concert to love

I was preparing for the concert. I'd been waiting for almost a year to go see them. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Finally a happy night from all the tiresome days. Finally being able to see the most amazing 4 people I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait. I stood there getting ready and putting on some black shorts and my 5sos tee and just going through twitter. I looked at the time and realized I should be going now and heading to the concert with my best friend Evie. We were so un aware of the greatest nights of our lives soon to happen to us.


7. Dinner dates


hey guys. Just a small authors note. How have you guys been? Im going to update and im sorry if this is a really bad chapter Im just not in the best of moods. It's just been a really long day today. People wont stop saying shit and my little cousin had to put his dog down today and yeah please guys would any of you comment and just let me talk to you? I really need someone to talk to and I don't really know who  there is :( I really need someone and right now I don't have anyone. Anyway heres the chapter guys I hope you like it.


*Michaels POV*
 we just arrived back to the tour bus and walked inside and I went to get ready. Scarlett followed me back to the bunks where I had my clothes and she helped me pick out what I should wear. We couldn't decide so we went up and saw Calum, Ashton and Luke all dressed up in dress shirts and dress pants and a suit coat. Well I guess I needed to dress fancy. I went back to my bunks where I saw Scarlett sitting. "Hey babe I gotta change you can stay back here if you want or you can sit up there if you don't feel comfortable." I said and winked at her. "No im fine ill just sit right here." she said smirking. I laughed softly "fine. by. me." I said and leaned down and kissed her soft lips. I Leaned back up and got , put my fancy clothes and got dressed. "Hey mikey. I think me and Evie will have to go back to our place so we can get some fancier clothes because we didn't expect to be going to any place like that."  She said to me. I looked down at her sitting on the bed "Babe its okay we can go ill take you and her if you want to." she looked at me "But I don't want to make you go through any trouble just to take us there to get something better to wear" she looked down now looking at her hand. I lifted her chin up so that she was looking at me now. I leaned in and kissed her soft lips again before she said anything else that wasn't true. "Scarlett it would be no trouble whatsoever I would do anything for you c'mon we can go right now and ill drive you 2 over there and you guys can get ready and then we'll just meet them there" I said to her and she smiled "Thanks Mikey" she said and smiled before leaning in a placing her sweet lips on mine and kissed me. I stood up and held out my hand for her. She took it and laced her fingers together with mine. We walked out to where Evie was and saw her and Ashton sitting on the couch. "Hey Evie Mikey's gonna drive us over to our place so that we can get some better clothes, and then we are just going to meet the rest of you guys at the restaurant. Ashton you can go too if you want" I said "YAYYY"  Ashton said now that I informed him he would be able to go. We stepped outside and went and got in my car after telling Luke and Calum where we were headed and that we would meet them at the restaurant. We got outside and got to Scarlett's car. Scarlett threw Ashton the keys "Your turn to drive" she told him and smirked. He caught the keys and got in the drivers seat and Evie got in the passengers seat. Scarlett went and sat behind Evie and then I went and sat behind Ashton. Scarlett didn't sit in the middle but I wanted to sit near her so I wrapped my arm around her waist and then buckled her in the middle seat before she could even buckle herself into her original seat. She looked up at me and smiled and then leaned up and kissed me on the cheek before laying her head on my shoulder. "GET A ROOM GUYS" ashton yelled from the drivers seat which made us all laugh. Just for that I out my hands on Scarletts face and pulled her face to mine and placed a big kiss on her lips making her laugh more "MALE ME ASH" I yelled back at him and everyone started laughing again. We were riding back to Scarlett's and Evie's apartment and Ashton and Evie were upfront holding hands and me and Scarlett were in the back with her leaning into me and I had my arm wrapped around her.  We finally arrived there and we went and sat inside "You guys can just sit there and make yourselves at home Evie said Me and Ashton went and sat down on the couch while Scarlett and Evie went upstairs to get ready


*Evie's POV*
I followed Scarlett upstairs and went into her room. We went in side and she went and opened her closet doors "What should I wear?" Scarlett asked me rummaging through her closet looking for something to wear. I went and looked with her until I saw the perfect dress. It was a red tight fitting body con dress and it looked so good on her. I reached in and grabbed it. "Wear this with your black stiletto pumps and then we can quickly curl your hair and give you a soft smoke eye with some winged eyeliner and a red lip" I said to her picturing the whole outfit in my head. Her eyes got big and she smiled at me "OMG EVIE YOUR A LIFESAVER" she said to me and hugged me. She layed her outfit on her bed and then followed me into my room. I went and opened my closet doors now and looked at Scarlett. "Okay now what should I wear?" I asked her. She looked like she was eyeing something in my closet and apparently she was because she gasped and then reached into my closet. She pulled out my midnight blue short puffy dress and my silver sparkly stiletto pumps. "Wear this with a smokey eye and winged liner like yours truly and then a nude colored lip" she said getting excited. I grabbed my clothes and followed her back into her room. We got changed and then looked in the mirror. We then went into the bathroom to get our makeup and hair ready. I went and plugged in the curling iron and then Scarlett told me she would do my hair and makeup as the curler heated up. I sat down in front of her and she worked her magic. I looked in the mirror to see what she had done. She had given me a side messy fish tail braid and then did exactly what she told me. She gave me a smokey eye and a sparkly nude lip. She was so good at makeup. Then it was her turn to sit down. I started curling her hair in big soft curls and they looked gorgeous. I sprayed some hairspray on her hair to keep it in place and then started on her makeup. I gave her a darker colored smokey eye and then I gave her a bright red lip that matched her dress color perfectly. She stood up and looked in the mirror and turned around and hugged me "OMG EVIE I LOVE IT THANKYOU SO MUCH" she said as she hugged me again "YOUR WELCOME AND THANYOU SO MUCH TO SCARLETT" I said back to her as I hugged her back. We went back into her room and put on our shoes before walking back out of her room. Scarlett was about to walk down the steps but I stopped her. "Wait Scarlett what about our scars?" I asked her. She looked down at her arms seeing faint marks from bad times before and I looked down at mine seeing the same thing. "Its going to be okay" she said to me and hugged me, "I promise" she whispered in my ear. We  stopped hugging and then walked down the steps.

*Ashtons POV*

Me and Mikey were just sitting there talking when we heard the girls walking down the steps. We saw them walk in and im sure me and Mikey were thinking the same thing. As soon as they  walked in our jaws dropped.......

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