Dark turns to Light

After getting dared to enter a Haunted House. Madison realized that she is now haunted by a Demon. But can she change that demon?


2. Chapter 2

"Your worst nightmare"


"Ahhhhhhh"! I screamed, I opened my eyes. Wait?! How? What? I looked around and saw that I was in my room. I felt around my bed, was this all a dream? I groaned and rubbed my eyes, I yawned and laid back down. "Sweetie!? Are you okay"?! I heard my mom yell from downstairs, "I'm fine"! I yelled back, I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone. I turned it on and groaned from the brightness of the phone.

New message from 'Unknown'

You can run and hide, you can believe that it all was just a dream. But no, Darling. This is real life and I'm just getting started....

My heart stopped, I felt like a deer frozen in front of headlights. I read the message over and over again.

'I'm just getting started'

Ran through my mind. Was this the same person from last night? Visions of that boy started to go through my head. Dark purple hair, and dark black eyes. He had no whites in his eyes. He was pale, really pale. He was kind of cute, but knowing that he's evil mad him nasty.

"Madison, it's time to eat"! I slowly sat up and got up from bed, I shivered from how cold the ground was. I followed the smell of bacon, that led down the stairs. The floor creaked as I walked down, "The slower you walk, the colder your food gets"! I quickly walked all the way to the kitchen, there I saw mom pouring orange juice in my avengers cup. "Thank you mother" I said sitting down

"What happened to you last night"? Mom asked opening the fridge. "What do you mean"? I froze, my fork about to reach my mouth. "Your friends called me last night; freaking out, something about you. They didn't tell me why. I called the police, the police told me that you were perfectly fine. Your friend brought you home, you were passed out. They said that you fell asleep, so I was guessing that you were just tired. What happened to you"? She asked wiping her hands on her apron. I shrugged "I don't know, let me ask Bella"

I took out my phone and texted Bella

What happened last night Bella?

I should be asking you that. What happened? We heard you crying, we kept screaming for you open the door. But you never did. We called your mom, she said she called police. But they never showed up. Bryan finally got into the house and saw you lying on the ground passed out

The police told my mother that I was fine

No, the police didn't come. Are you sure they told her?

"Hey mom"? She looked at me. "Are you sure that the police told you that I was fine"? She laughed and nodded, "Yes I'm sure they did. But the man did sound a bit weird, almost freaky" She smiled, weird and freaky voice. Weird and freaky. Weird. Freaky. The boys voice echoed through my head. My heart stopped

Was it him? Was he the one who told my mother that I was fine?


Sorry for the horrible update

Also, I am so sorry for not updating. I have been stuck in this chapter. It is so hard to write a chapter, so many ideas. Plus school and stuff have been taking me away from this. So this is a quick one. Hopefully I'll write another one soon

Love you guys

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