concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


4. tour bus slumber party


hey guyssss sorry I didn't update yesterday I had a lot to do and the I was trying to update the other one and it was just crazy but now lets continue the story now and happy fall y'all! and BTW I will try and update both fanfics either everyday or every other day or get into a routine and update like 3 or so times a week unless its just a really bad time. But anyway I hope yall love it baiiiii smooches and duces xoxo


*Evie's POV*

omg. OMG. Did Ashton really just ask me that? did he really? I was standing there in front of him looking him in the eyes. "yes omg yes you can!" I said as my hands were shaking. Ashton leaned in and I felt his warm lips on mine. God They were so soft I could kiss him for hours on end. The kiss ended in what felt like milliseconds and when it did it left me wanting more. The whole crowd erupted in aww! once again jus like they had done with Michael and Scarlett. This was seriously the best night ever.

*Ashtons POV*

I saw how Scarlett and Michael kissed in front of everyone and I have to admit it was so cute. I didn't know how Evie would react since we barely knew eachother but I just hoped for the best and then turned towards her "can I kiss YOU" I asked her. She was so beautiful I wanted to just get to know her more and hang out with her and just talk for hours till unknown times in the morning with her. If love at first sight was real I think I was feeling it right now. She looked up at me, looking me in the eyes and said "yes omg yes you can!", hearing the answer I had hoped so badly to hear. I leaned in until I felt soft sweet lips on mine. I eventually pulled away feeling as though if I didn't neither one of us would have.

*Michaels POV*

I cant believe she had actually kissed me up there on stage. I cant believe she actually kissed me at all. I cant believe she agreed to go out with me tomorrow. This was such an amazing day, and I couldn't wait until tomorrow. Me and the guys  were all sitting in the tour bus just hanging out since the show was over. I sat there with my phone in my lap waiting for Scarlett to text. I heard my phone go off, indicating that I had a message and I checked my phone and it was just a number that wasn't in my contacts. I unlocked my phone and went to my messages to see if it was Scarlett texting me. I opened up the message and it read "hey its me Scarlett" with the heart eyes emoji I started smiling seeing that it was in fact her. "Hey love did you enjoy the concert ;)" I sent back to her and within seconds she had already replied "i absolutely loved it. It was so amazing." she answered which made me smile even more. "What was your favorite part?" I asked her she replied back yet again so fast "oh I dunno let me think about it hmmm.. uhm idk maybe kissing you on stage which I never even thought I would ever be able to meet you and now I kissed you and now im dating you and omg.. wait are wee dating?" I started laughing at her silliness in her text and replied "Well I was hoping we would be but I was so scared to ask you about it" I replied back to her. I already missed her sweet voice and just her presence in general. She hadn't replied yet so I decided to send another message to her and hoping her answer on here would be yes so I texted her saying "Hey beautiful I was just wondering if you wanted to come stay here with me in our tour bus, You can Evie could both come and all of us could just hang out together cause I know Evie and Ashton are just dying to hang out together again" I put my phone down on the couch and went to get something to drink. When I came back I saw Ashton sitting on the couch. "Did they say yes?" he asked me when I sat back down beside him on the couch. "Did who say yes to what?" I asked him, confused as to what he was even talking about. "Did Scarlett say her and Evie would come stay they night here with us? Oh and by the way I was behind you the whole time you were texting Scarlett. You guys are cute by the way." I looked at him "How were you there that long without me noticing you were there?" I asked him now laughing. "Never. Underestimate. The. Drummer." he said. Which made me laugh even more which then made Ashton start laughing. "Hang on let me check" I opened up my phone to see if Scarlett had answered and she in fact had. I opened up  her message and read her response. "I would love to let me just tell Evie. Im not going to ask her. Im just going to tell her that she is going." I started laughing again at her response and said jjust said okay and gave her the address.

*Scarletts POV*

I pulled up into the place that Michael had told me to and saw their tour bus and also another car parked out front. We went up and knocked on the door and then heard Michael say "I GOT IT" and then Ashton said "NO I GOT IT" the door opened but It was neither Ashton or Michael but it was Calum. Hey guys. I had to put Ashton and Michael In timeout because they couldn't seem to stay quiet so Luke and Peyton could finish their makeout sesh. Me and Evie both burst out into laughter as Calum said that. "Haha okay c'mon in guys" he said ass he stepped aside letting us in. "Well some 2 girls are lazy comin up in here in your pajamas like this is a slumber party or something" Ashton said making us all laugh. As everyone looked at me and Evie because we had shown up in our pajamas which included each of us wearing flannel shorts and a white tee. Michael finally looked up from his phone from where he was sitting at the table and he started smiling and ran up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me "SCARLETT!" he said followed by him leaving a soft kiss on my cheek "Now Michael did I say you could get up from time out?" Calum said "uhhhhm nooooooo" Michael said and buried his face into my neck making me giggle "Okay then go and sit back down at the table" Calum said like a dad " OKAY DAD GOSH BUT IF IM GOING SCARLETTS COMING WITH ME" he said as he picked me up bridal style making me drop my bag on the floor. He carried me over to the table where he sat back down and sat me in his lap. "okay then ill let you be. Ashton you can get up and go do whatever" Calum said which made Ashton start smiling as he ran to Evie and picked her up and kissed her and then held her hand and lead her back to the couch where they sat down together. "Oh hey guys" Luke said as he walked into the area that we all were. His hair was a mess and so that the girls hair beside him who was holding his hand. "hey!" everyone answered back "Hey Scarlett Hey Evie! This is my beautiful girlfriend Peyton" he said again and Peyton waved. "HAIIII" I yelled because I couldn't get up because of mikeys strong grip around my waist. We sat up until about 1am before my eyes started getting heavy "Hey guys im going to take Scarlett to bed she's really tired" I heard Michael say as he stood up and carried me back  to the bunks "Okay baby you can either sleep with me or you can sleep on one of the extra bunks" I heard Michael say. I knew exactly where I wanted to sleep and instead of answering him I leaned up and kissed Michaels soft lips and then buried my head into his neck. I heard him softly laugh "okay babe I take that as you will sleep with me okay c'mon lets climb up there" Michael set me down and I climbed up onto the bed and got under the covers and then Michael got up on the bed and got under the covers with me and wrapped his arms around me and  I layed my chest on his head "goodnight babe" I heard him say and then felt his soft lips against my forehead before I drifted off into a deep sleep right where I wanted to be.

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