Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


16. ~14~

Chapter 14


Vanessa’s P.O.V


“You can go” the man tells me and I give him a big smile. Detention was finally over. At least it wasn’t as bad as English class was. Caroline and her friends kept throwing papers at me with mean notes telling me they want Lori to die. Luke helped me with putting them down though.

“There you are” Luke says when he sees me on the hallway. I run into his arms and give him a tight hug.

“Let’s go” he says to me and I take his hand. We leave the school and get into Ashton’s car that Luke borrowed. Borrowed aka took.

“So where are you taking me?” I ask Luke and he smirks.

“You’ll have to find out” he replies and I sigh. It’s not because I hate surprises or anything like that I just want to know where that goddamn boy is taking me. We start driving and ‘Kick me’ by Sleeping with the sirens comes on.

“YEAH! Turn up the volume!” I whine at Luke and he immediately turns up the volume. I close my eyes while listening to the song. I fall asleep at the ending of the song.

“Vanessa wake up we’re here” Luke says in a low voice and I slowly open my eyes. I look around outside and see that we are by a small park.

“Where are we?” I ask him and he gives me a little smile.

“Don’t worry about it. Just follow me” he tells me and opens the car door on my side. I walk out and fix my shirt. I walk over to Luke and grab his hand. I walk with him out to an area with a lot of grass and a few trees and benches.

“This way” he tells me and I follow him. I see a blanket laid out on the grass with a few boxes standing on it.

“Picnic?” I ask him and he gives me a smile.

“Yup” he replies and sits down on the blanket. I sit down in front of him and look around the little area.

“I really wanted to talk with you Vanessa” Luke says in a serious tone and I give him a little smile.

“Okay what do you wanna talk about?” I ask him in a calm voice. Let’s just take this slowly. Luke takes my hand and moves closer to me.

“I really like you Vanessa. You mean so much to me and I want our relationship to grow” He says and I give him a little nod to tell him to go on.

“Vanessa will you be my girlfriend?” he asks and takes my other hand also. A big smile appears on my face and I pull him into a hug.

“Yes!” I scream in excitement and he starts laughing.

“Thank god that went easy. I was so nervous you don’t even wanna know” he says in a laugh and I giggle.

“I would never ever say no! I’m so happy you asked me Luke” I reply in excitement and peek his lips.

“I’m happy you said yes” Luke says and I smile again.

“So should we dig into this food or what?” I ask him and he laughs.

“Of course!” he replies and hands me a chicken sandwich.


We had been laughing and eating for a while and just enjoying ourselves.

“No way! She said that?” I ask Luke and let out a big laugh.

“Yes she did! Isn’t that crazy?” Luke asks me and I nod. Luke told me about this woman who contacted the boys after the party from the night at the school when they were playing. She wanted to talk a bit more with the boys and maybe work with them. And then apparently she started flirting with Luke and that was what I was laughing at.

 I look down at my phone because it started ringing. I pick it up and press answer.

“Hello?” I ask and look at Luke because he was looking at me.

“Where are you and Luke? We have exiting news for you guys. Or well for you, and your dad” my mom says and I lift my eyebrow.

“What are those news?” I ask and Luke looks at me with a confused look.

“I can tell you when you come home. But hurry up” she says before hanging up. I look confused down at my screen when my mom hangs up.

“What was that about?” Luke asks me in confusion and I shrug.

“My mom apparently has news for us and wants us home now” I tell Luke and get up from the blanket.

“Well let’s go then” Luke says and we grab all the things. I put them in the back of the car and sit down in the front.

“Ready?” Luke asks me and I nod. He drives off to his house and when we arrive I kind of had a bad feeling. I really don’t know why, but I just really had a bad feeling about the news my mom had.

“Vanessa? We’re here” Luke says and I snap out of my thoughts.

“Sorry” I mumble and open the car door. I gulped as I closed the door again and walked up to Luke.

“Are you okay?” he asks me before opening the door.

“I’m fine Luke” I lie and walk inside of the house. We walk into the living room and my parents are sitting down on the sofa. In front of them Luke’s parents are sitting. And on the last sofa Lori’s mom, Courtney’s mom, Amanda’s mom and Clare’s mom were sitting there. Which I was definitely confused over.

“What’s going on?” I ask my mom when she sees me. Her smile fades and I lift my eyebrow.

“I don’t know if you’re going to take this in a good way sweetie, but I’m just going to tell you. We’re moving!” she says and the last part in excitement. I look over at Luke and he looks just as surprised as me.

“Wait what? What do you mean moving?” I quickly ask and cross my arms.

“It turns out our house is not able to be repaired so we have to move. Your dad got a chance to take a job in Washington and it’s even better than the one he has now. So we decided that it was a good idea to move no matter what” my mom explains and my eyes start to get watery.

“But mom… I don’t want to move” I mumble and look down at the floor.

“It’s not to be discussed Vanessa we’re moving even if you don’t want to” my mom says in an annoyed and irritated voice.

“IT’S NOT FAIR!” I yell and run upstairs and into my room. I lock the door and slide down.

