Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


15. ~13~

Chapter 13


Vanessa’s P.O.V


I fall onto the ground and scratch my knee on the ground. So it started bleeding. I try to stand up again but fail.

“Do you need a hand?” a voice ask me and I look up at the person. I give the person a smile and take his hand. He pulls me up and I try to keep the balance.

“You shouldn’t be out in the middle of the night in this condition all alone” the voice says and when I look closer I see it’s a man.

“I know but I tried to get away from this guy who tried to keep me in the house” I mumble and look down at my legs. He let go of me and I immediately lose balance and almost fell.

“Oops got you” the man says and catches me before I hit the ground.

“Thank you” I say to him with a smile. A smile appears on his face and he carries me up into his arms.

“Where do you live? I can drive you home” he says in a friendly voice and I give him a smile. I tell him the address and he places me in the backseat of the car.

“Thank you” I tell him when he is back into the car in the drivers seat.

“No problem” he says in a giggly voice. We arrive at Luke’s house and the guy helps me out of the car.

“Here we go” he mumbles and helps me to the door. He puts me down and knocks on the door.

“I look over at where Ashton’s car usually stand but it’s not there.

“They’re not home” I tell him and he then nods and open the door. He carries me up again and closes the door behind him.

“I’m gonna stay here with you until they get back” he says in a friendly voice and I smile. He places me on the couch and sits down next to me. We kept talking for a while until the front door opened.

“VANESSA!” Luke yells and runs over to me and pulls me into a hug from behind.

“Not right now Luke” I mumble and push him a bit away from me. I laugh at something Will said. His name is Will by the way and he is so nice.

“Who are you? Get out of my house!” Luke yells at Will and I send Luke a glare.

“No. He’s my friend” I tell Luke and cross my arms. Luke crosses his arms also.

“At least tell me who he is” Luke mumbles. I shrug and Luke sits down on my other side. I give him an explanation and I can clearly see that Luke is not comfortable with Will.

“Well I’m gonna go home now Vanessa” Will says and stand up. I stand up too and pull him into a hug.

“Here” he says and gives me a little folded paper note. I unfold it and see a phone number.

“Text me tomorrow” he mumbles and walk out of the front door. I turn around and look at Luke and he has his arms crossed.

“Don’t ever do that again Vanessa” he tells me in a mad voice and I roll my eyes.

“Why do you care?” I ask in a mad tone and Luke lifts me up into the air before I can walk away.

“Put me down” I yell at him and Luke looks into my eyes.

“I love you and I care about you. I trust that you didn’t only date me to win me as a price. Caroline just wants to break us apart"

“I know Luke I love you too” I mumble and attach my lips to his. We kiss for a while and Luke puts me down.

“Let’s go to bed” Luke says and grabs my hand and lead me up into Luke’s room. I cuddle up with him in his bed and fall asleep in his arms.


I wake up because of a knock on the door.

“Luke where’s Vanessa?” my mom asks and I immediately panic. She can’t know we slept together. I wake up Luke.

“What?” he mumbles and I make ‘shh’ sign with my fingers. I run over to Luke’s closet and hide in it and as soon as I close the door to the closet his door opens.

“Good morning Luke school starts soon where is Vanessa?” my mom asks and Luke stands up.

“She slept at Amanda’s house” he mumbles and walks over to my mom.

“Okay you have 10 minutes to get ready” my mom tells him before leaving his room. I come out from the closet and he sees me.

“That was close” I mumble and Luke nods. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his lips.

“Good morning” I mumble and he gives me a little smile.

“Morning beautiful” He mumbles and I giggle. I leave the room and run into my room without having my mom seeing me. I take some clothes on and Luke comes into my room.

“I’ll meet you down there” he says and I nod. Luke leaves my room and run downstairs.

I grab my backpack and crawl out of my window. Normally having a broken window is a bad thing, but right now it was my solution to not getting grounded. What am I talking about I am already grounded my parents just don’t care.

“Careful” Luke tells me when I am almost down. I roll my eyes and jump down the rest of the way.

“Let’s go” I say and grab his hand and intervene my fingers with his. He gives me a soft kiss on my cheek and walk with me off to school.

“HEY GUYS WAIT UP!” I hear someone yell so I stop and turn around to see Calum and Michael.

“Hurry up” I tell them and they catch up to us.

“So holding hands? Are you guys like a thing now?” Michael asks in a nosy way and I giggle. I look over at Luke and he bites his lip.

“Not yet” he answers and I give him a little smile. We arrive at school and I make sure to hold Luke’s hand even harder so people can notice. Haha I’m so weird I just want girls to see that he’s mine. We walk in on the long hallway with all the school lockers and doors into classrooms.

