My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


4. Summer's pov

Summers POV:

Me an the girls had just finished getting ready when the boys arrived. I ran down and he stood the worlds hottest man alive (A/N: can you guess who). Of course the others were with him but he was there and that's all that mattered.

I told them to come in and they all took a seat on my 8 seater leather couch.

Then Kate and Skylynn came running down and told me that Caitlin was scared to go the beach.

"Boys how do feel about a movie marathon instead?" I asked

"As long as you guys will sit next to us and not on the floor sure" Michael said. The boys moved so there was room for us all to sit between them. I of course sat next Michael, Skylynn sat next to Ash, Kate sat next to Calum and Caitlin sat next Luke.

I was about to put The Fault In Our Stars on when I heard the door. Michael immediately stood up and went to door. He came back with 5 pizzas.

"Wait a minute. Who ordered pizza?" I asked every one pointed to the red haired boy holding pizza. "I did like twenty minutes ago" "why you didn't know we were having a movie marathon till like 5minutes ago"

"Well we were actually going to ask youse if you wanted a movie marathon but you beat us to it" "ok fair enough"

I put the film in and took my seat next Michael.

Six seconds into the film and my DVD player decided to break so I sent Michael to my room to get my PS4. He was taking forever I was about to get up when I heard heard him shout "you fucking cheater I shot you three times!" It was clear then that he was play COD: advanced warfare (A/N: best COD game ever, I swear I could play all day). I ran up to my room and grabbed the other controller and put the game on split screen. I began kicking Michael's arse and when I won he groaned "how the fuck did I get beat by a girl" "hey just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't play COD and beat your arse!" I said/yelled sassily " guys what the fuck are you doing we want to watch the film" Kate said walking into my room with everyone else. "Hey, do you mind were trying to play a game here yanno" I shouted "Michael did Summer beat you on COD, cause if she did I'll have to have a match with her?" Ash said "yes here" he said and then handed ash to pad. We played the game and again I won "OMFG Summer how the fuck did you do that no one ever beats me or Michael at COD" "well she sits up here almost all day an kills every mother fucker that try's to take her topspot." Skylynn said "wait, your 'badass bitch'" " ye you got a problem" "no it's just that we can never seem to beat your score, and we're in third and second place trying to beat you" Ash said but mumbled the last part thinking I wouldn't hear him "so your 'pizza19' and 'jigglypuff20'?" Kate asked "umm ye" they both said at the same time "hold up your saying I've been playing with youse two for the past 6 years an never bothered to tell me your names" "no we didn't want you to think were a bunch if gamers" "oh but you are and you can't deny it" I said

🔁time skip🔁

We finally watched the film and the boys were about to leave when Chris said " boys stay over we've enough room" "sure dude we'd love that" "oh and there's no point trying to beat 'badass bitch''s score cause you never will believe me I've tried"

"Ye so have we"

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