Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


11. ~9~

Chapter 9


Luke’s P.O.V


I woke up next to Vanessa. At first I was a little confused, but then I realized that I fell asleep in her arms. I slowly remove my arms from her and roll out of the bed. I open the door and walk downstairs. There were people everywhere, but not as many as yesterday. Everyone was passed out, sleeping on the floor, in the couch. Just everywhere. It was crazy. The house was a mess.

“Luke?” I hear a voice say and I turn around. I then see Bella from yesterday. (The girl I was dancing with.)

 “Bella?” I ask and then she lifts her eyebrow.

“You know my name is Caroline” she replies in a mad tone and I rub my neck in awkwardness.

“Sorry” I mumble so she can’t hear it. I walk out in the kitchen and grab a cereal bowl and milk from the fridge.

“Where did you go last night? I was looking for you and Ashton wouldn’t tell me where you were” she says and I sigh. I pour cereal and milk into the bowl and grab a spoon from the drawer.

“I went to my room. I got tired so I went to bed” I reply and shrug and eat a spoonful of cereal.

“Well thanks for the dance yesterday” she says with a giggle. I actually only talked to her because I wanted to make Vanessa jealous. I think it worked though, but now she is constantly talking to me.

“Yeah” I say with a shrug. I grab the bowl and walk upstairs and Bella, I mean Caroline follows me up there.

“Can I join you?” she asks me and I shrug. She walks into the room with me and I close the door behind her. I put down the bowl of cereal and put on some music. Nirvana it is.

“I love that song” she tells me and I nod. It’s not because I don’t like Caroline, it’s just that I don’t really care about her. I only talked to her because I wanted to make Vanessa jealous.

“Luke is something wrong?” she asks and I sigh.

“No” I reply in a cold tone and I see that she bites her lip. I grab my bag and pull out my math books. I open the book and start to write down in it.

“Can I help?” she asks and moves closer to me. I smash my book and look at her with a glare.

“I don’t need your help? Why are you even here?” the words just flew out of my mouth and I immediately regret that I said it.

“But I just.” She whisper and then run out of my room. I sigh as I stand up and walk out of my room and follow her. I see her on the couch next to a guy that’s sleeping. She was crying.

“Caroline” I mumble as I walk over to her. She looks at me with tears running down her puffy red cheeks.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be this way to you” I mumble as I sit down next to her and put my arm around her. She puts her head on my shoulder and relaxes it there.

“Then why did you?” she asks and I shrug. I know why but I can’t tell her the reason she would burst out in tears.

“I don’t know. I was just a bit morning tired and that makes me a little grumpy” I reply and she nods. I send her a little smile and she puts her hand on my cheek and pulls me close to her.

“I really like you Luke” she whispers before pushing her lips onto mine. I have them there for a second until we were interrupted.

“Luke?” a girly voice says and I pull away and look at the stairs. The only person I didn’t want to see this saw it. Before I could say anything she ran out the front door and I quickly stood up.

“Don’t go after her, she’s not worth you Luke” Caroline tells me and I lift my eyebrow. I try walking away, but she grabs my arm.

“I said don’t follow her.” she tells me in a hard tone and I send her a glare.

“If there is someone that isn’t worth me, it would be you” I reply, while pulling my arm to myself. I run out the front door and my eyes meet the bright light of the sun. I look around and see her on a bench. I run over to her and as soon as she sees me, she gets up and tries to run away. I grab her arm and look at her with sad eyes.


Vanessa’s P.O.V


“Let go” I say in a cold tone, trying to pull my arm away.

“Listen to me” he says and I shake on my head. I don’t need to listen to anything he has to say. I don’t want to waste my time on this.

“No” I reply and pull my arm free. I run away from him and into a small wood nearby. I breathe in the smell of wet leaves and grass. I grab my phone and look at my Internet signal.

“Seriously?” I mumble as I put it back down into my pocket.

“Let me talk” Luke says and wraps his arms around me so I can’t run away. I try to kick him, but he makes sure I can’t.

“Let me go” I mumble as I turn around and look at him with sad eyes. He leaned closer to me and attached his soft lips to mine. The feeling of his lip ring touching the corner of my lip felt amazing. I gasped into the kiss as I pulled away. I slapped his cheek pretty hard.

“What the hell is wrong with you? First you kiss some whore you met at a party and then me? Do you consider me as a whore?” I yell at him and try get away. He holds me tight and looks into my eyes.

“She kissed me and I tried to get her away from me” he says and looks into my eyes. I gulp and look down at my feet.

“It didn’t look like you wanted to get away” I mumble and look at him again.

