Until The Very End

Cristal's POV: Newt is slowly going crazy. He keeps losing his temper. He gave me a note and said not to open it until the time was right. I'm worried about him.
I love him too much to let go.


4. Ch 3

Cristal's POV:


"Cristal? Cristal, I'll be fine. Everything will be okay. I had it anyways. We knew this. It'll be okay," Newt said.

I reached out and hugged him as hard as I could, then started to cry. His attempt comfort me was sweet, but I new it wasn't all okay. He had the Flare. He was slowly going crazy. He was going to be like the Cranks.

Why did this have to happen to him? Newt, my awesome boyfriend, the kindest person you could ever know. He is going crazy. Why can't I just accept it as well as he does? I thought.

But as I thought that I felt a tear drop onto my shoulder.

I attempted to look over at Newt's face, but I couldn't see it.

"Newt," I said in a broken voice. "Look at me."

He looked up and his face was streaked with tears.

"Cristy... I'm scared," he said; his voice cracked.

I smiled slightly at the use of his nickname for me.

"Newt... don't be so scared. I'll be with you."

He smiled, an almost genuine smile.

"And that, my wonderful lady, is what's gonna keep me going."


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