Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


5. ~4~

Chapter 4


Vanessa’s P.O.V


I opened my eyes and looked at Luke that was staring at me. That’s so freaking creepy. I jumped out of the sofa and lifted my eyebrow at him.

“What the hell Luke?” I groan and he starts to laugh.

“You’re so peaceful when you’re sleeping” he replies and I look at him in a weird way.

“Do you feel better?” he asks me and I feel my head starting to beat really fast. It hurts so badly.

“Not really. Probably worse” I groan and look over at Luke. He sends me a little smile.

“You have to stay here until you’re hangover is gone” he tells me and I sigh. I just wanted to go home in my own bed right now.

“What happened yesterday? I only remember you taking me home from a bar” I ask him and he sighs.

"Well I saved you from these boys who tried to rape you" he says and the same shivers run down my back just like yesterday.

“I just want to go home Luke” I whisper while holding a hand on top of my head and Luke sighs.

“Unless you want trouble from you mom, you should stay here” he says and I sigh. I stand up, but immediately regret that I did that.

“Omg” I yell and fall onto the couch again, while holding my hand on my forehead.

“You have to relax Vanessa. Stay here, I’ll get you some water” Luke says and walks into the kitchen. I grab my phone and dial Courtney’s number. I call her and she answers.

“Courtney” I whisper and I hear her gasping.

“OMG VANESSA! We got so worried about you yesterday! Where are you? We have been looking everywhere for you” She asks in a worried voice and I smile.

“Well these guys kept flirting with me even though I told them to leave me alone. Then Luke was there and he...” She cuts me off after I say Luke.

“Excuse me did you say Luke?” she asks in a angry voice and I bite my lip.

“Yeah I did. He picked me up and drove me to Ashton’s house.” I tell her and she gasps.

“Do you want us to come and pick you up? Did they do anything to you?” she asks in a worried and mad tone. I giggle at how protective she is.

“No. Luke is totally different and he’s being nice to me. I’m fine see you at practice tomorrow” I say and hang up.

“Who was that?” Luke asks me and comes back with a glass of water. I send him a little smile and sit up in the sofa. I actually already feel a lot better.

“Courtney. I had to call her and tell her that I was alive” I reply with a laugh and Luke smiles.

“You look better” he says in a happy tone. I nod and he puts his hand on my forehead.

“You’re not warm anymore” he says and I smile.

“Does that mean I come home?” I ask him and at the same time Ashton comes walking down the stairs. He sees us and gets confused.

“Uh, what are you guys doing here?” he asks us and I couldn’t stop laughing over the big hangover he still had.

“We slept here” Luke replies and Ashton’s eyes wide.

“Did you fuck her on my couch?” He asks Luke in a mad tone and I my eyes wide.

“Ewe wtf? No. She was drunk so I took her here” he says and Ashton sends me a smile.

“So I had sex with you yesterday, right?” he asks me and my eyes wide again.

“Uh, definitely not. Some slutty girl that left a couple hours ago” I reply quickly and he shrugs.

“Whatever I just know I got some booty” he says and I roll my eyes. Guys can be a pain in the BOOTY.

“Luke can we go?” I ask him and he nods. I stand up and my head starts to hurt a little. I put my hand on my forehead and feel the dizziness coming back.

“I don’t feel so good” I mumble and then I run out to the bathroom and throw up in the toilet.

“Ewe” I whine and quickly get up and back away.

“Maybe we should stay” Luke says to me and looks seriously into my eyes. I stamp in the ground.

“No! I want to go home Lucas” I say and he sends me a glare.

“Don’t call me that” he says in a mad tone and hands me a towel. I sigh and grab the towel and wipe my mouth.

“Luke. Take. Me. Home.” I tell him and he giggles.

“Do you think it’s funny?” I ask him in an annoyed voice.

“No it’s just that you said the name of One Direction’s album right there” he says and giggles. I roll my eyes at him.

“Luke! FOCUS! I want to go home and you will take me home” I say in a serious voice and he sighs.

“Nope” he says and pops the ‘p’ part. I send him a glare. He’s so selfish and that is pissing me off.




“You can’t”


“Calm down. We can leave in a couple of hours.”

“NO! I want to go now!”



“Fine.” He finally says and I jump up and down like a little child, but I shouldn’t have done that cause everything gets dizzy again.

“Grab your stuff and we can leave,” he says to me and I nod. I walk into the living room and grab my dress from yesterday and the heels. I kind of figured that Luke changed my clothes into one of Ashton’s shirts.

“Let’s go” I say to him and he giggles. We say goodbye to Ashton and leave the house. I find my seat in Luke’s car and he drives us home. On the way home a Greenday song came on and I couldn’t just not jam out to it.

“Do you like Greenday?” Luke asks me in a surprised voice when the song ends.

“Yup that’s my jam” I reply and he laughs at the last thing I said.

“Do you like any other bands?” he asks in a interested voice. I send him a little smile. I know Luke is into the same music as me.

“Oh there is so many! Blink-182, Nirvana, All time low, Sleeping with the sirens, The 1975, Bring me the horizon and Fall out boy. Did I forget any? I think I forgot a lot” I reply to him and he starts to smile.

“Me too” he says and I nod. You could clearly see that Luke liked that kind of music on his style. He parks the car outside of the house.

“We’re home,” he says in a funny voice and I giggle. I open the car door and get out of the car. I open the front door and my mom pops up out of nowhere.

“Where were you last night? Have you seen Luke? Why are you wearing that? Did you sleep with a boy?” my mom asks me in a mad voice. My head starts to feel dizzy because of all the questions.

