it is definitely pretty. For shoes sparkly silver flats.

“Are you actually going to wear that?”

“Yes Bri, I am.”

“It’s beautiful.”

            Now we go to hair and makeup. My hair is actually going to be straightened for once. For makeup pure glitter eye shadow and black winged eyeliner. 

“I can’t wait to see it Em.”

“This is actually the most sparkles I’ve ever had at one time.”

“Your makeup is adorable, and your hair is so pretty straight.”

“Thanks Bri.”

            We go back to find everyone else. They are all in the dressing room. 


“Thanks. I think it’s ok, I wouldn’t get it if I was shopping but I do like it.” 

“Babe I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your hair straight.”

“You haven’t. I haven’t straightened it in like 3 months."

“Well it’s beautiful.”


“You should straighten it more often.”

“Maybe I will"

            Now I have nothing to do for like 3 hours. I decide to play my guitar. 

“Are you playing tonight?”

“God, you know not to sneak up on me like that Harry.”

“Sorry, I thought you knew I was here."

“And to answer your question, no I wasn’t planning on it.”

“You seem pissed, what can I do about this?”

“I am pissed, can you just let me be alone?”

“I guess.”

“Thank you.”

            Now harry is gone and I can just play. I am alone FINALLY!!! I play for a long time… but I don’t actually know how long. Bri comes in and just sits down next to me and watches me play.

“I can see why you like playing so much.”

“I feel something when I play… when I’m playing I kind of, I don't know…escape reality and go into my own little world.”

“Em, I have something to tell you.”

“What’s up?”

“I used to play for a little while at the orphanage too.”

“Wow. I’d love to hear you play sometime Bri.”

“Acoustic or electric? I’m going to borrow Luke’s… We had a whole plan for how I would tell you.”

“Acoustic… We should play together.”

“That sounds great… Luke already knows what I’m getting you for graduation… and you’ll love it.”

“I know what I’m getting you too… and you’ll love it… Luke and I coordinated.”    

“Well we go back to Sydney after the show tonight… I actually wanted to give you your present tonight.”

“I was going to do the same…”

“Are you playing tonight Em?”


*Skip to end of concert*

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