Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


8. ~6~

Chapter 6


Vanessa’s P.O.V


I look around in the living room and see Luke. He has a cold expression on his face, while starring at the TV.

“Go get him girl” Courtney whispers exited in my ear and I lift my eyebrow, but then do as she says. I walk right past Luke and over to Calum that’s sits at the other site. I sit down next to him and send him a big smile.

“Want a slice?” he asks me referring to the pizza and I nod. He gives me a slice on a plate and I send him a flirty blink. I feel so ridiculous doing that. Calum smirks and looks away from me.

“What are we watching?” I whisper in his ear and he gulps.

“F-finding n-nemo” he replies in a shaky voice and I nod. I move closer to him and Calum looks at me with a lifted eyebrow.

“I’m sorry it’s a little cold” I whisper and he sends me a big smile. He puts down the plate with pizza and puts his arm around me. I move a little closer to him and relax my head on his shoulder. I grab my phone because I got a text. (Luke is boiling jealous right now! He won’t stop looking at you two cuddling! I was right!) I gulp and look at Luke and see that he immediately looks in another direction the moment I looked at him. (I don’t get it? Why would he be jealous?) I type and send to Courtney. Calum gives me a kiss on the hair and I gulp. (Because you’re gorgeous and beautiful! And you have a unique personality! It’s obvious. Do you like him?) A text from Courtney says and I look up at her, but she’s looking at her phone. I gulp, while typing. (Uh no? I don’t know. Maybe. You know what I don’t think it matters) I type and send it. I turn off my phone so it won’t disturb me again.


The movie ended and it was pretty late now. At one point I almost fell asleep in Calum’s arms, but I stopped myself from doing it. I stand up and stretch my arms. I turn off the TV and feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see Luke with a sad expression.

“Look. I’m sorry Vanessa! I don’t know what went on my mind when I said those things to Cody. I just wanted to protect you, cause I’ve heard some things Cody has done to girls and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. I’m sorry” he says and I send him a big smile. I pull him into a hug.

“It’s okay Luke, just don’t do it again” I reply and he smiles.

“Thank you” he says and I nod. I let go of him and walk out in the kitchen. I yawn as I sit onto one of the bar chairs.

“Luke is so jealous” Courtney says and I look at her and roll my eyes.

“Maybe, but that doesn’t change what I said before about that I will never date any of these boys” I reply to her and then it’s her turn to roll eyes at me.

“I’m so going to hook you up with Luke! You guys are adorable” she replies and I send her a glare.

“As the good friend you are you are not going to hook me up with Luke” I reply and she rolls her eyes.

“We’ll see” she replies and I send her a glare. I stand up and walk upstairs and into the bathroom. I grab my toothbrush and apply toothpaste to it. I start brushing my teeth and then the door opens. I see Calum and he smirks at me. I think I just swallowed some of the toothpaste.

“Hey” he says in sexy tired voice. I don’t reply I just keep brushing my teeth. He walks over to me and stands behind me. He puts his arms around my stomach and pulls me closer. Everything inside of me starts to shake.

“Cal..” he cuts me off by saying the well known ‘shh’. He attaches his lips to my neck and start kissing it. I spit the toothpaste out quickly and turn around and slap his cheek.

“What the hell Calum?” I yell at him and he lifts his eyebrow.

“What?” he mumbles and rubs his chin with his hand. I take a step away from him and gulp.

“You can’t kiss me” I mumble and his eyes turn sad.

“Why not? I thought we had a connection” He says and I gulp again.

“I’m sorry” I say and then run out of the room. I run into Luke and hug him. I didn’t want to tell him what just happened I just needed a hug from someone right now that wasn’t Calum.

“Vanessa? Are you okay?” Luke asks me in a worried tone and I hug him even tighter.

“I’m fine, I just wanted to hug you goodnight” I mumble and he smiles at me. I let go of him and send him a smile.

“Well goodnight then, see you tomorrow” He replies and I nod. I walk past him and into my room where I see all the other girls. It’s a big room so we are all going to sleep in here.

“Guys something crazy just happened!” I say and they all look at me with a confused look.
“What?” Amanda asks exited and then I give them a long explanation and they all end up with wide eyes.

“Omg!” Lori mumbles and I nod.

