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Every summer, Emma and her family go on a family vacation. Last year, it was to New York. The year before that, was Australia. This year... is London, England. What was supposed to be just another ordinary summer escalates when Emma and her cousin go out partying, not knowing One Direction are in the same club, celebrating their time off.

People fall, hearts break, what happens when Emma needs to head back home to Canada?


2. chapter 1

"Wake up"


"We're going to London!"

I wake up to someone tapping me and the sound of Isabelle's voice, full of excitement. I glance tiredly at the clock and sigh seeing that it's only six in the morning. I hit her away and try rolling over.

"It's six in the morning, go back to bed," I groan when she continued to poke me.

"But I can't. We're actually going to London, England!" She squeals again and I flip over,scrunching up my eyebrows.

"Did you tell your parents?" She gives me a weird look.

"No, I've been living alone for almost a year and a half. I'm 18 remember?" I nod, slightly forgetting.

"Did you pack?" She freezes and smacks her hand to her forehead. She has been too excited when she found out she was coming with us that she forgot to go home to pack.

"Shit! I'll be back, I'm just going to run home and throw some clothes into a suitcase," she races out the room and down the stairs.

I shake my head, smiling. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed, standing up. Since I'm now wide awake due to Isabelle, mind as well start getting ready. I walk over to my dresser, putting together an outfit before walking out to the bathroom.

After I did my daily morning routine, I walk back to the mirror, double checking my make-up. I look back at the clock. A full hour and a half went by. I smile and walk out, making my way quietly downstairs and toward the kitchen. Nobody else is awake yet so, I go on my tiptoes, reaching for a bowl and setting it down gently on the counter before going into the fridge and grabbing the milk.

As I pour myself a bowl of cereal, the front door opens, revealing Isabelle and three bags. She sets them down by the shoe rack and quietly closes the door, seeing me in the kitchen. "Hey," she smiles, sitting down beside me at the kitchen table. I smile back, taking a spoonful of my cereal.

"Have everything?" I ask, Isabelle nods sighing.

"Yeah, I think so. It took me twenty minutes just to find my bag." She rubs her eye, propping her elbows up on the table.

I finish my cereal, setting the bowl in the sink and washing it. Just then, my mother appears from the corner and smiles tiredly, running her hand through her hair.

"Good morning, girls." We smile, replying with a more energetic good morning before leaving the room and out to the living room. Flipping through the channels, I sigh of relief when I found my favourite show on marathon. Teen Wolf.

"Do you girls have everything packed?" Mom asks, walking into the room with a plate of toast. We both nod our heads, not taking our eyes off the screen. She disappears from the room, walking up stairs.

After watching two more episodes of Teen Wolf, I glance at the clock, seeing it's already 9:20am. Our plane leaves at 10:30am giving us about fifteen minutes. I shut off the TV, turning to face Isabelle.

"Well we should be leaving in about five minutes." She smiles and my mother appears at the bottom of the stairs with Kate and Drew following behind. I quickly walk up to my room to collect my bags that I left at the front door, carrying them down to the kitchen.

"Are you all ready? Your father already left for work early this morning so, he told me to tell you guys have a fun summer," mom says, still annoyed at the fact that he chose to work. We grab all our bags and walk out to the car that's parked in the driveway. My mother's brother, Shawn, offered to drive us to the airport.

We pack our bags neatly in the trunk of his car and climb in the back seat. My mom turns around in her seat. "Are you sure you guys have everything?" We all nod, annoyed of this question.

"I don't want to hear that you forgot something when we arrive in London," she turns back around in her seat and the car reverses out of the driveway and we're off.


We arrive at the airport. We take turns collecting our bags from the trunk before making our way inside.

"Well, hope you all have a safe trip!" Shawn exclaims, clapping his hands together. We say our goodbyes and walk over to gate 4.

We go through security check and make it just in time for the plane. Fortunately, I get a seat right beside the window, Isabelle beside me. on the seats opposite to us are my mother, Kate, and Drew. Isabelle looks over at me, excitement filling her eyes.

"We're on our way to London!" I smile at her excitement. Ever since she was eight, she has been wanting to go to England. She would talk on and on about how she will go to England one day and visit all these different places. I on the other hand, would love to go to Los Angeles. It's been on my bucket list since third grade.

The plane finally takes off, and Isabelle squeals once again in excitement. I roll my eyes playfully, taking out my headphones. This is going to be a long flight.



"wake up"

"We're here!"

I am shaken awake by Isabelle. Rubbing my eyes, I stand up following her out the plane. My mother already got all our bags from the luggage area and is waiting by the entrance, on the phone. Probably talking to my aunt who we will be staying with for 3 months.

When my mom sees us coming, she gets off the phone and smiles. "Aunt Rylie will be here in three minutes. She left about ten minutes ago." I nod and we take a seat the the bench near the entrance.

A black car pulls up and mom stands up, grabbing our luggage. "That's her!" We all stand up and I grab my bags before walking out.

Aunt Rylie gets out of her car, a big smile plastered on her face. "Hello! Nice to see you guys again. How long has it been? Three years?" Mom smiles, giving her a hug.

"Actually, four." An awkward silent passes and I wished I was back home with my comfy bed and Netflix.

We threw our bags in the trunk and got in the car.

"So," Aunt Rylie pulls out of the airport parking lot and continues down the street. "How was your last day of school?" She looks at me through the mirror and I smile.

"It was good, different now that I'm not going to school any more." She nods, and the car turns left onto a street.

"Do you know what you're doing after high school?"

"I start University next April." A big smile shows back on her face. The car pulls into a driveway and we get out.

My eyes widen as I look up at the house. It's like a mansion. Picking up my bags, we walk towards the door. Aunt Rylie opens it and motions for us to walk in.

"Come on now, you're here for three months meaning this will be your home until then." I set my bags down in front of me and I look around my surroundings. It's really like a mansion. Aunt Rylie takes us up stairs and to our assigned rooms.

"Wow," I say, setting my bags on top of my bed. I look around my big room, admiring how beautiful it looks. Too bad I'm only here for three months.

I spend an hour and a half unpacking my bags before getting interrupted by Isabelle. "Are you done yet?" I close my bag, nodding my head.

"Yeah, pretty much." I place my bags neatly inside my closet and close the door.

"So," Isabelle leans on the door. "I was talking to your cousin and she said there's a party happening tonight." I smile at the mention of the word party. I love parties. Especially high school parties. Isabelle and I would just sit there, laughing at all the drunk little teenagers. We didn't really start going to parties until we hit grade 12.

"Want to go?" Without hesitation, I nod my head.

"What time?" Isabelle looks at the clock on her phone.

"Starts at eight."


"Can't wait."



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