Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


13. ~11~

Chapter 11


Vanessa’s P.O.V


I bite my lip as I turn around to look at the girls and they all have huge smiles melted onto their lips.

“YOU GUYS KISSED?” Amanda screams in excitement and I put my hands on top of my ears.

“It’s not that big of a deal” I reply and shrug. All the girls gasp and I start laughing. Courtney parks the car and I open the car door.

“Not that big of a deal? You honestly can’t mean that! That’s a huge big of a deal and you know it” Lori says in a sassy tone and I giggle.

“Well let’s just see how it goes” I reply with a smile as I open the front door. The boys apparently weren’t here yet. I take of my shoes and hang my coat. I run upstairs and then to the bathroom. I was about to grab my toothbrush when my phone started buzzing from my pocket. I pull it out and see the caller is my mom.

“Hey mom” I quickly say as I press the answer button.

“Hi sweetie, I just wanted to remind you and Luke that we are coming home tomorrow, how are you doing? Is the house burned down yet?” she asks and I hit myself on the forehead. CRAP! I totally forgot they were coming home.

“No we haven’t mom” I reply in annoyance and look at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty bad compared to when I left to go to the party.

“No of course not you guys are old enough to not do that” my mom says in a laughing tone and I smile for myself.

“Well we’ll see you tomorrow mom, you know it’s like 3 in morning right?” I ask her and then hear gasping from the other side of the line.

“I’m so sorry sweetie I had no idea the time was that different from here” she tells me and I start smiling.

“It’s okay mom” I tell her and then grab my toothbrush with my other hand and wash it off.

“I won’t disturb you any more sweetie, sleep well and you better go to school tomorrow” she says and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah whatever, see you” I say before hanging up the phone. I take one last look at my puffy red eyes in the mirror.

“Are you finished?” I hear Michael ask me and I start giggling. I unlock the door and let him go in there. I run downstairs and see everyone else in the kitchen. I look over at Luke and see him laughing at something. A little smile appears on my face because of it.

“Hey” Luke says when he sees me. I give him a smile and walk over to him. I pull him into a hug.

“I’m going to bed” I mumble and look at him. He nods and gives me a kiss on my cheek. I blush and then walk away from him and over to the girls.

“Are you guys coming?” I ask them all and the girls then follow me to my room. I close the door when everyone is in the room. I turn around and they are all staring at me.

“What?” I ask in a scared voice. I hate when someone is looking at you in like a really creepy way without saying anything at all.

“YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!” Amanda screams and claps in her hand. I bite my lip and roll my eyes at them.

“Guys come on, let’s go to sleep” I say and turn off the light. I jump into my bed and snuggle up under my blanket.

“Goodnight girls” I say, while they are finding good places on my floor to sleep on.

“Goodnight Mrs. Hemming’s” Courtney teases me and I start laughing in a really loud tone.

“Oh please girl” I say and then they start to laugh. I close my eyes and enjoy the silence for a few minutes and then I fall asleep.


I open my eyes when my usually annoying alarm starts playing. I grab my phone and turn it off. I rub my eyes and lean out of the bed.

“GIRLS WAKE UP!” I yell as loud as I could, probably so the boys heard it too.

“What?” Lori asks in an annoyed tone. I start laughing and get up to stretch my arms. I grab my phone and quickly check twitter. (@AllTimeLow Thanks to everyone at ROMAND HIGHSCHOOL yesterday, you were all so pumped and rocked out so much! Thanks to the Vanessa for helping us out on the scene and of course to the boys who invited us in the first place! You rock guys!) OMG! THEY MENTIONED ME! I jump up and the girls look at me.

“All time low posted a tweet yesterday after the party and they mentioned me!” I scream and show them the post on my phone. They all wide their eyes and start to jump up and down with me. When we calm down again we all put on some clothes and fix our hair and makeup.

“Is that a new one?” Amanda asks me referring to the mascara I was putting on. I stop applying it and nod at her.