“That is so freaking.. DRAMATIC!” Courtney whines and I lift my eyebrow.

“What? NO! It sucks I felt so horrible when he did that” I reply and they all nod in an understandable way.

“I’d wish it was me Calum kissed” Clare says and we all laugh at her comment. I start to calm down a bit after talking out about it with the girls. We were all in our beds now and we were just talking gossip.

“You should totally try and get Luke” The girls say to me and I roll my eyes even though they can’t see me.

“I don’t know, I think I just want to be friends with him” I reply while shrugging. I turn around on another side and look out in the darkness.

“That’s a mistake! You guys would be adorable together!” Amanda whines and I sigh. Why can’t they just leave it?

“No it won’t? I have hated Luke for so long and now I’m friends with him and that feels good, so I want it to stay like that” I reply and cross my arms.

“And I don’t want to talk more about it. Goodnight” I say and they all say goodnight to each other and then we all slowly drift away.


“Vanessa wake up!” I hear a low say to me. I open my eyes and see Lori.

“No. Let me sleep” I groan and turn the other way. She starts hitting me with a pillow and I get up.

“Fine. What do you want?” I ask her in annoyance. She sends me a smile and I look around in the room and see that everybody else is awake. I look up at the clock and see that it’s only 6 AM.

“What the hell you woke me up at this?” I ask her and she starts laughing.

“You know it’s Monday right? We have to go to school” she replies and then I quickly stand up.

“Gosh! I totally forgot” I mumble as I run over to my closet and find an outfit. I take it on and brush my hair and put it into a high ponytail.

“Here” Amanda says and I turn around and catch a banana she was throwing to me. I eat it quickly and put on my makeup. I run downstairs and see all the boys in the kitchen. They all look at me and I blush. I wasn’t supposed to sleep over time, but I did.

“Looks like someone decided to wake up” Ashton teases me. I roll my eyes at him and walk past them and out to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and brush my teeth.

“Can I come in?” Luke asks and I unlock the door and let him inside.

“Yeah I was just brushing my teeth” I reply and spit out the rest of the toothpaste.

“Yeah me too” he says and grabs his toothbrush. I grab my phone and open twitter. I quickly look it through and like a few posts.

“What are you going to wear tonight?” Luke asks and I shrug.

“I don’t know this maybe?” I reply and then he lifts his eyebrow.

“Are you serious? You can’t wear that” he says and I send him a sad expression.

“What’s wrong with this?” I ask him and point at my clothes. He rolls eyes at me and leaves the bathroom. I run downstairs and grab my bag. I run outside and get into Ashton’s car.

“COME ON!” he yells at the others because they weren’t out of the house yet. They start to hurry up and then we leave the house. We arrive at the school and I get out. I walk inside of the building with all the girls. I get to my locker and I open it.

“Vanessa?” I hear a voice say. I turn around and see Cody looking very awkwardly at me. I rub my arm and look down at the ground.

“Hey Cody. Sorry about yesterday” I mumble and he sends me a smile. I send him one in return.

“It’s okay. I get why Luke acted that way, I would to if I had a gorgeous girlfriend” he says in a charming way and I blush, while looking down at the ground.

“Luke’s not my boyfriend” I reply and he starts to smile.

“Well can I take you out then?” he asks me and I start to smile. I nod at him and he gives me a big smile.

“I’ll pick you up tonight at 8?” he asks and before I could answer Luke showed up behind us.

“She can’t. We’re having a party” he replies and I look at him and send him a glare.

“Too bad, cause I would have liked to take you out” he mumbles in a charming way without removing his eyes from me. I blush and look down at the floor.

“Well sorry prince charming, but not tonight” Luke says and pulls me away from him. I slap Luke on the cheek and his eyes wide.

“What was that for?” he mumbles and rubs his hand on his cheek.

“You know why. Stop treating Cody like that. If I like him you shouldn’t care” I yell at him and free myself from his grip. I run away from him and into the bathroom. I close the door behind me and look at myself in the mirror.

“Keep your shit together Vanessa” I mumble and close my eyes. I open the sink and wash my hands. I look at myself one more time in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. The school bell rings at the moment I get out. I start running down to the classroom I had to get to. I get inside before the teacher closes the door. I walk down and sit onto the chair next to Lori. I saw that both Cody and Luke had class in here also. I sigh and find my books.

