Until The Very End

Cristal's POV: Newt is slowly going crazy. He keeps losing his temper. He gave me a note and said not to open it until the time was right. I'm worried about him.
I love him too much to let go.


2. Ch 1

Cristal's POV:


"For an experiment to provide accurate results, one needs a control group. We tried to keep the virus from you as long as we could, but it has become airborne and highly contagious," the Rat Man explained to us. I looked over at Newt, who was standing next to me, worry clouded in my eyes, hoping he was one of the immune, like me.

"Just bloody get on with it," Newt yelled out. "We all figured we had the buggin' disease anyway. You're not breaking our hearts."

"Yeah. Cut the drama and just say what you need to say old man," Sonya added.

"Okay, then. Most of you are immune," Rat Man said, looking at each one of us as he said it. "But some aren't. The ones who aren't immune will be listed off now."

I looked over at Newt to find he was already looking at me. He grabbed my hand, squeezed it, and smiled.

"It'll be okay," he whispered.

But boy, was he ever wrong.


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