My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


5. likes pov

Luke's POV (I know right)

Me an the boys put the pads down and Michael handed his to Summer and saying "show us what you can do on zombies timed" "sweet" was all she said before setting up the game and killing over 50,000 zombies in the selected time of 30 minutes. "WOW. We knew you were good but dang your a better gamer that Michael" I said "Well of course I've been playing COD since I was like 6, I used to sneak into Tina's room when I stayed at Kate's at the weekend and play." The mention of Tina's name made smile slightly. "Hold up you used to sneak into my big sisters room at night an play on her PS while we(pointing at the girls) were asleep" Kate said with slight annoyance in her voice. Shit Tina was Kate's sister. "Well ye but I was never a big sleepover girl so I asked Tina to play with me" "girls girls calm down I bet she beat Tina aswell" "ye actually I did and she's a bigger gamer then me" "ok enough talking about games and let's continue this movie marathon"Skylynn said

How could Kate not know that me, The Luke Hemmings, was dating her sister. Shit should I tell them. After everyone was asleep (well apart from cal and Kate) I got my phone out dimmed the brightness and texted Tina.

T:Tina L:Luke

L: Ti?💋

T: Ye💕

L: Is your little sister mates with Chris' sister Summer?💕

T: Ye why?💋


L: What would you say if I just saw her kissing Cal?💋

T: Wait Cal just kissed Kate? How do I know your not messing with me?💖

L:ye and I'll send you a pic just give me a minute.💖

(Picture sent)

T: Shit when was this? 💞

L: just now. Do we tell them were dating or what?💞

T: ye but I want to be with you when you do where are you I'll be round tomorrow at 12ish💓

L: we're at Summer's💓

T: ok love you 💗

L: love you too Princess💗

I fell asleep shorty after

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