The town of Winchester is filled with many quirks and oddities. Between authors who played at crime scenes and undertakers who wished they were alive, D. I. Knighton is never short of things to investigate. A pall is cast over the town, however, when a sudden rash of killings spread throughout. Will the detective be able to solve the mystery before one of her loved ones becomes the next target?

(Comments, constructive criticism, and theories are welcome and appreciated!)


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     A woman walked down a cobblestone street in Winchester. She was obviously lost, glancing around as the clouds covered the moon, blocking out any light it may have provided. The artificial glow of the street lamps were spaced too far apart, and the woman felt waves of fear every time she stepped out of their light into the shadow.

     This is ridiculous, she thought to herself as she glanced about. It was far later than her cousin had predicted her arrival to be, and now she could see no one else on the street. She halted between two lamp lights.

     “Silly girl,” a mysteriously deep voice chuckled behind the woman. “You should have stayed inside.”

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