Vampire Fangs and Angel Wings

Ash looks like your average teenager. Doesn't really stand out much, just trying to make it through the few years of high school she has left. But there's more to her then meets the eye. Isn't that true for us all?

Will is your average pop star. Making music, performing at sold out concerts, being famous basically. But something happens at one of those famous concerts that turns his entire world upside down.


1. A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter

Ash's PoV:

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee- I grab my dreaded alarm clock and pull it out of the wall and throw it across the room. "Shut up already..." I mumble grumpily. "I can hear you just fine." I stretch and yawn, running a hand through my tangled white blonde hair. "S'too early for this shit..." I mutter, dragging myself out of the depths of my nest of silver sheets, comforter, and blankets and padding across the dark pine floors to my closet. I pass my floor length mirror on the way and eye myself critically. "Always a winning look, bed head." I grumble, opening my closet. "Let's see if I can make myself look presentable today." I drag a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a purple hoodie out of my closet, along with a purple snap back and a black tank top. "Yeah I guess we can do that." I head to the bathroom attached to my bedroom. "Hygiene, hygiene, don't forget to wash your wings, don't forget to wash your face." I mumble angrily. I pull off my loose gray t-shirt and panties and unfurl my wings. The bathroom is designed to accommodate my wing span so I'm not uncomfortable. I stretch my wings out all the way and bring them back to my resting position, then get in the shower. "Concert tonight, gotta look hot." I smirk to myself as the hot water hits my back.

Will's PoV:

"Will!" I hear someone calling my name from outside my bedroom. I yawn sleepily and walk over to the door in only my boxers. I open the door and see my manager, Kyle, standing there, looking pretty pissed off. "Do you have any idea what time it is." I shrug and run a hand through my shaggy jet black hair. "It. Is. Six. Thirty. You were supposed to be ready half an hour ago!!" I yawn again and roll my eyes. "Chill Kyle. I'll be ready at seven." He glares at me over his wire frame glasses, his sandy brown hair falling into his eyes. "You'd better be. You have a concert tonight, Will. Biggest one of the year. Don't disappoint me." He stomps off. I snicker and head back into my room. "Let's please the manager and make all of the girls horny tonight." I look in the mirror and smirk, showing my pointed incisors, and grab the outfit that was laid out for me. "Let's hit the showers."

Ash's PoV:

After forty five minutes of getting ready, I finally exit the bathroom, satisfied with how I look. My wings are retracted into the heavenly dimension attached to me so I don't look like a total weirdo, and I flop onto my bed and grab my phone and call my best friend, Sky. She picks up on the third ring and sounds half asleep. "Wha... Wha you wan...." I laugh and flip over onto my stomach. "Sky it's like 7:00 AM. We have to leave at eight, remember? Concert tonight? We Shine?" I hear a scream and hold the phone away from my ear, grinning. "OH MY GOD ITS THIS LATE ALREADY I HAVE TO GO GET READY!" The line goes dead and I roll my eyes, laughing. Typical Sky to forget the most important day of our lives. I roll over onto my back again and close my eyes. Maybe I can get a few more minutes of sleep before Sky calls again.

AN ~ Hey guys hope you enjoy the first chapter cx

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