Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


7. ~5~

Chapter 5


Vanessa’s P.O.V


”WAKE UP VANESSA!” a voice said. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my mom in the door.

“Don’t sleep the whole day. Your father, me, Liz and Andrew have to leave. We were invited to a camping weekend with some of our friends, we have to leave in an hour and we won’t be back before Wednesday” She says and I quickly get up.

“But that’s three days? It’s Sunday mom” I tell her and she roll her eyes.

“I know that sweetie, now get some clothes on” She replies before closing my door. I walk over to my closet and grab some basic everyday clothes.

“STUPID ZIPPER!” I yell and try to get it closed. I have always had trouble with reaching my back and close something.

“Need help?” a voice says and I turn around to see Luke looking at me from my door. I start blushing and then I nod.

“Thank you” I say and turn around. I feel Luke’s hand on my back and the cold from the zipper moving.

“Here you go” he says and I turn around and send him a smile.

“Thanks” I tell him and he nods. He walks over to my door and sends me a smile before closing the door behind him. I turn around and look at my phone, because it started ringing. I press answer as soon as I saw that the caller was Courtney.

“Hey” I say and wait for Courtney to answer.

“When are you guys picking us up?” she asks and I giggle.

“I’m going to go get some breakfast and then I think we are leaving” I reply and then we say our goodbyes. I open my door and run downstairs while humming to Chocolate by The 1975.

“You’re in a good mood” my mom says as she sees me. I send her a smile. I grab an apple and take a bite.

“Well why not?” I reply and she laughs.

“We are going to miss your weird sense of humor so much sweetie” my mom says and I giggle.

“Do you have to go?” I ask, while making the puppy eyes. I don’t really want to be here alone with Luke.

“We don’t have to, but we want to” she says and I sigh.

“Chill out, we’ll be home before you even notice we were gone” she says and I roll my eyes. Yeah I will definitely not notice my parents gone in three days.

“Fine it’ll be fun without parents. I’m so going to invite boys over and have sex with them” I tease her and stick my tongue out at her. She rolls eyes at me.

“Well then it’s good we also have Luke here so he can make sure something like that WON’T happen” she replies and I laugh.

“Fine. I’ll miss you mom, see you in three days” I say with a smile and pull her into a hug.

“See you” she replies and grabs her bags and sends me a wave. I give her a smile and then I open the front door for her. I close it behind her.

“Are you ready to jet?” Luke asks as he comes down in the living room. I nod and send him a little smile.

“Ashton should be here any second” Luke says and trips with his feet. I nod and then we hear a loud honk from outside. I grab my phone and a bag with some supplies for the beach and then we leave.

“Hey guys” Ashton says as we take our seats.

“Hey” I reply and send him a little smile. I look over at Calum that had his face glued to his phone. I then look at Michael and he sends me a smile.

“Why did I see your parents and her parents leave in a big packed car?” Ashton asks Luke as he drives down the road.
“They are going camping for three days” he replies with a shrug and then all the boys look at Luke with Christmas lights in their eyes.

“What?” Luke asks with a laugh and then they look at me. It kind of scared me, so I looked down at the ground in the car.

“We should totally have a party at your guys house! Invite everyone from school and buy some alcohol. It’s going to be so fun!” Michael says and Luke starts smiling. My smile faints and I shake on my head.

“Why not?” they all ask in a sad tone and I gasp.

“Seriously? We are going to get caught! I just know it. No. No. No.” I reply and they all send me the puppy eyes. I bite my lip and try to look away.

“Come on Olivia” Calum asks in a cute voice and I bite my lip even harder. That stupid cute shit isn’t gonna cut it.

“Say yes or I will upload the video of you singing in the shower on Facebook” Luke says and I gasp. He wouldn’t.

“You wouldn’t” I reply and he sends me a smirk.

“Oh yes I would” he replies and I gasp in an offended way. They all start laughing at me and I send them a glare.

“Can we see that video?” Ashton asks and I immediately shake on my head.

“NO! Okay fine! We’ll have that party, just don’t show anyone” I say to Luke and he sends me a winner smile. I roll my eyes and look out of the window.

“Then that’s settled. We’ll have it tomorrow night” he says and I just sigh. I am not really the party animal so this is probably going to boring for me.

“Is it this one?” Ashton asks and refers to the house. I nod and he parks the car. He presses the hunk button just like he did at Luke’s house. Courtney, Amanda, Lori and Clare runs out of the house and over to the car. Luckily it was a big car.

“Hey!” Courtney says and I send her a smile. They all get into the car and we drive to the beach. When we arrive, Ashton parks the car and turns it off.

“We’re here” he says and we all nod and get out of the car. We all run down to the sand and place our things. The boys walk a bit away together to apparently ‘talk’. I take my shirt off and my shorts. I had a bikini on underneath.

“OMG I LOVE THAT COLOR ON YOU!” Clare says and points at my bikini. It was a pretty ocean blue color that matched my skin tone a lot.

