concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


8. Your beautiful just the way you are

*Michaels POV*

 Scarlett and Evie walked in and they were absolutely beautiful. Scarlett was wearing beautiful tight red dress and some black heels and she had curled her hair. Evie was just as beautiful. She was wearing a beautiful midnight blue colored poofy short dress. Scarlett walked up to me and grabbed my hand. She was still about 6 inches shorter than me even with her heels on. Evie then walked up to Ashton and grabbed his hand before we walked outside and  got in Scarletts car. Ashton got in the front again and Evie got in the passenger seat so me and Scarlett got in the back together. She was sitting there with one of her hands intertwined with mine and the other arm just laying in her lap. I looked down and looked down at her arms and saw faint scars across them. I put my hand on her arm and gently rubbed it. She looked down at her arm and then looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her lips and then leaned back and wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. She nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck and just stayed there. I kissed her forehead and just held her in my arms until we got to the restaurant. We walked in and found where everyone else was sitting. We walked up to the table and I pulled the chair out for Scarlett. She sat down and then I sat down beside her. On her other side was Peyton and then Luke. Across from us was Ashton, Evie, Madeline, and Calum. WE got sat down and ordered our drinks. Calum looked up then "Hey Scarlett Hey Evie, This is my girlfriend Madeline"  Calum said as he lookd up at us. Scarlet looked up and smiled "Hi im Scarlett, Michaels girlfriend, its nice to meet you" Scarlett was so cute. Madeline lokoed up and said hello and then Evie introduced herself. The waitress came back to take our food orders I ordered a steak and Scareltt ordered some chicken alfredo and then everyone else ordered theirs. We jjust sat and talked and all got to  know eachotherr and waited for our food to come. Shortly after, the waitress bought our food. We started eating and it was absolutely delicious. I saw Scarlett on her phone and I was wating so I could talk to her. But then I got a message on my phone and it was from Scarlett. She had put me and her and Evie and Ashton all in a group chat. "Hey Mikey and Ash, me and Evie were talking and were wondering if you guys wanted to come over to our apartment and stay there tonight and just hang out" I looked over at her and she was smiling at me. I laughed at her and then texted her back. "Babe should already know my answer. Of course I will come over I dunno about Ash but I will :)" I sent back to her. Then Ashton replied then after. "And I would love to come over also:)" he replied. We all laughed and then put our phones away. I looked up to see Scarlettt, Peyton, Evie, and Madeline all in deep conversation. It was great that they were all getting along. The waitress bought our check and me and the rest of the boys paid before the girls could even get a chance to touch their wallet and get a dime out. I stood up and then held Scarletts hand while she got up and then held her hand as we walked out. We got outside and stood there talking a little bit until we looked at our phones and saw it was about 8pm now and that we should be getting back. Scarlett went and hugged Luke and Calum bye and then went and hugged Madeline and Peyton and said she would text them later. Evie did the same and then all 4 girls were in a group chat. Me and Ashton looked up and saw Evie and Scarlett walking to the car. We didn't reaize they had even left so we followed them since we were going with them. Evie got in the drivers seat this time and Scarlett got in the passengers seat. Me and Ashton got in the car laughing at  them. They were so adorable. We were riding down the road when we realized that we weren't going the way to the tourbus. We soon arrived at there apartment and went inside "Uhm guys we don't have clothes" Ashton said as we followed them inside. "Actually yes you do" Evie said. Me and Ashton followed the girls inside.  "Just sit right there they said to us as they ran up the stairs. They came back down a dew minutes later and they had both changed and threw their hair up into messy buns. Scarlett was wearing a pair of long flannel pants and a black t shirt and so was Evie "Well yah see we had already planned for you to come over so we kinda packed a bag for you guys to stay the night before we came here and then we just brought it in. They said and smiled. God Scarlett was so cute with messy hair. She handed me the clothes she had packed and it turned out to be the same thing she was wearing. I laughed and went and changed in the bathroom and Evie went to show Ashton the bathroom upstairs. I finished changing and then went back into the living room and I saw Scarlett standing with her back towards me I snuck up behind her and grabbed her waist "BOO!" I said causing her to jump up and scream, Luckily I caught her. "You scared meeee" she said in a cute little kids voice. "Awh babe im sorry I love you" I said to her and kissed her lips, "I know and I love you too." she said back to me, I looked down at her again and looked her in the eyes "Scarlett I saw your arms, Please don't hurt yourself anymore babe you're beautiful just the way you are." I said to her. She seems out of words and since I was still holding her like a baby in my arms, she pulled me closer and placed her soft lips on mine once again,

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