“Everyone is looking at us” Luke mumbles and I look up from my phone to see all girls and all boys are looking at us. Only a few people weren’t.

“This is kind of creepy” I mumble and look into Luke’s eyes so I don’t have to look at everyone else.

“It’ll be fine. I have class now though I will talk with you afterwards” Luke says to me with a smile. He leans in to kiss my lips and when he does a few gasps is heard around us.

“See you later” I mumble into the kiss and pull him into a quick hug before letting him go so he can get to class. I sigh and look up from the ground and meet a lot of glares.

“You’re so dead” someone mumbles behind me and when I turn around I don’t see anyone. I gulp and walk with fast steps down to my locker and open it. I put some books in there and grab some other books as well.

“Hello there” A girl voice says and close my locker so I can see her.

“Um can I help you?” I ask the girl whom I have never seen before. She crosses her arms with a smirk.

“Us” she corrects me and I lift my eyebrow and look around me to see that girls with mean glares surrounded me.

“So you’re with Luke Hemmings now?” she asks me and I nod and hug my books a bit to try and feel safe but it didn’t help.

“What does he want with a girl like you? When he could get someone like me?” She says in confusion and I gulp.

“I mean honestly like why? You’re so…ugly and… a virgin” she says and grab my books and throw them angrily to the ground which scared me a bit.

“Did you pay him or something like that?” she yells at me and I start shaking. I shake on my head and try to mumble a no, but couldn’t.

“HOW THEN?” she yells even louder and I gulp again.

“Stay away from him. Or I’ll make sure to give you a bad life” she threatens and smash her hand into my locker and I gulp again. She then steps away and all the other girls follow her. I slide down the locker while trying to breathe.

“Are you okay Vanessa?” Amanda asks me when she sees me. I shake on my head and look at her with sad eyes.

“Let me help you” she mumbles and helps me up so I can stand up. I put my arm around her so I won’t fall again.

“What happened?” she asks in a worried voice and I look at her. I give her a fast explanation and tell her what happened.

“Omg those girls are insane” she mumbles and carries me over to a school bench on the other side. I sit down and nod.

“I know” I say in a low voice and look down at the ground.

“What am I going to do?” I ask her in a sad tone and she makes a sad expression.

“Talk with Luke about it Vanessa. He wants to help you no matter what and you need him to help you” she says in a happy voice and I shake on my head.

“Luke can’t know. He’ll just go mad and chase down the girls and then strangle them until they stop. I repeat LUKE CAN’T KNOW” I tell her and she sighs.

“What do you want to do then?” she asks in an annoyed voice. I shrug and remove some dirt from my schoolbooks.

“I’m gonna pretend it didn’t happen I’m not scared of those girls” I lie and get up from the bench and walk down to the cafeteria I had free period in my first class so I could do what I want actually. I sit down at the table in the corner and pull my computer out from my bag. I plug in my headphones and write on an essay I have due in English while listening to some Nirvana. And that’s when I remembered about Will. I pull out my phone and text him (Hey Will! Vanessa here thanks for driving me home yesterday! That was awfully nice of you even though you didn’t know me. Thank you again!) I type and press send.

“Excuse me?” someone asks me and tap on my shoulder. I take my headphones out and give the girl a smile.

“Hi my name is Julia I’m new here and I was wondering if you could help me around” she asks me with a smile and I give her a little nod.

“Of course what do you need help with?” I ask her politely while putting my computer into my bag again.

“Well I was looking for the principals office, but I ended up here and you looked so nice so I thought about asking you for help” she explains and I give her a little smile. I take my bag over my shoulder.

“Follow me” I say and walk to the door of the cafeteria. I open the door and let Julia go past it so I can close it again.

“This way” I tell her and walk down the hallway until I come to the principal office.

“Thank you very much um...” she says and search for a name.

“Vanessa” I help her and she gives me a smile.

“Thank you Vanessa” she says before walking into the office to talk with our principal. The school bell rings and I walk down the hallway to my Chemistry class. I sit down on one of the chairs and grab my notebook. I start drawing on a blank page.

“Vanessa” a voice says and I look up and see Courtney. She has a worried expression planted on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I ask in confusion and close my notebook without removing my eyes from hers.

“It’s Lori. She’s at the hospital” she mumbles and my eyes wide. I put all my things down in my bag and run out of the classroom. I don’t care if I have class right now I have to go and see Lori.


The bus stops in front of the local hospital and Courtney and I get off. We run into the building and up to the counter.

“Lori Everson” I say and look at the lady. She searches something on her computer and gives me a little smile.

“Room 231” she tells me and I nod. I run off to an elevator and press the up button on it. 

“Come on” I mumble and stamp in the ground.