“FUCK!” I yell and bang my head into the door. I let the tears out and they just keep running.

“Vanessa?” someone from the other side of the door says. I sigh and hit my head into the door again.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yell and a few more tears run down.

“It’s Luke” Luke says and I quickly get up and unlock the door to meet his arms.

“Oh Luke I don’t wanna go” I mumble against his shoulder while I’m hugging him.

“I know” he replies in a mumble. I pull away and kiss his lips hardly and passionately.

“Why is this happening?” I ask again when I let go of his lips.

“Vanessa calm down. It’s gonna be okay” Luke says in a low voice and puts his arms around me. He closes the door and leads me over to the bed.

“Luke I..” I start but he stops me by kissing my lips.

“Don’t talk” he says and we lie down in the bed together. We cuddle up and I stay quiet. Not because I wanted to but I didn’t want Luke to get mad at me. I fall asleep in his arms while thinking about what my mom said.


I open my eyes and look around me. Luke was gone and it was dark.

“Luke?” I ask in a low voice and it stays quiet.

“I’M NOT GONNA LEAVE HER ALONE!” I hear Luke yell from downstairs. I crawl out of my bed and walk over to my door.

“I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!” Luke yells again. I slowly open the door and see Luke at the end of the stairs.

“Luke you have to understand us. We don’t want you near Vanessa! You are bad for her” my mom says to Luke. I look further and see that Luke is talking with both my mom and dad.

“I love her! I can’t let her go” Luke says and my eyes gets watery. I really love Luke too.

“Don’t you get it Luke? I wasn’t promoted I searched for the job in Washington. Of course our house is able to being fixed we just want to move away from you. Don’t you dare come near Vanessa again! Is that understood?” my dad says and Luke stamps into the ground.

“No sir it’s not. I love your daughter and I want to be with her” Luke fights back. I close my door and run down next to Luke.

“And I want to be with him” I say and take Luke’s hand.

“Vanessa! What do you want with that coward?” my mom asks me in an offended voice.

“What I want with him? I love him! Luke means everything to me and I want to be with him. You can’t stop me from being with him” I reply and give Luke a little smile. My mom grabs Luke’s and my hand and rip them apart.

“I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU!” my mom yells at me and pulls me with her upstairs and lock the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK MOM?” I yell at her and push her away from me.

“Vanessa sweetie I love you. I’m not doing this to hurt you, but even Luke’s mom told me to keep you away from Luke. He’s just going to hurt you and I don’t want to see you hurt” my mom says to me and I look at her with disgusted eyes.

“Luke would never do that. He loves me” I mumble and look down at the floor.

“How well do you know Luke? Not that well. The only reason we moves in with them in the first place was because I knew you and Luke hated each other” my mom says and I send her a glare.

“Well now he means everything to me. So if you really love me mom you will let me be with Luke” I tell her and cross my arms.

“I’m sorry sweetie but that’s just how it’s going to be. We’re moving tomorrow at the earliest. I’m locking you in here meanwhile so you can’t get out” my mom tells me before leaving my room and locking it from the other side. I sit down on my bed and start crying. I keep crying for a long time until I hear something from the other side of my window.

“Hello?” I ask in a scared voice. What if it’s a thief? Sorry I’m being over dramatic. I walk over to my window and try to look through the block that is blocking the hole.

“Vanessa!” I hear someone say. I lift my eyebrow cause I wasn’t really sure who it was.

“Who is it?” I ask and lean my ear closer to the block.

“It’s me Courtney! I have Amanda and Clare with me” she tells me and I start smiling.

“I’m so happy to hear your voices! Have you heard about..” I was about to ask them if they had heard that I was moving but Clare stopped me.

“Yes we have and we’re here to help you out so you and Luke can be together” she says and I start smiling.

“Omg I love you girls so much!” I say and they start laughing.

“We love you too! We don’t want one of our football buddies to move so we’ll help you Vanessa” Amanda says and I smile again.

“Thank you girls” I tell them and look over at my door.

“Back away from the window, we’ll break it open” Courtney says and I quickly do what they say. The block falls out and is close to hit my floor but I grab it before.

“That was close” I mumble and put it on my bed.

“Give me your hand!” Amanda says and I grab her hand. They pull me out of the window and we all crawl down together.

“I’m so happy to see you girls!” I mumble and pull them all in for a group hug.

“We’re happy to see you too Vanessa! But now come with us we will take you to Luke” they tell me and I walk after them over to a car

“Get in” they tell me and I just do what they say without commenting on it. I click the safety belt on and look out of the window in the darkness. It was like 12 AM right now.

“Where are we going?” I ask them and Clare looks at me.

“To Ashton’s” she replies and I nod. How did Luke get the ability to go there? I’m just wondering. She parks the car in front of Ashton’s house and I quickly get out and run up to the door and open it. I don’t even bother knocking or ringing the doorbell I just want to see Luke.

“LUKE!” I yell and run into the living room. I see all the boys sitting on the sofa. Luke turns around and looks at me.

“Vanessa” he says and runs over to me. I attach my arms to his neck and my lips to his lips.