“She was with me and my friends. We slept over at his house. She’s wearing that because she needed something so sleep in so it’s my shirt. She did not sleep with a boy” Luke answers for me. He sends my mom a big smile and my mom gives me one also.

“Okay, but please call me and tell me you are staying with boys next time” she tells me and I roll my eyes.

“Sure mom” I reply and walk upstairs. I stop Luke before he walks into his room.

“Thank you Luke” I tell him and he sends me a smile.

“No problem” he says and disappears into his room. I smile before I go into my own and close the door.


“Omg no way!” Amanda says and I nod.

“Yes way” I reply and the girls starts to laugh. I was skyping with them, because as nosy as they all are they wanted to know everything.

“I told you Luke is not all bad,” Lori says and I roll my eyes.

“He has always treated me like a slave, maybe this change is good” I reply, while taking a bite of my apple. I can hear my door open and I see Luke.

“Hey” he says and I smile.

“Hey” I reply and he walks in with a plate of chicken and rice.

“I came with dinner!” he whines and I laugh. He puts it on my table and looks at my laptop.

“Who are you talking with?” he asks me and I smile.

“The girls” I say and he takes my microphone and says hi into it. I start laughing and then he leaves my room again.

“Okay girl. That is not Luke Hemmings? He has changed so much, what did you do? Clone him and make him good?” Courtney asks and I laugh.

“Told you. He is like a different Luke, it’s kind of crazy” I reply and all the girls nod.

“His new style is pretty cute” Clare mumbles and I giggle. I hadn’t really thought about it in that way.

“Yeah agreed!” Courtney and Amanda wines. I shake on my head while eating a piece of chicken”

I don’t know guys. He is still Luke Hemmings. Maybe he is only treating me like this so he can attack me in my sleep and kill me” I say and they all start to laugh.

“At least he will be cute in the mean time,” Lori says and we all start laughing. I mean I have always seen Luke as the guy I hate more than everyone, but now I really don’t know. I’m so confused.

“Can I say something?” Amanda says in a nervous tone and we all nod. We all had video camera on so we could see each other.

“Before when Luke was in your room and he said hi, he literally sounded so freaking sexy it kind of killed me” We all start to laugh at what Amanda said and she blushes.

“I’m sorry, but that is actually true!” Clare says and I laugh. I don’t know I really didn’t think about it in that way.

“Girls I have to go I have some homework I need to do,” I tell them and they all make sad expressions and then wave. We say goodbye and I exit the group call. I grab my math books and start to work on my homework.


I finish and it’s about 11 PM. I turn off my music I had on and then I walk into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I undress myself and go into the shower. I let the warm water run down my tired body. I hear the door open and I start to panic. I forgot to lock the fucking door! Gosh I’m such a dork.

“I’m sorry I can leave, I just had to brush my teeth” Luke says and I bite my lip.

“Oh it’s fine Luke, you can just go ahead and brush them” I tell him and then I hear the water starting to run in the sink. Luckily he couldn’t see me, because the shower room mirror has blurriness in it. I hear the door open and I breathe out again. That was probably the most awkward moment I’ve had in a long time. I turn off the water and grab my towel. I wrap it around my body and walk out of the bathroom. I walk downstairs and see that everyone else, but Luke and I was sleeping. I open the fridge and grab a water bottle. I turn around and see Luke. I jump a little because he gave me a shock.

“Gosh, you just gave me a heart attack” I tell him and hit him in the stomach. He starts laughing. It was a little awkward the fact that I was literally naked, I only had a towel wrapped around me.

“I’m gonna go to bed. Goodnight” I say to him and he sends me a smile. My towel starts to get loose and I panic. Luckily Luke is standing the other way so while I have the chance I quickly loose it and wrap around again.

“Goodnight” he replies and I send him a nervous smile. I run upstairs and into my room. I breathe out as I fall onto my bed. Why is everything I do freaking awkward. I dry my body and put on some clean pajamas. I dry off my hair and grab my blow dryer. I dry my hair and walk out to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I look at myself in the mirror and sigh. If I just were pretty enough I would make a move on Zac Efron that could be freaking awesome. I giggle at my weirdness and leave the bathroom. I walk past Luke’s room and hear that my favorite song by All time low is playing in his room. I open the door and Luke looks at me. I send him a smile.

“So this is how your man cave looks” I say and he giggles. He stands up and walks over to me.

“Yeah, is it pretty?” he asks me and I giggle. It’s like any other teenage boys room I guess. Messy and clearly a boy’s room.

“It’s fine” I reply while shrugging. He sends me a smile and sits down on his chair again.

“Wake me up, say enough is enough” Luke sings and I smile. He has a really good singing voice. I join him and sing the next line in the song.

“I’m dying to live, somethings gotta give” I sing and he looks at me with a smile.

“Well I’m going to bed see you tomorrow Luke” I say and before I leave the room he says my name and I turn around to look at him.

“Me and the boys thought about going to the beach tomorrow do you girls want to join?” he asks me and I send him a smile. I nod and he gives me a smile in reply.

“Sure, talk to you in the morning” I say and close the door. This is going to be interesting. Going to the beach with Amanda, Clare, Courtney, Lori and then the boys. I hope I won’t drown. 


(A/N: Update! I am so sorry for posting so late! It's literally not even Thursday anymore it's Friday haha! And I have school tomorrow -.- But anyways I hope you liked the chapter, see ya on Monday! -Strawbear

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