My Brothers Best Mate

What happens when your brother is friends with 5SOS


3. Caitlin's pov

Caitlin's POV

We arrived at the 5sos house and Summer instantly shouted for the boys. "Guys we're here" Summer scream and within two seconds all the boys come running down (excluding Luke cause he picked us up)."I've already ordered pizza should be here right about now"and with that the bell rang"told ya so" Summer said getting her purse out of her bag but before she could Michael was already at the door paying the pizza boy.

"So Summer aren't you going to introduce us this fine looking young lady" Luke asked and of course I began to blush "Oh ye. Boys this is Caitlin, my best friend and she totally loves..." Before she could finish I put my hand over her mouth to make sure that She don't spill my little love to the boys.

"So what do you wanna do" Luke asked "how about truth or dare I'll invite Kate and Skylynn so it's fair: 4 lads 4 girls" I instantly replied "ok Mikachu can we borrow your car to pick them up" Summer said "ye course and stop calling me Mikachu" "cheers and I'm making no promises" and with that Michael passed us his keys an we made our way to Kate's and then Skylynn's.

🔁time skip🔁

We arrive back at the boys house( not telling the girls where we were going) an entered saying "guys we're back" "finally we were beginning to think you'd bail on our game" Michael said "and why would we do that Mikachu" "I dunno thought you hated us and wanted to leave" "never!!" I replied

Kate and Skylynn were about to fan girl when I covered their mouths.

"Guys this is Kate and Skylynn" There was a mixture of hi and hey and Summer being Summer said "Hi or Hey" and we all burst out laughing.

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