“I did. I’m so sorry. I don’t even like her. I like you” he tells me and sends me a smile. My eyes flashes up and down in nervousness. Me? He likes me? I’m probably just another girl he wants to hook up with to show off his championess.

“I don’t believe you” I reply and push him away from me. I quickly run away and out of the woods. I run to Luke’s house and see that pretty much everyone is awake and about to leave. I walk up to my room and close the door. I slide down the door, while letting out my tears. Right now I’d wish I never met Luke or never started talking to him.

“Vanessa?” a voice says and I stand up so I can open my door. As I open the door I see Michael.

“Michael?” I ask and look at him with a lifted eyebrow. He walks into my room and closes the door behind him.

“I just talked to Luke and he says you were mad” he tells me and I sigh. Did he say I was mad? MAD?

“I’m not.” I reply in a cold tone and walk over to my closet. I grab a plain black t-shirt and some black ripped skinny jeans. I put them on my bed and look at Michael.

“Did you want anything else? Or else you can leave” I tell him and his eyes wide. He probably didn’t think I would say something like that.

“Did Luke do anything to you?” he asks me and I lift my eyebrow.

“What would that be?” I ask him in annoyance and he stands up and walks over to me.

“Did he rape you?” he asks and I gasp.

“Omg Michael no!” I reply in a surprised and scared voice and he quickly nods.

“Sorry I just had to make sure” he replies and I gulp again. Has he raped a girl before?

“Has Luke raped a girl before?” it flew out of my mouth and I gulp. Michael doesn’t answer and changes the subject.

“How much did you drink last night?” he asks and I lift my eyebrow.

“I asked you a question.” I tell him and cross my arms. He shrugs and leaves the room after. Did Luke rape a girl? I can’t believe it. No he wouldn’t do that. He saved me from being raped by Cody. Maybe only so he could do it.

“Oh my god” I whisper and start to shake of the thought. Luke would never ever do that to me. Right?

“Vanessa” a well-known voice says and I gulp. I open the door and see Luke with a sad expression. I was about to close the door when he grabbed the door and fighted against me to keep it open.

“OPEN THE DOOR VANESSA!” he yells at me and I got scared so I did what he said. I walk backwards as far as I can, while watching him coming into the room and closing the door.

“What did Michael tell you?” he asks me in a nervous tone and I gulp.

“H-he didn’t tell me anything” I reply in a shaky voice and Luke walks closer to me.
“Then he asked you something, what was that?” he asks again and I gulp. I feel the wall against my back so that means I can’t walk away further.

“N-nothing” I lie and Luke sends me a worried look.

“Tell me the truth” he says in a mad voice and I start to shake again. A few tears slides down my chin.

“H-he asked m-me if y-you r-raped me” I reply and keep failing to say every word. Luke’s eyes wide and he steps close to me, which made me feel really uncomfortable.

“And what did you answer?” he asks in a mad tone and I turn my face so I don’t have to look at him.

“I told him no. And then I asked if you had raped a girl before and he didn’t answer me. Have you raped a girl?” I reply and the last question flew out of my mouth even though I didn’t want to say it. He looks at me with sad eyes and walks a bit away from me.

“I…” he says and then stops. I start to shake and he looks at me with scared eyes.

“You did” I say and his eyes turns mad.

“No” he tells me and I could clearly see he was lying.

“W-why would you d-do that?” I ask in a shaky voice and Luke takes a step closer to me again.

“I was drunk” he tells me and I shake on my head.

“That’s no excuse to rape a girl” I reply and cross my arms. Luke takes a step closer again and I get nervous.

“Please. Don’t rape me” I whisper and he looks at me with big eyes. He walks up to me and attaches his soft lips hardly onto my lips. I quickly push him away.

“Luke” I say and he cuts me off with a kiss. I tried to push him away, but he kept kissing me. I finally pushed him away and fell onto the ground and rolled myself into a ball of scared-ness.

“I would never hurt you Vanessa” he says before he leaves the room. I slowly stand up and walk over to the door to lock it. My phone starts to ring so I grab it and press the answer button.

“Hello?” I ask and wait for an answer. I sit down onto my bed and look at my nails. I see that one of them broke off. Crap.

“Vanessa where are you?” Lori asks and I look out of my window and see her and all the other girls.

“What do you mean? I’m inside” I reply and stand up and walk close to my window. I wave at them and they see me. I open the window and crawl out of it and jump onto the ground. I didn’t want to see Luke right now and I probably would have if I had walked downstairs and outside of the front door.

“What’s up?” I ask them and they send me a concerned smile.

“We just talked with Michael and he told us that you and Luke are not talking with each other right now” Amanda says and I nod.