“Yup” I reply with a smile and finish the last of my makeup. I walk out of my room and downstairs. I see Luke eating a banana, while doing something on his phone. I walk over to him and put my head on his shoulder.

“Morning” Luke says and I send him a smile. Luke locks his phone and turn around to look at me.

“I really just want to stay home today” I tell Luke referring to that we have to go to school today. He nods and grabs my hand.

“Tell me about it” he then says and I giggle. I lean in to kiss his cheek, but he quickly turns his head so I kiss his lips. I let go and look at him with big eyes.

“Oops my bad” Luke says in a sarcastic voice and I hit him on his chest. I walk over to the fridge and open it.

“Why don’t we have any damn food in this house?” I groan as I close the fridge again. Luke starts laughing at me and pulls me into a hug.

“You’re so cute” Luke whispers and I giggle. I push him a bit away from me and cross my arms.

“I’m not cute. I’m punk rock” I say in a serious tone and then he starts laughing.

“Yeah sure cutie” he says and I groan. I walk over to him and hit him on the shoulder.

“Oh you wanna be like that?” Luke teases me and then lift me up in the air and put me on his back.

“PUT ME DOWN LUKE!” I whine at him, while trying to get him to lose balance. He runs with me outside of the house and puts me down. He walks into the house again and locks the front door.

“LUKE I’M GONNA MURDER YOU!” I yell as I knock hardly on the door. He sticks his tongue at me and I gasp. I run around the house and climb up the wall on the house. I reach my window and knock on it.

“Vanessa?” Lori asks as she opens the window so I can come inside.

“Luke locked me outside I have to get revenge!” I groan and run downstairs. Luke sees me and his eyes wide.

“How did you?” he says and I run after him. I catch up to him and attack him.

“Luke Robert Hemming’s you’re so dead” I tell him as I start punching him in the stomach. He grabs my arms and turns me around.

“You’re not strong enough babe and you know it” Luke says with a smile and I roll my eyes.

“Can’t a girl just get her revenge?” I groan and Luke laughs at me.

“You don’t need to get revenge babe” he says and I roll eyes at him. He lets go of me and helps me up.

“Can you guys please hurry up with whatever you’re doing? We still have to go to school” Ashton says when he walks into the room. I giggle and grab Luke’s hand and walk outside of the house. Everyone else is already in the car, waiting for us. I put my bag in the baggage room. Ashton starts the car and drives off to the school. A lot of beer bottles and alcohol bottles were everywhere outside around campus.

“Looks like people had a great time yesterday” Lori says when she gets out of the car. I grab my bag and intertwine my fingers with Luke’s. He sends me a smile before pulling the doors open to the school hall. Everyone looks at us with big eyes. Some girls send me glares and death looks.

“Why is everyone looking at us like this?” I whisper to  Luke and he looks at me. I already knew why girls looked at me this way. I was walking hand in hand with the hottest boy on school and I’m probably a 3 compared to Luke.

“Don’t worry about it” He tells me as he stops and looks me in the eyes. I send him a smile and walk over to my locker. I unlock and put some books in there and grab some other books with me.

“What’s your first class?” Luke asks me and I turn around so I can look at him.

“I think its France” I reply to him while shrugging. The school bell rings and I give Luke a kiss on the cheek before walking with Courtney down to the classroom. I grab a seat and pull out my books.

Half an hour has gone by and it was so boring. I raised my hand and Mr. Valens picked me.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” I ask and he nods. I quickly stand up without being too awkward. I open the door and breathe out on the hallway. I walk down to the bathroom and open the door. It didn’t look like anyone else was in here though. I open the cold water in one of the sinks. I splashed some in my face and dried it off with some of the paper out there.

“Look who it is” a voice says and I turn around and see Caroline. My eyes wide. (If you don’t remember Caroline, it was the girl Luke talked with at the party at his house)

“Caroline?” I ask in confusion and throw the paper I used to dry my face off into the trashcan. She walks closer to me and throws me up against the wall.

“Stay the hell away from Luke” She yells at me and I gulp.

“What do you mean?” I ask her and she grabs me by my neck and strangles me.

