My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


6. Summer's pov

Summer's POV:

I woke with Michael cuddling me. I looked around to find Luke with his head on Caitlin's shoulder, Cal and Kate on the floor with what looked like hickeys on their necks(that's going to be hard to hide) and Skylynn with her head on Ashton's lap. Looking back over them I realised that Kate and Cal were holding hands.

I wiggled out of Michael's grip and headed towards the kitchen to make pancakes. When they were done I put the plates on the table and ran upstairs to grab my megaphone.

"Guys I made pancakes" I screamed into the megaphone. Almost instantly they jumped up and ran towards the kitchen. "Hey Kate are you going to invite Tina round so me and the boys can have a match of COD with her" I asked Kate. She just nodded her head as her mouth was full of food. When she nodded Luke took out his phone and began texting.

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