“It’s complicated” I tell them and they all want an explanation.

“Wait so he raped a girl? And kissed you?” Courtney asks and I nod. I gulp and look down at my finger with the broken nail.

“I-I can’t believe it” Lori says and walks into Luke’s house, we all follow her and we then see Luke in the kitchen when we get in there. Lori walks madly over to him and slaps his cheek.

“What the hell?” he yells and I gulp.

“You DON’T EVER rape a girl Luke Hemming’s!” she yells and points at him in madness. Luke looks at me with sad eyes and I walk a bit backwards.

“Did you tell them about it Vanessa?” he asks me and I gulp and look shyly down at the ground.

“Yes she did and if she hadn’t told us about it. I wouldn’t have smacked you right now and you deserved that” Lori says and walks over and put an arm around me.

“Whatever it’s not true just so you know. I didn’t rape a girl, I just told the boys I did because it was a dare so I wouldn’t have to do it” Luke tells me before walking out of the room and smacking the door very hard. I hold my hands onto my ears because it was really loud.


Luke’s P.O.V


I can’t believe Vanessa is like that. Of course I haven’t raped a girl I would never do that. I feel so disgusted just that she even thinks I could do that.

“Why the hell did you tell Vanessa about the rape thing?” I ask Michael in madness and hit him on his chest.

“Because that poor girl needs to know that, so she doesn’t fall in love with you” he tells me and I send him a glare.

“I like her, what the hell? You guys are supposed to support me and help me win her heart for gods sake?” I yell at them all and they send me a weird look.

“Why should we? Vanessa is a nice girl it’s not worth making her sad and heartbroken because of your shit Luke” Ashton yells at me and I lift my eyebrow.

“I would never do that I LIKE HER!” I yell and they all cross their arms at me.

“No you don’t. You just want to seem like a champion if you can win her over. She deserves someone that will love her. Not you” Calum tells me and I stamp my foot very hard into the ground.

“I would help you if you were me” I tell him and he shakes on his head.

“No you wouldn’t. And I know you wouldn’t” Calum tells me and I give him a hard push. I’m going to show those idiots that I want her.


“So tonight there is a party at the school everyone!” I tell all my friends I was skyping with over the phone call.

“Location?” my friend Jacob asked and I told him the address.
“School hall, you know where” I reply before ending the call and walking over to Vanessa’s room and knocking on the door.
“Vanessa?” I ask and knock one more time. I open the door and see that she is not here. I look at her desk and see her phone there. She would never go without it.

“VANESSA!” I yell and run downstairs and look everywhere. I hear the front door open and I look at her with worried eyes.

“WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?” I ask her and walk over to her and check her from bruises and other.

“I was getting the mail? I have ordered something and I wanted to see if it was here” she replies and lifts her eyebrow at me.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I reply and look down at the ground.

“Well I’m going to go upstairs” she says and I quickly grab her arm. She turns around to look at me.

“There’s a party at school tonight, you should come” I tell her and she shakes on her head.

“I have homework and soccer practice tomorrow. I’m just going to stay here” she says and I bite my lip. I need her to come.

“Come on! Just only an hour or something like that” I beg and she sighs.

“Fine.” She replies and I send her a big smile. I jump up and down like a little kid and she starts to laugh at me. The awkwardness that was been between Vanessa and me is not so much anymore. I also talked with her about the rape thing when I came back and we decided to put it behind us.

“GO GET READY!” I yell to her and she nods and run upstairs. I grab my phone and dial Ashton’s number.
“She’s coming. Get the things ready, see you at eight” I tell him and then hang up the phone. I run upstairs and get ready. I look at the time and see that it’s seven.

“SEE YOU AT THE PARTY” I yell from downstairs. She comes out on the stairs with a curling iron in her hand. She looks adorable in her penguin pajamas.

“Okay see you there” she replies with her cute calm smile. I give her thumbs up and I walk out of the door and see Ashton’s car. I jump into the seat and give him a smirk.

“What’s your plan with this party?” Ashton asks me with his eyebrow lifted.

“You’ll see” I tell him and send him a smirk.

“By the way, can we stop by your house and grab our guitars and stuff?” I ask him and he lift his eyebrow again.

“Um okay? But why?” he asks me again and I smirk at him again.

“You’ll see” I reply and he shrugs. He starts the car and drives off to his house. I know my plan is going to succeed. I just know it. 


(A/N: Wee! Update! I hope you guys liked the chapter, what do you think Luke's surprise is? I'm pumped, are you pumped? Of course you're pumped! See ya Thursday -Strawbear

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