“Did you hear me? He’s mine. And I know he likes you so if you just disappeared that could be great” she says before letting go of me. I cough as soon as she lets go. I look up and then my stomach starts to hurt. I fall to the ground and cough one more time. Did she kick me in the stomach? I’m not sure.

“If I see you with Luke again then you’re not going to get as easy away as you did today” she threatens me. I bite my lip and look down at my hand that had a bruise on it.

“Bitch” one of Caroline’s slaves mumbles before they leave me in the bathroom. I start crying and then I grab my phone. I dial Courtney’s number and hope she answers.

“Vanessa?” her well-known voice says and I start crying even more.

“Come to the bathroom” I say and then hang up. I try to pull myself up, but the pain in my stomach was too big. The door opens and a worried Courtney runs over to me.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” she screams a bit and then tries to help me up. I scream because it hurted and she immediately let go of me.

“Don’t touch me it hurts” I mumble as I close my eyes and let the tears slide down.

“Vanessa what happened?” she asks me in a more calm voice. I open my eyes again and look at her. I tell her everything about what just happened.

“Omg you have to tell Luke” she says to me with serious eyes and I shrug.

“I don’t know it’s not exactly his problem” I reply and her mouth falls open.

“Are you serious right now?” she asks me in annoyance and I shrug again.

“I mean what can Luke do about it? She will just find me again if Luke talks to her about it” I reply and she nods.

“Yeah you’re right about that” she says and I nod. I put a hand on my stomach and feel on it.

“I think I can stand up” I tell her as she gets up and pulls me up on my feet. I immediately get really dizzy and run to the toilet and throw up. I feel my hair being pulled away from my face. I turn around and see Courtney with worried eyes.

“You have to go home” she tells me and I shake on my head.

“What about everyone else? Luke? The girls? They will ask why I left” I tell her and she sends me a calm smile.

“I’ll take care of that, you just go home and get some sleep” she tells me and I give her a smile. She takes me with her out of the toilet and follows me to Ashton’s car.

“Get well, I’ll come over with the girls tonight” Courtney says to me and pulls me into a hug. I give her a smile and nod. I get into the car and start it. I wave at Courtney one last time before leaving the campus parking lot. I drive to Luke’s house and park the car. All time low's song “Kids in the dark” starts playing and it immediately reminds me of the party yesterday. I look out the window and see that it looks like it’s going to rain. I turn off the car and walk out. At the same moment I get out thousands of raindrops lands onto my hair and clothes. I run to the door and unlock it. I get inside and close the door again.

“Hey honey, why are you already home?” my mom asks me and I jump a little. I didn’t think they would be home already though.

“I felt kind of sick so I went home” I reply and run upstairs to my room. I close the door and fall down onto my bed. The thing in the bathroom just kept repeating in my head. I bang my head into the wall. Ouch.

“VANESSA!” I hear someone yell outside from my window. I open it and see Caroline. I start shaking and just stare at her.

“WHY DID YOU TELL LUKE?” she yells and I start shaking even more. She can’t come into the house right? I mean my parents are here and Luke’s parents. I leave my thought because I hear glass break. I quickly run away because if I hadn’t I would have gotten hit by it. I look out the window and she is gone. I see a rock on the floor so I grab it and turn it around. (WHAT’S WRONG PRINCESS? SCARED OF ME? YOU SHOULD BE. I’M GOING TO FORCE LUKE TO LEAVE YOU AND YOU KNOW IT) a note said. I rip the note apart and throw it into my trashcan. How am I going to explain a broken window to my mom?


I closed the door behind be with a big sigh. Yay grounded for two weeks, because my mom didn’t believe it was some kind of psycho girl who is jealous of me. I look out of my very broken window and see Luke walking with the boys. I bite my lip and sit down on my bed. I sighed and heard the front door open and close. I could hear the boys laughing about something it made me smile a little bit.

“Vanessa?” I heard Luke ask from downstairs. I walked over to the door and opened it. I went out on the hallway and saw Luke at the end of the stairs.

