concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


3. up on stage


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*Evies's POV*


I couldn't believe the talk I had just had with Ashton he was so sweet. As soon as Scarlett and Michael stepped outside Luke and Calum started goofing off again. Ashton then looked at me and then looked at my shirt and then back up at me once again. "Yah know your shirt is really cute.. just like you" he said now looking down at his hands. "Awh thanks ash uh I mean Ashton" I said now with me looking down at my hands. I felt warm fingertips go under my chin and lift my head back up and I saw Ashton looking at me. "Awh did you just call me ash?" he said smiling an adorable smile. I still couldn't believe this was happening right now and it was taking all my strength not to scream right here right now."Haha yeah I guess I did sorry" I said feeling the heat rise in my cheeks "No no its cute when you say it" Ashton said smiling. That's when  Calum and Luke stood up and informed ash that they needed to go and start their sound check. "Well okay guys lets go" Ashton said. I followed the rest of the boys outside and right as we came outside we saw Michael with his arms wrapped around Scarlett and saw him leave a quick kiss on Scarletts lips  "OOOOOHHHH GUYSSSSSS DID YOU SEEE THATTT MIKEYSS GOT A LADDDIEEE" Luke said making us all laugh. I went and stood by Scarlett and hugged all the boys as they left and Ashton came before Michael and he leaned forward and hugged me and whispered in my ear "bye beautiful" which made me blush more and then last came Michael and he hugged me and then leaned in to hug Scarlett he leaned in and hugged her and then kissed her and whispered "bye babe" which made it her turn to blush and smile and then he winked and walked away. Scarlett looked at me with an understanding look that she would have explaining to do later. But as for now we had an amazing concert to enjoy.

*Scarlett's POV*

we were waiting in line to go into the stadium when the guards finally let us all start  going in. Since me and Evie were nearly the first people in line we got into the stadium and found our seats pretty quick. We got in and decided to go and look at the merch before the line got too long. We ended up buying matching sweatshirts and bandannas and went a sat back down in our seats which were pretty good but far back at the same time but we could see clearly. We were just sitting and chatting and waiting for the concert to begin. Finally Hey Violet came out on stage and it was so amazing and I wont lie me and Evie both cried. It was so fun and crazy but not to mention loud. We sat back down and waited for 5sos to come out and just started chatting again when all the sudden the lights got dim and a countdown came up on the screen it clicked down and it felt like a year before it finally got down to 5...4...3....2...1 and the screams got so loud and all the sudden 4 amazing guys appeared on stage. Ashton took his seat at the drums and Luke, Calum and Michael all took their places at their microphones and they began singing kiss me kiss me and Evie and I sang along to every single word of the beautiful song. They finished the song and then started talking to the crowd a little bit. That's when Michael spoke up. "So guys we just sang kiss me kiss me right??" and the whole crowd burst into screams. Michael started shushing the crowd and got everyone really quiet somehow. Then he did something unexpected. "Now im going to do something  a bit odd but hey im a but odd so its okay." he said ad everyone laughed. "Okay now will everyone please sit down". The whole stadium obeyed and now everyone was sitting down. "Now I want one girl and her best friend to stand up in their seats please" he said looking around. Evie and I looked at eachother both of us wide-eyed. "Now these girls aren't just any girls. Now would Scarlettt and Evie please stand up in their seats?" Me and Evie looked at each other and then stood up in our seats and looked around. I saw other girls looking around clearly trying to figure out who Scarlett and Evie were and why we were so special at this moment. We safely got up in our seats and stood up and the girls in front of us turned around and gasped. All the sudden a spotlight was on us and a camera was too and we were on the big screen indicating where we were in the crowd. Michael looked up at us and smiled and winked now would one of our body guards please escort these girls up here on stage with us?" he said. Oh no. What is he doing. Oh my god. Out of nowhere a body guard appeared and helped us out of our seats and then lead us to the stage and then Michael grabbed my hand and helped me up while Ashton grabbed Evies hand and helped her up. Now we were up on the stage and standing in front of thousands of people. I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist and I leaned into Michael's warmth. "So in the honor of the song 'Kiss me Kiss me' I would like to kiss this amazing and beautiful girl right here that I am hopefully so lucky enough to call her my girlfriend if things go well tomorrow."  Michael said which made me blush and also corrupted thousands of people to scream 'aww' which I have to admit it was pretty cute what he was doing. Michael unwrapped his arm from my waist and looked at me "so Mrs. Scarlett may I kiss you??" he asked looking down at me. I didn't answer with words but instead decided to answer by standing on my tip toes and wrapping my arms around my neck and kissing his soft lips in front of all thousands of people which once again resulted in 'aww' I leaned back down and stood by his side once again and felt his arm wrap back around my waist. "aww isn't she just adorable" Michael said making me blush even more causing me to bury my face into his side. "uh oh I think I embarrassed her" he said now laughing "Okay Okay enough of those 2 lovebirds over there" all the sudden we heard Ashton pipe up "i have a question for this also very  beautiful girl that I am lucky enough to be standing beside right now "Evie?" he looked into her eyes now and she shook her head yes " may I kiss YOU??"  he asked her with so much hope in his eyes....


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