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Every summer, Emma and her family go on a family vacation. Last year, it was to New York. The year before that, was Australia. This year... is London, England. What was supposed to be just another ordinary summer escalates when Emma and her cousin go out partying, not knowing One Direction are in the same club, celebrating their time off.

People fall, hearts break, what happens when Emma needs to head back home to Canada?


1. Prologue

"Hey, Emma!" I finish stuffing all my belongings into my bag before shutting the locker and spin around, seeing my best friend walking towards me. I smile and pull her into a hug.


"Hey!" We start walking towards the exit of the high school. I can't believe this is my last day here. As we reach the doors, I stop and turn around taking one last glance at the empty hall way. Isabelle rests her hand on my shoulder, looking at the hall way that once was filled with other students rushing to their classes.


"I'm going to miss this place," Isabelle breaks the silence and I nod. It's our last year in high school. We had our graduation last week and got our diplomas.


We walk out the doors and head over to the parking lot. I unlock the doors and get in, starting the engine and pulling away.


"So, we are officially done high school," I glance over at Isabelle and smile, focusing my vision back to the road.


"Yes. We actually are," I shake my head, feeling a sudden sadness. "Time went by so fast."


Isabelle nods in agreement, looking out the window.


I pull into the driveway, turning the car off. We sit in silence for a few minutes before Isabelle breaks it.


"When do you leave for London?" I sigh, realizing I still need to pack my bags. I haven't even started yet.


"Tomorrow afternoon." I glance over at her, giving her a sad smile. "You should come with us."


Ever since Isabelle and I met in first grade, we never left each others sides. When not in school, we would either hang out at her apartment or she would come over to my house. We never have been away from each other for a long period of time. The longest we have was a week, but that was only because Isabelle stole twenty bucks from her mothers wallet to buy booze.


I walk through the front door with Isabelle following close behind. "We're home!" I yell, kicking my shoes off at the front door and walking into the living room. My mother, Maria, and my younger sister, Kate, are sitting on the couch, playing the Game of Life board game. My mother looks up from their game and smiles.


"have a good last day at school?" We both nod. I really don't have time to talk right now. I need to pack. Leaving the room, I walk upstairs and into my room. Isabelle takes a seat on my bed, picking up a book from my end table.


I zip open my bag and walk over to my wardrobe, swinging it open. I scan through the clothes, realizing I really need to go through it. Half the clothing I own, I never wear. I pick a few clothes and fold them neatly before placing them inside the bag.


I then open up my dresser drawers, where I keep my favourite clothing, and grab some outfits from there.


"How are you doing?" Isabelle sits up, setting the book back down on the end table. I sigh, trying to zip up the bag. I think I packed my whole wardrobe but, then again I am going to be gone for 3 months.


"I think i'm finally done," I pick up my four bags and set them down by my bedroom door. I glance at the time, seeing that it's only eight-thirty.


"Are you making dinner tonight?" I ask mom while making my way to the kitchen.


"No, not tonight. There are some frozen pizzas in the freezer if you want to heat it up for you and Isabelle." I open the freezer pulling out a box of frozen pepperoni pizza, opening it up and placing it in the oven.


"What time are you heading home?" Isabelle shrugs, looking down. Every Friday, Isabelle and I always set up a sleepover hang out, with Netflix, books, and some popcorn. Today is the first day since we met, we aren't doing it. It's like a tradition to us. I sigh and pull her into a hug.


"I don't want you to go," hearing her voice weak with sadness, breaks my heart. If only there was a way to bring her with us. I hug her tighter, not wanting to let go.


"I don't want to go either," we stand there like this for a few more minutes until the oven starts making this musical sound, indicating the pizza is ready.


I take the pizza out and place it on the counter for it to cool. Isabelle has settled down a little now, wiping under her eyes, trying to get rid of the tears. Just then, mom walks into the kitchen, an annoyed expression on her face.


"What's wrong?" I scrunch up my eyebrows.


"Your father decided to go to work tomorrow." I look at her slightly confused.


"But we leave for London tomorrow at 10:00am?" I turn back to the pizza, placing a slice on the two plates.


"He isn't coming." I sigh and look up.


"Then what are we going to do with the extra plane ticket?" My mom just shrugs and I look over to Isabelle who's giving me a strange look. Then it clicked and I look back at my mom.


"Well, how about-" I pull Isabelle beside me, putting my arm around her shoulder. "We bring someone else with us," My mom gives me a stern look, putting her hands on her hips. Before she speaks, I intervene. "She is like family." I look at Isabelle and she just smiles and nods along.


"Well-" my mother sighs and rolls her eyes. "Fine, but make sure it's okay with your parents first." Isabelle nods and gives me a big hug.


"We're going to London!" She squeals and I can't help but laugh.




Maybe this summer isn't going to be as bad as I thought..


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