“Thank you! You’re bikini looks so good on you!” I told her and she gave me a big smile. The boys went back to us without removing their eyes from our bodies. We all rolled eyes at them.
“I must say girls. Going to the beach with you guys was probably the best idea I have ever come up with” Ashton says and we all start laughing at his comment. The boys takes of their shirts and now it’s over turn to droll.

“Close your mouth before you catch a fly” Calum says to me and I quickly close it. I start blushing so I look down at the sand.

“Let’s go girls!” Courtney says and we all grab each other’s hand and runs down to the water. We stop in front of the water and look at each other. Before we could jump in we got pushed in. I fell into the water and the salty water touched my face. I got up and saw that it was the boys that pushed us.

“WHAT THE HELL GUYS!” Lori yells and they start laughing. I get up and run after them on the sand.

“GET BACK!” I yell at them. They’re to fast for me so I can’t catch them. I give up and as I was about to run back into the water I got lifted up into the air.

“HEY! PUT ME DOWN!” I yelled and saw that it was Michael that picked me up. He places me on top of his shoulders and carries me around. He walks into the water and push me off when we are in there. I start laughing and he sends me a smile.
“THINK FAST!” Luke yells and I look at him, but at the same time I did that I got a plastic ball in the face.

“OUCH!” I yell as loud as I can and rub my nose.

“SORRY!” he yells and I stick my tongue out at him. He runs after me in the water and I try to swim away, but he catches me.

“Don’t you dare stick your tongue out at me young lady” he says in a deep tone and I start laughing.

“Sorry dad” I reply and he starts smirking.

“Fist me daddy” Michael says and I gasp. I swim after him and try to catch him, but I can’t.

“You guys it’s not funny when I can’t catch you!” I yell at them and they all start laughing. I cross my arms and swim over to the girls.

“Did you see the way Luke looked at you?” Amanda asks me and I lift my eyebrow.

“How?” I ask her and she moves closer to me so she can whisper it.

“He was like starring at you, as if he liked you” she whispers and I start laughing. Luke liking me? I don’t think so. I shake on my head.

“No way you must have seen wrong” I reply to her and she nods.

“Can we play truth or dare?” Ashton asks and us girls looks at each other.

“Last time we played that with you guys you wanted us to suck your dicks” Courtney says and the boys makes a sad expression.

“That’s because we were dicks! We are different now” Ashton replies with a smile and I sigh.

“Should we give it a try?” I ask the girls and they shrug.

“Fine” I reply for all of us and Ashton starts to smirk. We all make a big circle in the water.

“Vanessa truth or dare?” Ashton asks me and I rub my arm.

“Truth” I reply and they all sigh.

“Boring” Calum whines and I roll my eyes at him. Ashton smirks and looks around at us.

“Do you have a crush on one of us?” he asks and I start laughing. I would never have a crush on any of these idiots they are so dumb that it hurts.

“No” I reply in a serious tone and everyone looks at my eyes to see if I’m lying.

“Then at least let us know who you think are hottest” Michael says and I sigh. I shake on my head.

“That wasn’t a part of the truth” I reply and they all send me the killer eyes.

“Okay fine. That must be..” I say and then start to think. I don’t really know I mean they are all hot, but there isn’t one of them that looks better.

“Calum” I reply and Calum starts smirking.

“Oh yeah!” he says and we all start to laugh. I shake on my head and then I look over at Luke.

“Truth or dare Luke” I ask him and he sends me a smile.

“Truth” he replies and I nod. I honestly hoped he would say truth, cause then I would have to find a dare he could do.

“Which girl is the hottest one?” I ask him and he looks at all of us. He then looks at me and starts smirking.

“You” he replies and I think I choke on some water.
“M-me?” I ask him and he nods. Everyone starts laughing and I gulp.

“Watch out Olivia he may come take you in your sleep” Ashton teases and I hit his arm. I roll my eyes and Luke starts laughing.


We kept playing truth or dare in half an hour and then we left the water. I grabbed my towel and wrapped around me. I took my phone and saw I had a missed call from my mom. I called her back and waited for her to pick up.

“Hey honey” she says and I smile.

“Hey mom you have called?” I ask her and trip with my feet in the sand.

“I just wanted to let you know that we arrived and have already everything up and ready” she says and I smile.

“That’s sounds great mom. I have to go, I’ll call you later tonight” I say into the phone and then we say our goodbyes.

“Who was it?” Amanda asks me and I send her a smile.

“My mom” I reply and she lifts her eyebrow.

“What did she want?” she asks me and I start drying my body with the towel.

“Tell me that they have arrived at the camp they are staying at” I tell her and she nods.

“That reminds me Luke told me about the party you guys are throwing tomorrow” she says and I sigh.

“Luke’s throwing” I correct her and she starts laughing.

“Well can we come?” Lori asks as she joins the conversation.