“Vanessa I was so worried about you today” Luke says in a worried tone when he sees me. I run down the stairs and pull him into a hug.

“Courtney told me you left because you felt sick” Luke says again in a worried voice and I give him a little smile.

“Yeah I felt bad so” I lie and look down at the ground. I did feel bad so it’s not a lie, right?

“Do you need anything? I could go get it for you” he says and puts a hand on my shoulder. I give him a little smile and shake on my head.

“Thank you Luke, but I’m fine. I just want to get some sleep” I reply to him and he gives me a calm smile.

“Let me put you to bed” he mumbles and whispers something to the boys before he grabs my hand and walks with me up to my room. I forgot my broken window for a second and when Luke saw it I kind of panicked.

“OMG WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?” Luke yells and run over to my window and examines the broken pieces.

“I um..” I start and sit down onto my bed. I look down at the floor and see a few pieces of the paper I ripped.

“What’s that?” Luke asks me and grabs the paper pieces. I gulp and run over to him and take them from him.

“It’s nothing, just paper” I mumble in a nervous tone. Luke looks at me in a suspicious way.

“Let me see that paper then” he says and I shake on my head.

“It’s private” I mumble again and look down at the ground. The paper pieces get ripped out of my hand and are now in Luke’s hand.

“Luke seriously don’t read it” I tell him and try to get them.

“I’m going to force. Scared of me?” he reads out loud from the two ripped paper pieces.

“Where are the rest?” he asks me in a mad tone. I gulp and walk a bit away from him. He bends down to my trashcan and empties it on the floor and look through the paper pieces.

“I don’t think you should..” I start but he cuts me off.

“What’s wrong princess? Scared of me? You should be. I’m going to force Luke to leave you and you know it.” He reads out loud when he figures them out. I gulp and rub my arm with my hand.

“Who wrote this to you?” he yells a bit at me and I gulp again. I didn’t like him when he was in this mood.

“TELL ME!” he yells and kicks the bottom of my bed. I jump a bit and he gives me a weird look.

“Are you scared of me?” he asks me in a low voice and I gulp again.

“No but you’re freaking me out” I mumble and he walks over to me and give me a kiss on the forehead.

“I’m sorry babe please tell me who wrote this” he says to me in a calm voice and I gulp again.

“I can’t I could get in so much trouble if she found out that I told you” I reply and he looks at me again.

“She...” he says in a repeating voice and I gulp. I step a bit away from him and he sends me a worried look.

“Was it Caroline?” Luke asks me in a mad tone and I look down at the floor. I rub my arm and bite my lip.

“I’m going to kill her” Luke says and walks out of my room and run down the stairs. And I run after him and grab his arm before he leaves the house.

“LUKE STOP!” I yell and he turns around and faces me. All the other boy’s walks over to us and stare at us.

“Let me go. I have to talk to her” he says in a mad tone and tries to get his arm away from me.

“Luke don’t do this. Don’t blame Caroline” I reply in a low voice and keep holding onto his arm. He finally pulls his arm away and run out the front door. I sigh and hit myself on the forehead.

“Just let him go Vanessa” Ashton says to me and I send him a glare. I run out the front door after Luke, but he is already gone.

“LUKE!” I yell as loud as I can. I look around for Ashton’s car. It’s gone so I am guessing Luke took off with the car.

“Crap” I yell as I kick the wall to the house next to me. The guys run out of the house and look at me.

“Vanessa just let him go. He loves you and he needs to do this for you” Michael tells me and I look at him. I then nod and run into the house and up to my room. I dial Luke’s number and then I call him. Voice mail.

“God sake Luke” I mumble and put down my phone on the table. I guess I can’t do anything else, but just wait until something happens.


(A/N: Update! Woop! Caroline is starting to get a little freaky huh? Well Luke is just such a protective cutie, that's how I imagine he would be to his girlfriend irl. ANYWAYS! Have you guys watched Hey Everybody Music Video?! OMH I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! What do you guys think about it? -Strawbear)

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