Adopted By 5sos


11. An Unpleasant Surprise

t’s now showtime. I absolutely love the setlist for this concert. I Thought i would only be playing a few songs, but i was so wrong, every single song. I haven’t played that much at one time in forever. I am not by anyway complaining though, i can’t wait. It feels a little weird though, everyone is looking at me and i hear so many rude things being said throughout the crowd. Niall hears it too.
“We don’t have to preform for y’all, we can cancel with no notice. If i hear anything like what i heard a second ago, I will stop the show immediately. What did she ever do to you? That’s what i thought…nothing. “
“Babe its ok, you don’t have to stop the show. i’m used to it. I mean it does hurt on the inside but I’ve learned to deal with it.”
“Directioners don’t hate on the girl who gets to play onstage. They respect everyone we bring onstage to play with us.”
“Everyone I get it I know that I’m not worth it. Nobody likes me. Say whatever you want. I know that I’m just a reject and that nobody understands me. You’re welcome you can have the boys alone without me playing. Sorry that you had to witness this boys but it’s clear no one wants to see my face at all. I can’t take this. I guess I’ll jut play backstage where no one can see me. I’m very disappointed in all the directioners here and i know the boys are too. Y’all should have been happy for me but I guess only the true directioners will be nice to me. I want to ask anyone who didn’t yell rude things at me to come up here to VIP. And don’t lie. You know who you are and i would like to talk to y’all.”
I know there aren’t going to be many but I am surprised that there are only two girls that came up.
“Thanks for being so nice while everyone wasn’t. because you chose to say whatever you said while everyone was saying go kill yourself, we are going to give you backstage passes and you will be able to hang out with me during the concert and meet the boys. If y’all convince me to actually go onstage and play in front of every single fake directioner i will. but only one song for each. A 1D song and a 5SOS song.”
I go backstage with the two girls and i pick up my guitar and start playing even though i know no one will hear. My guitar is still hooked up to the amp but I don’t care, I just wanna play.


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