My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


7. h

Luke's POV

When Kate agreed to invite Tina round for me and the boys to play COD I frantically got my phone out and added Tina and the boys into a group chat.


L- Guys Kate is Tina (my girlfriend)'s sister. And babe Kate is going to invite you round❤️


T-okay babe and do I need to bring anything

C- Summer just said we might go beach so bring your bathing suit and Luke when were you going to tell us?

L-well me and Tins were going to tell you today.

A-wait what? Tina your sisters with Kate?

T- Yes Ash and by the way Cal why does my sister hickeys?

C- ummm..... She may or may not be my girlfriend.

T- seriously cal I knew that already


L/T-I took a pic and sent it. Luke took a pic and sent it me

C- wait i thought everyone was asleep

L- okay. Conversation over

(Ash,cal, and Michael left chat)

T- see you soon babe 😍

L-see you soon babe😍😘

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