concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


5. the date

* Michaels POV*

I  woke up and looked over at the beautiful girl laying in my arms. I still couldn't believe how I was lucky enough to get her. She didn't seem like the other girls that were fans of us and then I started dating one of them and really all they wanted to be with me for was my money. I know I know me and Scarlett hadn't even been on a date yet but she didn't seem like one of those girls. I layed there a while longer just thinking and admiring Scarlett's beauty when I checked the time and realized it was almost 10:30 and I knew we should start getting ready for the bug day I had planned for me and her today. She looked so peaceful sleeping and I dreaded waking her up but I knew I had to. I tried gently shaking her but she didn't even turn over. I leaned down and kissed her rosy cheek and saw a faint smile appear on her face and then I knew she in fact was awake and was just playing with me " need to get up if you want to go on our date later today" She still  didn't move but instead smiled even more but still didn't open her eyes. "C'mon Scarlett sleeping is no fun" This time her smile faded but she still didn't move. "Ugh okay I guess ill just have to go by myself" I said slowly pretending I was getting off the bed. This time she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her and then let go a little but still had herself wrapped around me. I looked down at her and she had her lips puckered up. I leaned down and kissed her pink lips and then saw her eyes flutter open. "Okay im awake" she said and smiled at me. That made me laugh and then she layed her head back down on my chest. "Scarlett, we need to get up" I said playing with her soft hair. "Will you tell me where we are going?" she asked me looking me in the eyes now, she had such beautiful blue eyes. "'no its a surprise you'll find out when we get there" she inched up closer to me and placed her lips on mine and kissed me "now will you tell me?" she said as she smirked "nice try but still no you can wait until we get there to know" she didn't answer me but once again started to inch up towards my face. She yet again placed her sweet lips on mine but this time she didn't pull away so fast. She started kissing more ad kissing me for about 3 mins before she pulled away once again. "How about now?" she asked once again "Nice try babe but no I told you its a surprise and you'll find out when wee get there." "Okay fiiiiiine" she said as she got up and hopped down off the bed. I got down and stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. "ready for today?" I asked her "yes yes I am im so excited to spend a day with someone as wonderful as you" she said smiling. We eventually got ready and got in her car but I was driving since she had no idea where were going. Little di she know, last night after she went to sleep  I went and put a whole picnic in her car for today. I pulled up the the park I had planned for us and she got out. I got out and went to the back seat and got the stuff out. I layed the blanket down and got out the picnic stuff out. She went and sat down on the blanket and I sat down beside her. We sat down and started eating. After we had finished eating I layed down on my back and she layedd down beside me on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and we sat there looking up at the clouds. "Yah know Scarlett I know this is only our first date and I till have many more things planned for us today but I just wanted to tell you something. I know we don't really know eachother but every time we kiss I feel sparks and I just wanted you to know.. I love you"

HEEEEYYYY GUYSSSS so im so sorry this is a short chapter im just really not focusing this hass been the best day ever and my minds just not set right okay I love you guys and ill update better tomorrow thanks babes smooches and duces xoxo

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