What about me?

Riley is an ordinary girl and has a normal teenage life. She has a deal with her bestie, Sarah that its always sisters before misters.But when she finds herself falling for a boy Harry it could change everything forever!


1. High school!

Riley's P.O.V "Are you ready to leave?" Asked my mom "Ya I will be down in a minute!" I threw on a pair of top shop jeans, a white crop top and grabbed my converse I just wore my hair down cause I have natural straight hair. As I walked down the stairs my mom a shouted at me for taking so long and then we left. It's my first day of University! (FUN) When I arrived I ran to my best friend Sarah and leaped into her arms because we hadn't seen eachother for a whole month that's practically a year of gossip to catch up on. And I miss her so much. Sarah's POV I looked up from my phone and saw Riley running towards me. We hugged eachother and there were lots of giggles. I was so happy to see her because we hadn't seen eachother in a whole month cause I went to Mauritius with my dad. It might have been only a week but it seemed like FOREVER!! We walked into class together and sat in our seats. "Do you want to come over to my place today?" Asked Riley "Ya that sounds cool, thanks" Just then MR Clifton walked in and started his long boring class. *SKIPS TO END OF DAY* Riley's POV "So how was Mauritius, Sarah?" "It was amazing! The water is just beautiful and the island is breath taking" "That's so cool! We never go anywhere, LOL" "OMG!!" "What?" "That dude is totally checking you out!" "You think so?" "Totes!" *i turn around and look at the boy* " WTF! No fricking way!That's Harry Styles!!!" "OMG!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKKK!! ::D XD
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