Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


4. ~3~

Chapter 3


Vanessa’s P.O.V


 I opened the front door and tried to balance with all my shopping bags. I had been out shopping with Clare from soccer. It was Friday today so we went right after soccer practice. She’s such a ‘down to earth’ girl and cool to hang out with so we did that.

“Hey mom” I mumble and she runs out to me.
“Hi honey! What did you get?” she asks me in a stressed voice and I lifted my eyebrow.

“Some clothes and things from target” I reply to her and show her a couple of the things. I grab the bags and walk into the kitchen and see my mom being busy with making food.

“Are we going to have guests coming over?” I ask my mom and she sends me a little smile.

“Some of Luke’s friends is coming over,” my mom says and I gulp. WHAT?

“What! Why?” I ask her and she sighs

“Relax I told them you weren’t going to be here you can just stay at Courtney’s or Clare’s.” My mom replies and I send her a big smile.

“Thank you! You know I hate Luke and his squad” I reply to her and she nods. I run into my room and grab my phone. I dial Courtney’s number and call her.

“Can I stay at your place? Luke’s awful friends are coming over and my mom told me I could stay at your house.” I say and she laughs.

“Poor you! Of course you can come over!” she replies and I smile.

“See you in ten” I reply while hanging up the phone. I grab my bag.  I put down a few necessary stuff and then some clothes for tomorrow and my computer. I slide my phone down in my pocket and then leave my room with the bag.

“See you mom,” I say to her and she waves at me. I hum to the song Chocolate by The 1975.

“OH MY CAR SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE!” I yell. I didn’t really care if anyone heard me. I arrive at Courtney’s house and I knock on the door.

“COME IN!” I hear a yell from inside and I open the door and close it behind me. I turn around and see Jaden.

“HI JADEN BOY! I missed you so much!” I say while petting her. She’s like the cutest dog ever.

“HEY VANESSA COME HERE!” I hear Courtney yell so I walk into her room and she is standing in a tight black dress.

“What do you think?” she asks me and I lift my eyebrow. I put down my bag on her floor and she sighs. She points at the door in a way to tell me to shut it.
“We are going clubbing with the girls and some boys,” she says and my eyes wide. I immediately refuse and shake wildly on my head.

“Come on!” she begs and I sigh.  Courtney was on my soccer team as well so when she referred to the girls, I am guessing she talked about the girls on the team. She then makes a sad face.

“Pretty please?” she begs again and I giggle. I hate her sometimes.

“Fine” I reply and she whines and jumps up and down on the floor. She drags me with her into her mom’s closet.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” I tell her and she rolls eyes at me. Courtney has always been more the party spirit than me.

“Stop complaining! Where do you think I got my dress from?” she asks and I shrug. I look at all the dresses hanging in her mom’s closet. I believe she designs her own dresses so she owns every single dress she has made in her size.

“THIS ONE WOULD LOOK GORGEOUS ON YOU!” Courtney screams in a high tone and I look at a dark purple short tight dress, kind of like Courtney’s. I nod and take the dress with me into Courtney’s room. I take my clothes off and the dress on. I take on the matching pair of heels.

“You look stunning! If you straighten your hair you will look even better!” she says with a big smile and I cross my arms.

“Seriously Court. What’s the catch?” I ask her and her smile faints.

“Honestly Vanessa. Nothing. I just want you to have some freaking fun!” she says in a mad tone and I gulp. I then give her a fake smile and I sit onto her chair by the mirror. She starts to straighten my hair and I just stay quiet in the mean time.

“So about what happened at the school yesterday with Luke?” she asks and I sigh. I turn around and send her a glare.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumble and she makes a sad expression.

“I know” she mumbles and finishes of the last piece of hair.

“Done” she says in a happy tone and I look at myself in the mirror. She was right it looked better when my hair was straight to this dress. I have naturally straight hair but I curl it everyday.

“We have fifteen minutes,” she says in a rush and I smile. I grab her Katy Perry perfume ‘Killer queen’ and put some on my neck and wrist.

“Courtney stop. You look gorgeous” I reply and she blushes.

“You think so?” she asks me and I nod.

