Adopted By 5sos


13. Back At The Bus

Niall carries me to the bus and puts me on the couch. Ash and Niall look worried. I didn’t wanna worry them so i went to the corner. “Do you want anything for the pain babe?” “Yes baby.” “I’ll be back. Also we are ordering pizza. What do you like on your pizza?” “Peperoni or Hawaiian.” “Okay sweetheart. “Em, do you wanna watch a movie?” “Not really. I wanna just listen to music.” “Ok. Anything in particular?” “I don’t have a preference.” “Ok. How about we listen to us.” “Sounds good.” Niall comes back and sees Ash hugging me and gets really jealous.  “Babe I hug other guys, you have to get used to it.” “I know baby, it’s just a little weird that I walked in and the first thing i saw was you hugging Ash.” “I actually just wanna sleep. Wake me up when pizza comes.” "Ok babe i will.” I go to my bunk and fall asleep. I just wanted to be alone.  “Em, it’s Luke. Pizza is here.” “Ok. Why do you sound like you’ve been crying Luke?” “We all were very worried about you.” “Don’t. I sprained my ankle about a week before I left the orphanage. It will never fully heal because I wasn’t taken care of at the orphanage.” “Oh baby, you poor thing.” "I’m ok Niall. Well right now not really but I’ll be fine” “I’m gonna make you sit on the couch and you will stay there.” “Baby NO. I’ll be fine. Please. Don’t do that to me.” “I was kidding babe. lets eat” We eat and everyone wants to baby me after dinner. I don’t get it, I can do things on my own. “Em, I know that you probably don’t want to, but we should probably have Liz see if she can do anything to help it heal. She can be trusted. She’s a nurse practitioner.” “Fine. I don’t know what she’ll be able to do but I’m willing to try."  “Thanks Em. The only thing that might be a problem is she might not let you jump around onstage with us like you want too.”
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