“Page 55” the teacher says and I find that page. I look over at Lori and she is looking at the blackboard to write something down. I keep my focus on the teacher until something hit me. I look down at the ground and see a note. I grab it and open it. (Hey I thought about coming tonight, would you want me to come? – Cody) I read and then start to smile. I grab my pen and turn the piece of paper around. (Yeah that could be cool, there is coming so many people it would be nice with a face you actually know around there!) I write and then throw it at him without getting noticed. I turn around and look at the teacher again.

“Vanessa” I hear a whisper and then I look over at Lori. I lift my eyebrow and she throws a paper ball at me. (Luke is so freaking jealous! He won’t remove his eyes from you and he just broke his pencil in two. Girl you are killing him!) It says and I turn around and look at Luke. He quickly looks away and I turn around again. The rest of the class was really awkward. The school bell rang and I grabbed my books and went out of the room. I ran into Courtney, Clare and Amanda.

“Hey are you okay?” Courtney asks me and I bite my lip. I give her a long explanation of what happened in class and they all look at me with a weird expression.

“I know right?” I say and then they’re eyes wide as they turn around and look at something.

“What?” I ask before turning around to see Luke. I bite my lip and he has a sad facial expression.

“What were you and Cody writing about in class?” he asks me and I gulp.

“He just asked if he could come to the party” I reply, while lifting my eyebrow.

“What did you tell him?” he asks me in a mad tone and I bite my lip again.

“I said yes” I reply at him, while lifting my eyebrow. Luke stamps in the ground and I take a step back.

“Why the hell did you say that? The list is full he can’t come” Luke yells before leaving. My eyes wide and turn around to look at the girls.

“HE IS SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!” Amanda whines and I roll my eyes.

“If that’s love I think I’m gonna pass” I mumble as I put my books into my bag. What if he is? I don’t think that’s possible.

“Let’s go Vanessa. It’s French class now” Courtney says before grabbing my arm and pulling me with her. The school bell rings at the same time as we sit down. I looked around the classroom and saw Ashton. Those boys are literally everywhere I go.

“Hey Vanessa” Ashton says and I turn around and send him a smile.

“Hey” I mumble and turn around again. I pull out my books and sigh.

“Is something wrong?” he asks and I bite my lip and look at Courtney. He sends me a nervous smile and I turn around to look at him.

“It’s just. Luke is acting really weird” I reply while shrugging.

“He is?” he asks me and I nod. He stands up and walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Well it’s because he likes you and wants to protect you” He replies and I look at him with a lifted eyebrow.

“Yeah as a friend right?” I ask with a smile and he shakes on his head.

“No. More than a friend” he replies before going back to his seat because the teacher came into the room. I bite my lip as I try to concentrate.


All my classes were over and I had free period in a couple hours now. Luckily Amanda had free period also so I didn’t have to be alone. I grab my bag and look over at Amanda.

“Ready?” I ask her and she nods. We decided to go to Starbucks and grab some coffee and maybe buy some sandwiches. I get into Ashton’s car. We all drove up here in his car so I kind of have no other choice. I turn the car on and wait for Amanda to come in.

“Go” she says to me and I drive to Starbucks. I park the car and go outside. I open the door and immediately smell coffee. I pull out my wallet and walk up to the counter. I grab a tuna sandwich and put it onto the counter. A girl I think is from my school walks over to me and sends me a smile.

“Hi can I get a caramel Frappuccino?” I ask the girl and she sends me a smile.

“Name?” she asks and I quickly look down at my phone, because it started ringing.

“Vanessa” I say before picking my phone up and pressing the answer button. I walk a bit away from the counter.

“Hello?” I say into the phone and I hear Ashton’s voice.

“Where the hell is my car?” he yells at me and I roll my eyes.

“I borrowed it to go get Starbucks” I reply and look over at Amanda that is ordering her coffee and paying for it.

“You couldn’t tell me before you did it? I had to go to the mall” he snaps at me and I roll my eyes.

“Sorry” I mumble as I see Amanda walk over to me.

“I have to go, I’ll be back in ten” I say before hanging up. I put my phone in my pocket and Amanda lifts her eyebrows.

“What was that about?” she asks me and I shrug.

