concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


10. will you join me on tour?

*Evies POV*

I cant believe I just said that. I just literally screamed "i love you" in Ashtons face. What if it was too soon? Omg why did I do that. I hid my face under the blanket and heard Scarlett say awwwww which made me blush even more. A second later the covers were lifted off my face and I saw a smiling Ashton looking down at me. "I love you too baby" he said which made me smile and he leaned down and kissed me once again.  "Okay guys can we watch thee movie for real now" Scarlett said, making us all laugh. We all turned back and actually paid attention to the movie until it was over. The movie finished and yawned and stretched "are you sleepy babe?" I nodded, too lazy to actually talk "do you want to go to bed then?" Ashton asked me as he laughed at my sleepiness "mhm" I said as he stood up I didn't stand up but instead just laid there on the floor. "Well cmon baby lets go and we can cuddle and get under the covers and ill hold you while you sleep" I heard ashton say this and I opened my eyes and saw him holding his hand out in an attempt to help me up but I just reached both my arms out. Ashton got what I was trying to say without words and leaned down and scooped me up bridal style. He carried me up the steps and laid me down in the  bed before he crawled up under the covers beside me. I rolled over on my side so that I was facing him. He got settled and then faced me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him so that we were touching. "Hey Ev, did you really mean it when you said you loved me downstairs or did you just say it because of what Mikey and Scarlett were saying?" I looked up into his caring eyes. "Well I didn't mean to just blurt it out in your face but yes, now that I did say it I realize that I did mean it and ill mean it everytime I tell you. Ive known you all this time but you never knew of my existence until a couple says ago and I loved you then and I love you for who you really are and you're just amazing" I said this and Ashton smiled. "I love you too Evie" he said before he leaned down and kissed me. I smiled against his lips and then he smiled too. I reached up and poked his cheek "boop" I said. He laughed and then looked down at me "boop? did you just boop my cheek?" he asked as he smiled. I looked around and then turned back to his eyes that were glued on me. I pretended to gasp "Who me??" i said making him laugh more "Yes you" he said which made me laugh "Well what ever are you talking about Mr.Irwin?" i said trying to look innocent. "Oh i don't know maybe im talking about when you did this" he said and then he poked my cheek and said "boop" i laughed "oh no that wasn't me that was my imaginary boyfriend right here, his name is Chad and he's really cute. you should meet him sometime" i said  and he looked up at me and his mouth dropped "well fine then sleep with Chad ill sleep on the couch goodnight you two" he said before he got up and went and laid down on the couch. "Ash??" i said, now regretting what i said. "He pretended to snore and it made me giggle "Baby?" i said and he still didn't answer me. I didn't even bother saying anything else to him so i just got up and walked over to the couch "ash im sorry i didn't mean it i lov-" i was cut off when i felt warm lips on mine and soft hands cup my face. "shhh shhh, baby i was just joking with you, i didn't mean to make you feel bad" he said as he rubbed my cheek with his thumb. He leaned in again and kissed me once more. He stood up now and held his hand out "c'mon princess lets go to bed" he said. I took his hand and stood up, following him to the bed. He got under the covers and then pulled me down with him so that i was laying beside him. I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. I leaned up and kissed his cheek "goodnight Ashton sweet dreams, i love you" i said and smiled as i realized how happy i was with Ashton. "Goodnight Evie, sweet dreams to you and i love you too baby"  i heard Ashton say this and i truly believed him. He kissed the top of my head and then i fell into a deep sleep.


*Michaels POV*

Me and Scarlett were laying on the couch and she was asleep in my arms. I was debating on waking her up or just letting her sleep here in my arms on the couch. I didn't know if she would be comfortable on the couch or not so i just decided to wake her up. I leaned down and kissed her and she stirred in her sleep. I leaned down and kissed her again but this time she kissed me back and then smiled. "Wake me up like that all the time" she said in a sleepy voice, which i must say is really cute. I laughed and leaned down and kissed her again. "Babe, would you rather sleep down here or go upstairs and sleep in your room?" i asked her and her eyes fluttered open. "CAN WE BUILD A PILLOW FORT?" she asked, getting excited which made me laugh, "of course we can beautiful" i said which made her smile. We built our pillow fort and made it all comfortable and then got inside it. I laid down and she laid down beside me on her stomach while i was on my back. I looked down at her. She was so small but she was so beautiful and i loved her so much. "I love you babe" i said and she smiled. She crawled up so that she was right beside me. "I love you more" she said "Oh do you now?" i asked her and she smirked "uhm yes im pretty sure i do" i laughed at her comment "no i don't think it is possible beca-" i was cut off when she out her finger to my lips "shh" she said. She leaned up and kissed me and i pulled her up so that she was laying in top of me and she leaned back and put her chin on my chest. She leaded up and kissed me again "I" she said and kissed me again "love" she said and kissed me again "you" she said as she pulled away. "AWWW babyyy that was so cute i said to her make her smile. I pushed her hair behind her ears before she leaned down and kissed me again. But this time she didn't pull away so i didn't either. My tongue slowly glided into her mouth and hers into mine, both exploring eachothers. She started pulling away but before she did she bit my lip, just enough so it wouldn't hurt and then she pulled back  and winked. "Sweet dreams babe" she said as she rolled off and laid beside me with her head on my shoulder. I remembered something now, in 2 days we start back on our tour. Would it be too soon for me to ask if she wanted to go with me or not. "Hey baby before you go to sleep can i ask you something?" i say to her hoping she wasn't asleep yet. "mhm" she said, i could tell she was tired "would you like to join me on tour?" i asked , now feeling nervous...

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