Until The Very End

Cristal's POV: Newt is slowly going crazy. He keeps losing his temper. He gave me a note and said not to open it until the time was right. I'm worried about him.
I love him too much to let go.


5. Ch 4

Newt's POV:


Cristal smiled at me and hugged me one more time.

Little did I know it was going to be one of the last times.

"Thanks Cristal," I mumbled into her shoulder.

"No problem Newt," she replied.

I was scared. Scratch that, I was bloody terrified.

But I've got to stay as strong as I can.

For her.

For me.

I'm the glue. I'm supposed to keep everyone together. I've /got/ to stay strong.

Suddenly, there was a scorching pain running through my body, and I screamed loudly.

I collapsed.

Everything went black.

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