“Ashton asked me why I took his car so I explained that we went to Starbucks” I tell her.

“Vanessa” a lady voice says and I run over to the counter. I grab the coffee and the straw that comes with the coffee. I find an empty table and sit down. I rip of the paper of the sandwich and take a bite. I was so freaking hungry so this tastes so good. I take a sip of my coffee and sigh. I love Starbucks it’s so freaking good.

“What did you grab?” she asks me, referring to the sandwich I bought.  I take a bite before looking at her.
“Tuna, and I already know you got bacon!” I reply with a laugh and she giggles. I take a sip of the coffee, while opening Facebook. I saw that all the boys had already shared the party news with everyone. And as popular as they are of course already 500 people have liked it.

“Are you finished?” she asks me and I eat the last piece of my sandwich. I nod and stand up. I grab my jacket and throw out the paper from the sandwich.

“Let’s go” I say and grab my coffee. I walk outside and see Cody and some of his friends walking over to me.

“Hey!” Cody says in a surprised, but happy tone. I send him a big smile.

“Hey!” I reply in excitement and Amanda rolls her eyes at me. I can’t help my excitement when I talk to the hottest boy at school.

“I can’t wait till the party tonight it’s going to be so fun” Cody says and I nod. Yeah when you are there.

“Well I have to go, classes soon” I tell him and he sends me a smile. He pulls me into a tight hug and then walks past me.

“Are you done flirting? I don’t want to miss my English class” She asks me and I roll my eyes. I get into the car and then I drive back to the school. I park the car and stop it.

“Shit we are so late!” Amanda whines as she runs to the front door.

“See you later!” I yell at Amanda before I run into my geography class. I look around and see everyone staring at me.

“Thank you for joining miss Hudson” the teacher says and I shyly walk down to the only seat that is not taken. I quickly follow up with the others and then I notice Luke was in here also. I sigh and try to concentrate.

“Okay so I’m going to make the pairs” He says referring to the project we were going to start.

“Lorenz and Fithe” he says and I then see a boy and a girl get up and leave the room together.

“Tyron and Damian” he then says and two girls get up and leave.

“Hudson and Hemmings” he says and I start to sweat. I was going to do the project with Luke, seriously? I quickly get up and walk outside. I wait for Luke and he comes out with his hands in his pocket looking like someone that doesn’t care.

“So where do you want to work?” I ask him and he shrugs.
“Wherever you want” he replies and I sigh. Have I said something wrong? I walk down the hallway and into the music room. I see that nobody is in here.

“Is this fine?” I ask him and he shrugs again.

“I guess it’s fine” he replies and I roll my eyes. What the hell is he so pissed about?

“Luke? Is something wrong?” I ask him and he sits down onto a chair. I sit down next to him and try to get eye contact.

“No.” he replies in a cold tone and I sigh. Deep breaths Vanessa. I open my book at turn to the page we had to read about.

“Do you want to read or should I?” I ask him and he shrugs again. Everything inside of me right now wants to tear something apart.

“I don’t care” he replies in the same cold tone. I get up and push the chair away from me. He turns around and looks at me with his eyebrow lifted.

“You tell me right now what it going on. I can’t work when you… when you are like this!” I yell at him and try to calm down.

“Nothing. Is. Wrong” he yells at me and I quickly take my books and run out of the room. I run down to the classroom and see my teacher.

“Can I get a new partner?” I ask him, while catching my breath. He turns around and looks at me.

“Of course. You can partner up with Martin he’s alone” he tells me and I turn around and see a boy sitting all to himself. He actually looked kind of cute. I walk down to him and sit next to him.

“What do you want?” he asks in annoyance and I bite my lip. Rude.

“I’m your new partner!” I tell him and then a smile appears on his face.

“Awesome!” he says with a smile and then I give him one. We kept talking for the rest of the class and then we exchanged numbers.

“See you tonight!” I say to him and he sends me a smile. I pull him into a hug.

“See you!” he replies and walks the other way. If Luke is to act like an idiot to me I’ll show him that he is messing with the wrong girl.


(A/N: Uhhhh! This is really starting to get interesting. Luke is starting to get feelings for Vanessa, while she is a little bit everywhere in the guy zone. Next chapter is up Thursday -Strawbear

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