Dark turns to Light

After getting dared to enter a Haunted House. Madison realized that she is now haunted by a Demon. But can she change that demon?


4. Sorry

I'm sorry if Chapter 3 seems odd than the other chapters. Movella only lets me publish when I'm on the website, because I have the app. 

When ever I edit a chapter, it won't save it. And now it's screwing up all my chapters I write. So sorry for that, hopefully I figure out how to fix it.


I really hope your liking the story so far.

It makes me really happy when you guys comment, it really lights up my day. When I read my stories, I feel like the story is completely trash.

When you guys comment for me to update or tell me that the story is good, it makes me want to keep writing. So thank you for that

Well, I should write another chapter right now. Love you guys

XOXO Madison

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