“Let’s go” I say and stand up. I grab my phone and her hand and walk outside. We find our seats in the car and she drives us to the club. We are both eighteen so we are old enough to drive and drink alcohol.

“We’re here!” she whines, while getting out of the car. I lock the car and we wait outside until the girl’s shows up.

“OMG YOU GUYS LOOK GOOD! Where’d you get those dresses?” Lori asked us and we giggled.

“From my mom’s closet” she replies in a proud voice and I laugh her. We join the line of people waiting to come inside. I actually at a second thought that I saw Luke, but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. We waited for about five minutes and it was our turn.

“ID?” a big man asked and I gulped. He was really creepy. We all gave him our IDs and he let in. We went in and it was dark everywhere. I saw people around us making out and other things. I kind of threw up in my mouth.

“Let’s go to the bar!” Courtney whines and we walk over to the bar.

“Can I help you ma’am?” the bartender asked and Courtney ordered for all of us. We were sitting on the chairs and waiting.
“How much alcohol is that now?” I asked Courtney and she rolled her eyes at me.

“Don’t worry about that!” she says in an exited voice. All our drinks stands in front of us and we all raise our glasses and make them hit each other. We all got to the bottom in the first try.

“HOLY SHIT!” Clare yelled and started cheering. That was so much alcohol at once. I don’t feel well. Courtney ordered shots and we all drank one each.

“GUYS I’M GONNA GO DANCE!” Courtney yelled so we could hear her over the music.

“ME TOO!” everyone yelled, but not me. They all went out to dance and I stayed by the bar.

“Hey sexy” A mumble said from behind me and I turned around to see a wasted guy. He was probably in his late 20’ies. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. He grabbed my arm and I looked at him again. Who the hell did he think he was?

“What’s your name pretty face?” he mumbles and steps closer to me. I try to push him away from me.

“None of you god damn business” I snap at him and walk away from the bar area. I turn around and see Courtney dancing with a random guy.

“COURTNEY!” I yell at her and she looks at me.

“Vanessa? Is that you?” she yells back and I nod.

“I’m going home” I tell her and she tries to stop me.

“WAIT NESSA!” she yells and tries to catch up with me. She turns me around and looks me in the eyes.

“Did something happen?” she asks me and I roll my eyes.

“No. Can I go now?” I ask her in a mad tone and she lets go of my hand. I turn around and walk up to the exit. I then fall into someone because I got pushed.

“Hey sexy” the same guy says and I quickly stand up, but he puts an arm around me so I can’t go away.

“Let go!” I yell at him and he kisses my neck and I can clearly smell all the alcohol he has been drinking.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I scream and step him hard on the foot so he lets go of me. I run into the crowd of people to hide between them. I feel someone slap my ass and I turn around and see a boy at my age with his friends.

“Wanna dance?” he says and tries to stand up straight. I shake on my head and walk away, but he turns me around and kisses my lips. It was so disgusting. I push him hard onto the ground and run away until I fall into someone else.

“Sorry” I say in my annoyed voice and look up and see Luke.

“Are you sure you’re old enough to be here?” he asks me and I send him a glare. I try to walk the other way, but he grabs my hand.

“LEAVE ME ALONE LUKE!” I yell and try to run away. He wraps his arms around me so I can’t.

“If you go in there again you are going to be raped.” He whispers in my ear and shivers run down my back. What the hell man?

“What?” I ask him and he smirks.

“I saw those guys trying to get you home with them. Luckily you’re smart enough to get away from them, but they are going to catch you” he says in a serious voice and I shake on my head. I’m so confused right now. I look around the area and see Lori making out with a boy. I gasp because I know she has a boyfriend. I should stop her. I walk over to her, but Luke pulls me with him.

“You have to get home” he warns me and I send him a glare.

“Why the fuck do you even care?” I snap at him and his smile faints.

“I’ll drive you” he says and pulls me with him. I push him away from me and run the other direction. I turn around to see if he’s after me. I couldn’t see him so I am guessing no.

“We meet again, do you want to tell me your name now?” the guy from all the way back to the bar asks me and grabs my wrist. I try to get free, but he had a hard grip.

