My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


8. HHS




Kate's POV

I had just invited Tina round to meet the lads and Luke look like he wanted to die. I wonder if it had anything to do with Tina coming round.

πŸ”time skip to when Tina comesπŸ”

Tina has just arrived and her and Luke sad that they wanted to tell us all something.

"So. They guys already know but me and Tina have been dating for 3 years now"

I remember her saying she had a boyfriend named Luke but never in a million years would I think she'd be dating THE LUKE HEMMINGS.

"So who want to go to the beach" Summer said to break some of the tension.

We all agreed ad went to get ready.

I wore my pink 5sos bikini, Tina wore her blue one, Summer wore her light green swimsuit, Caitlin wore a black and blur tankini and skylynn wore an Aztec style bikini.

(Skip to the beach)

We were at the beach an me and cal were walking along the shore when suddenly he dragged me over to the rocks so we could have 'alone time'.

We were kissing when suddenly his lips left mine.

"Fuck Calum!" I moaned the boys plump lips now working on my sweet spot. I was pressed up against the sand with Calum's hands roaming all around my body. Everywhere he touched felt like a fire igniting my body. My fingers made there way up his neck and grasped his hair tugging at the fluffy mess. Slowly he began to grinding his hips against mine, eliciting(drawing out) a loud moan from my lips. His hard on pressed against my core deliciously as I continued to gasp and tug at his hair. His dark chuckle rang through my ears and I felt him smirk against my skin. "You like that baby?" I nodded not trusting my voice.

"Answer me Kate" he growled softly "f-fuck yea Calum" I whimpered after a particular sharp roll where he came in contact with my clit. Suddenly I felt his presence leave me and my eyes flew open wide as he pulled my swim shorts down. "Wha-" "relax baby" he began as he knelt in front of me,"I just want a taste." My eyes grew as I looked at the boy in front of me. "B-but," I stuttered out "Calum wait." His fingers were hooked in the waist band of the bikini panties. He looked up at me with an expectant gaze. "Yes?" "I-I ... I've never done this before" sure I've had sex but I have never had someone go down on me. "Just relax baby girl." He slid his hands up and down my thighs. I let out a deep breath nodding and motioned for him to continue. "Damn baby" he groaned as he gazed at my core "your dripping" I blushed and hid my face with my hands, subconsciously closing my legs.

"No no no don't be embarrassed your gorgeous" that didn't help with my blushing, but I waited for him to do something, pressing my hands flat against the sand. He began to kiss up the inside if my thighs, nipping and licking here and there. Once he had reached my heat he slowly slid his tongue over my clit and I jumped back from the sensation. He chuckled sending vibrations through my body, I quietly groaned out at the feeling.his tongue started to lick up and down my heat, sending a burning pleasure to course through my stomach. Suddenly I felt his lips wrap around my clit and my body felt hot all round. He sucked at the sensitive button and my hands pulled lightly on his hair. He groaned as my fingers continued to ruffle his hair and the vibrations traveled up my body once again. My stomach began to tighten up and I felt myself approving my orgasm. "C-Calum." "Yes sweetheart?" "I-I'm close" I answered with a shaky breath. "Good" quickly he kept sucking my clit suddenly adding his long digit into my core.

"F-fuck" I half yelled,half moaned. He continued to suck and thrust his finger adding a second. My body was burning with the anticipation of my release. My moans started to become loader. My walls clenched as I felt my orgasm wash over me. My eyes closed as I threw my head into the sand. "Come on baby girl. Who's making you feel this good?"

"God, you Calum." I opened my eyes to look down at him with his head between my legs; lapping up my juices. My breathing steadied and I blushed as Calum winked at me. He pulled my panties and swim shorts back up before smirking and standing up. "How was that?"

"Good" I giggled "real fucking good"

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