“Calm down Vanessa” Courtney tells me in annoyance and I give her a glare. Heck no? I’m not going to stay calm. The elevator door opens and I run out and down the hallway until I reach the room. I slowly walk in and see Lori sleeping on the bed with a lot of wires and stuff connected to her.

“Omg” I mumble and walk closer to her. She has a lot of bruises all over her face and arms.

“What happened?” I mumble and Courtney put an arm around me.

“She was driving home from soccer practice with Clare and..” she begins but stops because she starts to cry.

“A drunk man drove into them and Clare is fine, but Lori got really hurt. Vanessa they don’t know if she’s gonna make it” she says and her voice cracks at the last part she was saying. I pull her into a hug and start crying.

“Where’s Clare then?” I ask her and she sniffles.

“At home” she replies and I nod. I let go of Courtney and walk over to the hospital bed. Lori looks paler than she usually does. I grab her hand and squeeze it.

“Come on Lori wake up I know you can” I mumble and remove a piece of hair that felt down so it covered her eye.

“We should go again” Courtney says and I turn around and give her a sad expression.

“We can’t just leave her?” I mumble and Courtney sighs.

“Vanessa I know you want to help her, but you have classes and you’re already late” she replies and grab my arm and pull me with her.


We’re back at the school again and the picture of Lori lying in that bed is like glued to my brain.

“Go!” Courtney whines at me and push me into the math classroom. Chemistry class was over and I was about 10 minutes late for math class.

“What is that time to arrive on young lady? Who do you think you are?” Mrs. Danielson asks me in a harsh voice. I roll eyes at her and sit down on a chair.

“Answer me right now!” she yells and I quickly get up and give her a mean glare.

“Listen now Mrs. I’m mad all the time. I was just at the hospital because my friend Lori were in a car accident and she might not make it, okay? So I think you have to shut the fuck up before I cut a bitch!” I yell back and she is now tomato red in her face.

“DETENTION RIGHT NOW VANESSA HUDSON!” she yells at me and walks over to me and grabs me by my wrist. She pulls me with her all the way to the principal office and pushes me in there.

“This little brat gets 2 weeks of full detention” she says in a mad tone and looks at our principal. He raises his eyebrow when he looks at me.

“2 weeks of full? Only our worst students get that?” he asks in a surprised voice and I gulp.

“Just make it happen” she says and walks with fast steps out of the door again.

“What did you do to earn that?” he asks me in a surprised voice and I gulp. I give him an explanation.

“I’m sure Mrs. Danielson just overreacted a bit even though you are getting detention for talking to a teacher the way you did. I heard about Lori Everson. Are you a friend of hers? I am sorry to hear about the accident. I really hope she is going to make it” he says and I give him a little smile.

“She’s one of my best friends. Yeah me too and I really hope she is going to be fine” I reply and shrug.

“Well you can go for now Mrs. Larson but I expect you at Detention today after school” he says in a serious tone and I nod. I grab my bag and walk out of the principals office and at the same time the school bell rings. English class now. I run off to the classroom I had to go to and find a seat. I notice Luke coming into the classroom so I raise my eyebrow.

“Luke?” I ask in confusion and he looks at me with the same expression.

“Vanessa?” he asks and I raise my eyebrow even more.

“Don’t you have Social science right now?” I ask him and he points at his schedule to show me he got a new class. I give him a smile and he peeks my lips before sitting down next to me.

“Luke I need to tell you something” I say and look down at my hands.

“Okay what’s that?” Luke asks me in a calm voice. I look up and into his eyes.

“Lori is at the hospital. She was driving home with Clare and they got hit by a drunk man and… and…” I say in a shaky voice until I can’t talk anymore.

“Omg Vanessa when did that happen?” he asks me in a sad voice and I sigh.

“Yesterday night. Clare is fine and staying home today but the doctors are saying that Lori might not make it” I say and wipe off a tear from my cheek.

“I promise you Vanessa I’m here for you no matter what” he says and takes my hand. I give Luke a little smile that he gives me back again.

“You’re coming with me after school today” he says. I give him a little smile.

“I can’t. I have detention” I sigh and look over at the door when I see the teacher arrive.

“Then I’ll just pick you up after that” he tells me and I give him a little smile. I concentrate through the whole class until a paper ball lands on the table in front of me. I unfold it and read what it says. (What a slut that Lori girl is. I hope she dies, don’t you hope that too Nessie?) I turn around and look at Caroline. I give her a glare and rip the piece of paper apart. Another note lands in front of me and I unfold it also. (DIE LORI! DIE LORI! DIE LORI!) It says and I feel a tear trying to escape my eye. Two more paper balls lands on my table and the tear slides down. I just have to survive this stupid class and I can get out.


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