“Please! I have to leave” I tell him with begging eyes and he smirks.

“I can come with you babe” he whispers and I frown. I try to push him away, but he brings me closer.

“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH HER!” Luke yells and slaps his cheek really hard so he falls to the ground. A few tears run down my cheeks.

“Luke?” I ask him in a surprised voice and he takes my hand and leads me out of the place. It was kind of hard for me to walk straight because I was clearly really drunk. The music stops beating and I open my eyes and see that I am outside.

“Fresh air” I mumble and stop to breathe it in.

“Are you okay?” he asks me with a worried expression and I look at him with weird eyes.

“Why do you care? Yesterday you threw food at me and didn’t care at all?” I ask him and he sighs.

“I’m sorry okay?” he says in a mad tone and my eyes wide. He lets go of my hand for a second and I fall to the ground.

“Wops” I say and start laughing. Luke helps me up and rolls his eyes at me. He is actually really hot. Wait what am I saying?

“I have to take care of you when you do dumb shit like this” He says to me and I lift my eyebrow.

“I can take care of myself you know” I reply in a sassy way and push his hand off and try to stand myself.

“See” I say, but then I fall to the ground again. I start laughing really hard and Luke is just looking at me with an annoyed expression.

“How much did you get?” he asks me and I shrug.

“Enough” I reply in a sassy way and he rolls his eyes at me. He then helps me up and lead me down to his car.

“WAIT!” I yell and he stops walking and turn around to look at me with a lifted eyebrow.

“I have to say goodbye to the girls!” I say in a sad tone and start walking over to the door. Luke lifts me up and I scream at him to put me down. I then start to feel really dizzy and I black out, while Luke is carrying me.


I wake up because the way I was lying down hurted in my head. Everything is a bit blurry, but I can clearly see Luke.

“Luke?” I ask him and he looks at me.

“You’re awake” he mumbles and I try to sit up, but my head hurts too much.

“Where am I?” I ask him and he sighs.

“At my friend Ashton’s house. I couldn’t take you home. Your mom would probably kill me or something like that” He says and I nod. She probably would and then she would kill me right after. Luke stands up and walks into the kitchen and grab a glass of water that he brings to me.

“Thank you” I mumble and sit up on the couch. I drink all the water and Luke sends me a little smile.

“Luke?” I ask and he looks at me with a lifted eyebrow.

“Why are you treating me like this?” I ask him and he sighs. He moves onto the couch next to me and look me in the eyes.

“I think we have to stop being so childish. We have always been fighting and hating each other. We should maybe put it behind us and try to be friends.” He says and I smile. I’d never thought he would say something like that.

“That sounds great!” I reply with a big smile and he smiles at me just like I did. I look over at the door because I hear it open. Ashton and a blonde haired girl walks in while kissing. They walk upstairs while not removing their lips from each other.

“Well that was awkward. Does Ashton know we are here?” I ask and Luke starts to laugh.

“He does that often to get over his ex girlfriend and to make her jealous. And yes I texted him.” he replies and I nod. Sometimes I don’t really get boys like that. Like having to play this bad boy role constantly and hurt every girl and take their hearts from them and then break it into thousands of pieces. It’s awful.

“I’m sorry Vanessa” Luke says and I look at him with a lifted eyebrow.

“For what?” I ask and he looks down at the floor.

“About throwing the food at you in school and harassing you at your soccer practice. I don’t know why I am like this” he replies and I send him a little smile. He actually said sorry to me. Maybe this is a start of a new friendship.

“Luke it’s okay. I was an ass too. Don’t worry about it” I reply with a smile and he also gives me a smile. He stands up and looks down at me.

“Get some sleep. I’m going to sleep here also, when you wake up in the morning I can take you home,” he says and I nod. I cuddle down under the blanket on the sofa. I was actually smiling. Luke had actually made me smile and not in the revenge way. I was actually exited to start this friendship with Luke. I stopped thinking and fell asleep a little bit after.


(A/N: AW! They're starting a friendship together. Let's hope it won't end to quickly ;) Thank you for the nice comments so far guys it makes my day! See ya on Thursday -Strawbear

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