Hate is love

Vanessa is 18 years old and she can't stand Luke Hemmings, but what's going to happen when she has to live with him?


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Chapter 1


Vanessa’s P.O.V


“Well done girls! See you Friday” the coach said and we all ran up to the water container and drank from it.

“Man it’s so hot today!” my teammate Lori said. I nod and then I run inside with the rest of the girls and change out of my clothes to take a shower.

“Does anyone have some shampoo I can borrow?” I ask the girls and then my other teammate Clare throws a shampoo bottle at me and I catch it.

“Thanks” I say to her and she sends me a smile. I finish showering and so does all the other girls.

“Are we going to chill at the playground?” Courtney asks and we all nod. We are a really close soccer team so we all hangout a lot together.

“Come on Nessa!” the girls rush me and I giggle.

“Give me a break will you?” I ask them and they start to laugh. I finish and grab my bag and we leave. We run down to the kid’s playground and throw our bags onto the ground.

“TAKE THE SWING VANESSA!” Lori yells to me and I run over to the swings and grab one of them.  Clare runs over to me and starts pushing me. I then jump off when it’s really high up in the air. I luckily land on my legs, even though I was scared I was going to fall.

“Amanda?” we all ask and she looks at us with a puzzled expression.

“Me?” she asks confused and we all start to laugh. She always brings sour cream chips with her on Wednesdays.

“Okay fine!” she says and giggles. She runs over to her bag and pulls out the well know bag of chips. She throws it onto the bench and we all sit down and eat from it.

“Okay girls talk!” Courtney whines and we all whine with her.

“Hottest boy at school?” she asks us all and I start to think.

“Definitely Luke Hemmings!” all the other girls says and then they look at me and I shake on my head.

“Seriously? Just because you hate him and he hates you doesn’t mean you can’t admit he is the hottest god on this damn school!” Lori whines and we all start to laugh. I look down at my hands.

“Honestly I think Sebastian is” I reply and the girls look at me with big eyes.

“Are you serious?” they all ask and start to laugh. I blush and look down at the ground. I didn’t actually think he was, but I didn’t really think that any boy on this school is hot so.

“Okay so who do you think has the biggest dick?” Amanda asks me and I my eyes wide.

“Amanda!” I whine at her and they all start to laugh.

“No Vanessa! Honestly who?” they ask me and I start to think. How the hell should I know?

“Um...Calum Hood?” I reply and they all nod.

“People say that his dick is like giant!” Lori says and we all start to laugh. This school brings up a lot of shit; I don’t believe any of it.

“Have you had sex with any of the boys from the school?” Courtney asks and I immediately shake on my head. To be honest I haven’t had sex yet. They all look at me with their eyes wide.

“You are freaking gorgeous? How can it be you haven’t gotten laid yet?” they ask me and I just laugh.

“You guys know Ashton right?” Lori says and we all nod.

“I had it with him” She replies and looks down at the ground. Really? Ashton is like a badboy so I really couldn’t imagine me that.

“Cody from the class over us he was my first time” Amanda says and we look at her. What the fuck?

“Seriously?” we all ask her and she smiles.

“Yup” she replies proudly and we all clap at her. Cody is also really hot and looks like a god. But so does Amanda. She has pretty long and natural blonde hair with the prettiest green eyes ever. She’s beautiful.

“Changing the subject. Did you guys just hear that?” Clare asks and we all stay quiet to hear what she heard.

“BOOH!” a guy voice yells and we all start to scream and jump away from the bench. We look over at the bushes and then we see Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael. (Aka Luke’s squad)

“Did you get scared?” Calum asks in a pathetic voice and we all get really red in the face.

“How long have you guys been here?” Amanda asks and they smirk.

“Long enough” Luke replies and I send him a glare. The boys sit down onto the bench and grab the chips bag.

“That’s ours!” Lori yells and looks at the boys.

“Come and get it then” Michael replies and smirks. All of us girls look at each other. And then at the boys again.

“Come on! Join us” Ashton says and we all sit down on the bench again.

“And yes it’s true” Calum says and we look at him with confused looks.

“I have the biggest dick” he says and we all start to blush and look down at the floor. I look up and see that Luke is staring at me with a mean glare.

“Look who’s a virgin” Luke teases me and I send him a glare.

“Is that a problem?” I ask him in an angry tone and he smirks.

“I could help you with that problem” Ashton says and moves closer to me. I push him away from me and look at Luke again.

“No. Now I just have something I can use against you” he says and I send him a mean glare.

“Well we have to leave anyways” Courtney mumbles and all of us girls gets up and walks over to our bags to pick them up.

“Come on girls, don’t run away from us. Just play a little bit of truth or dare with us and then we won’t tell all your little secrets that we also filmed” Luke says and I turn around and look at him.

“YOU DID WHAT?” I yell at him and he smirks.

“I filmed everything you said” he repeats himself and all of us girls run back to the bench.

“Okay one game. But then you also have to delete that video” Amanda says and he smirks.

“Truth or dare Courtney. And btw you girls can’t choose truth” Luke says and we all gasp. That’s so unfair.

“That’s unfair!” Courtney whines and Luke smirks.

“That’s life sweetheart” Luke replies and I send him a mean glare and he sends me a glare also.

“Just give me the stupid dare” Courtney says while crossing her arms.

“Give Ashton a blow job” he replies in a cold tone and we all look at him as if he was crazy.

“Are you fucking insane?” I ask him and he looks at me.

“You weren’t the one to get dared” he says and I stand up and walk over to him.

“You know what Luke? Fuck you! Fuck you so much!” I say and slap his cheek. I grab his phone and run away with it together with the girls.

“STOP HER!” Luke yells and I keep running without stopping. I press the home button on the phone and see that there is a code on it.

“Shit” I mumble. I turn around and Calum is standing right in front of me. He wraps his arms around me and carries me over to the boys.

“PUT ME DOWN!” I yell at him, but he ignores me. He puts me down on the ground and Luke looks at me with a smirk.

“Well well” He says and grabs the phone from my hand. I give Luke a little push and he looks at me with a mean expression and pushes me even harder so I fall into Calum’s arms.

“Sorry not sorry” Luke says and walks away with the boys. Shit I just messed everything up by doing that. They are totally going to post that dumb video on Facebook or some shit like that.

“Are you okay Vanessa?” Courtney asks me and I nod.

“I’m fine what about you guys?” I ask everyone and they all nod.

“Thank you so much for stopping them so I didn’t have to do that. Even though they are probably going to post it now” Courtney says in a sigh and we all sigh with her.

“Let’s go home to me and chill, then we can be sure not to get stalked” Amanda says and we all nod. We grab our bags and walk home to Amanda’s house. And that was just a first time show of how big an ass Luke and his shitty friends are like. I hate those fucking guys so much.


(A/N: Yay first chapter up! This chapter is short compared to the other chapters just saying :) I hope you guys like it so far. Updates on this story is going to be up every Monday and Thursday from now on! -Strawbear)

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