“I love you Vanessa don’t leave me” Luke whispers into the kiss and a little smile escapes from my lips.

“I won’t ever leave you Luke” I mumble and kiss his lips again.

“Are you guys just not going to thank us?” All the other boys and the girls asks us. I start to laugh and then run over to them to give them all a big group hug.

“Thank you guys! I can’t even thank you enough times” I whine and they all start laughing at me.

“We couldn’t just have you two never see each other again could we?” Amanda says and I giggle.

“I love you guys” I say and look up at Luke again. He gives me a big smile and takes my hand.

“I’m not letting you go” Luke says and I smile.

“I’m not going. I love you Luke and I want to stay with you” I reply and grab his other hand also.

“Guys calm down, we’ll figure all this out. Let’s take a seat and start planning ideas and what to do” Ashton says and I nod. We all sit down on the sofas with empty looks.

“Is there even a way to fix this?” I ask and look around at everyone.

“There has to be” Courtney replies with hope in her voice.

“I’m gonna go make some hot cocoa” I say and stand up. I walk out in the kitchen and turn on the cocoa machine. I grab a mug that says ‘I don’t feel like having a Monday today’ and put it under the cup holder. My phone rings so I grab it and see that it’s a unknown number.

“Hello?” I ask as soon as I pressed answer.

“Come outside” the person said in a low voice. I couldn’t really hear who it was but I recognized the voice. I finish off the cup of cocoa and put it on the table. I guess I was a little curious to who that person was. I slowly open the front door and get outside without being heard.

“Hello?” I ask when I close the front door behind me.

“Vanessa” a voice says and I turn around to see Caroline. She doesn’t look happy or satisfied in anyway which she normally does.

“Caroline” I say in an annoyed voice.

“Okay I know what you’re thinking. What do you want? Leave me alone! Don’t you dare talk to me and other things like that. But I’m here to help you” She says and I cross my arms.

“How?” I ask and she sighs.

“You probably won’t believe me but I got this picture from someone anonymous. I don’t know who the person is and they won’t reply or pick up the calls when I try to contact them” She begins and I make a go on look.

“The picture is of Luke. He’s with another girl and they’re kissing. I know what you’re thinking. What? That bitch Caroline is lying again” she says and I cross my arms even harder.

“Show me the picture” I say and she starts to search through her phone.

“Here” she says before turning the screen around so I can look at the picture. She wasn’t lying. I could clearly see that it was Luke and he was kissing some girl. I don’t recognize her though. I could also see because of the background and what Luke was wearing that the picture was taken from the party on the school when All time low was playing there.

“Wait there’s more” she says and shows me another picture where Luke is kissing the same girl. It was taken at the hallway in school. I recognize that outfit. WAIT! That’s what Luke was wearing today.

“Omg. I can’t believe it” I stutter and hold a hand in front of my mouth.

“I swear to god Vanessa I’m not lying to you. I hate myself for the way I have been to you and I wanted to do something good” She says in a sad tone and I look down at the grass.

“Who is that girl?” I ask her and she locks her phone again.

“I’m not sure but I think I have seen her at school before” She replies and I cross my arms.

“I can help you find out who she is if you want me to” Caroline suggests and I send her a little smile.

“Thanks but it doesn’t matter I’m moving tomorrow anyways” I say and her eyes wide.

“You’re what?” she asks in a surprised voice and I lift my eyebrow.

“Didn’t you know? I am moving to Washington” I tell her in a sad voice.

“Omg I’m so sorry to hear that. What about you and Luke?” she asks me and I shrug.

“We are actually all together in Ashton’s house right now to figure out a plan, but then you told me this and that changes everything” I reply and sniffle. Not because I was crying but because it was a bit cold out here.

“I’m sorry I didn’t even know..” she says in a sad tone and I shrug.

“I doesn’t matter I appreciate that you told me. I guess Luke really isn’t different from any other boy” I say in a sad tone and start to walk up to the front door again.

“Vanessa wait” Caroline says and I stop and turn around.

“If you ever need someone to talk to I know I am probably not the one you will go for, but I want you to know that I’m here for you” She says and I give her a smile.

“Thank you Caroline. Take care” I reply and walk inside. I close the door behind me and walk into the living room. As soon as I walk in there everyone looks at me. My eyes meet Luke’s eyes. I couldn’t stop myself but all the tears just came and I couldn’t stop them. My cheeks warm up and the tears just keep running down.

“What’s going on Vanessa? Are you okay?” Luke asks in a worried voice and starts to walk over to me.

“How could you?” I stutter and cross my arms. Everyone is looking at us now and I don’t even care. I hate everyone and everything! Especially Luke that fucking idiot! I WOULD WISH I NEVER MET HIM!


(A/N: Okay first thing first! I am so sorry about the SUPER late update I was busy yesterday and yeah It slipped way from me. Secondly woooaw this chapter took so many turns. Do you think Caroline faked the picture? What are your thoughts? And also chapter 15 will be up Tuesday instead of Monday, but from there on every other update will be the same one. -Strawbear

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