“You have to come!” I reply and they start smiling. I grab my clothes and take it on top of my bikini that’s dry now.

“Are you guys ready to go home? We can sleep at our house and order some pizza” Luke suggests and everyone nods. We get into the car and Ashton drives back to Luke’s house.
“Guys you order pizza then we can get out hair dried” I say and they nod. I run upstairs and grab three hairdryers I had. As soon as I dried my hair off I gave the hairdryer to Lori.

“Thanks” she replies and I nod. I run back downstairs and see the boys sitting in the kitchen.

“You look sexy with wet hair” Calum says to me and I send him a weird glare. I open the fridge and grab a water bottle. I open it and drink all of it.

“You look sexy when you drink water from a bottle” Michael then says and I send him a glare.

“Stop with that ‘you look sexy when...’ shit” I tell them and they start laughing. I sit down on of the bar stools and look at the boys deciding on pizza toppings. I grab my phone and open Instagram. I post a picture I took of all of us before we went into the water. (Good times!) I wrote and tagged everyone. I posted it and locked my phone again.

“How do I look?” Amanda asked and came downstairs. Her hair was dry and she looked gorgeous as usual. Amanda is probably the best looking out of all of us girls. She could go as a cheerleader.

“Fabulous!” I reply and she starts giggling. Five minutes later all the other girls were down here and we were waiting for the pizza. I had put on a scary movie I don’t really remember what it’s called, but it’s about a family that moves into this house and then it’s filled with evil spirits.

“SHE’S RIGHT THERE!” Michael yells and grabs my arm quickly. I drop the popcorn bowl and jump a bit. I send Michael a glare and hit him in the stomach.

“Go home” I tell him and he starts laughing. I get up and pick up all the popcorns I dropped. I slowly walk out in the kitchen and throw it into the trashcan. As I was on my way back it knocked on the door so I went out there to open it.

“Have you ordered a..” the pizza delivery said until he saw me.

“Vanessa?” Cody asks. (If you remember from chapter 1 Cody was a random guy from our school we talked about)

“Cody?” I ask and he looks awkwardly down at the ground.

“Why are you at Luke’s house?” he asks me and I gulp. He looks up and into my eyes.

“I live here at the moment, because my house is being renovated” I reply and he nods. I send him a little smile.

“So where is Luke? I know you guys hate each other” he says and then Luke pops up behind me with a glare.

“Me and Vanessa are friends” He replies in a cold tone and I gulp.

“Well, I’ll see you at school tomorrow” Cody says to me and I give him a smile. I give him the money and grab the pizza bag.

“I don’t think so” Luke says before slamming the door. I turn around and look at Luke and send him a glare.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Cody is my friend!” I yell in a mad tone and his smile faints.

“I was just protecting you from him” he mumbles and I lift my eyebrow.

“You call that protection? Then I’d rather miss out on it” I yell and give the pizza to him. I run upstairs and slam the door to my room. I sit down onto my bed with my head in my hands.

“Nessie?” I hear a voice say and I sigh.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yell and hug myself. The door opens and I look up at it and see Courtney. She looks at me in a worried way. She closes the door and sits down next to me and puts her arm around my shoulder.

“What happened?” she asks me and I sigh. I give her an explanation of what happened at the door.  

“Isn’t it obvious what this is about?” she asks me and I lift my eyebrow and shrug. She stands up and send me a big smile.

“HE’S SO JEALOUS!” she screams and I lift my eyebrow again. Yeah, no way.

“No” I reply and her smile faints.

“You are so blind if you can’t see that. He totally locked Cody out of your system its jealousy!” she says and I roll my eyes.

“Come on Courtney. Luke and I used to be enemies. I haven’t even been friends with him for that long and he has no reason to like me I’m just Vanessa?” I tell her and she rolls eyes at me and pulls me up and jumps up and down in excitement.

“I’ll show you that he is jealous. When we get down again you should cuddle with Calum and stuff like that. You’ll see Luke’s going to be so jealous!” she screams and I sigh.
“I don’t want to do that,” I mumble and she sends me a serious glare.

“You have to! We need to know if he likes you!” she whines and I roll my eyes.

“Fine, but then you owe me” I reply and she nods on her head. She starts to jump up and down in excitement and I giggle.

“Operation: See if Luke’s in love with Vanessa begins!” she whines and I starts laughing.

“That is the worst name for an operation I’ve ever heard” I reply to her and she rolls her eyes.

“I didn’t hear me complaining when you had to come up with a name for that project back in 3rd grade” she replies and I gasp.

“THAT WAS 3RD GRADE COURTNEY!” I yell while laughing and she starts to laugh also.

“It doesn’t matter let’s get this going!” she whines and takes my hand. Just kill me already.


(A/N: Guys it's starting to get serious between Luke and Vanessa now. Let's see if Luke will get jealous in the next chapter! Did you guys like the chapter? feel free to write a comment and let me know if there was something you really liked or didn't. Next chap is up Monday -Strawbear

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