Just a special message

You need to know this. Just read this, I don't care if I get likes or favorites, please just read what this says


1. Did you know

You are beautiful.

Everything about you is wonderful. 

Your skin

Your hair

Your eyes

Your body shape

Your nose

Your lips

Your ears

Your hand

Your arms

Your legs

Your feet

Your smile

Your nails

Your Height

Your Soul.

Everything about you is perfect.

People tell you you're fat?

You're not.

You're more huggable than a stick

People tell you you're ugly?

You're not.

They're just too self centered to look past they're own huge ego to see how FREAKING perfect you are.

People say that you're weird?

You are.

But let me tell you a secret

Only the best people are.

People say you aren't talented?

You're on Movellas

You could be the next Suzanne Collins. 

The next Veronica Roth.

The next Rick Riordan.








And if you don't believe me

You need to look in the mirror.

Because you're perfect and you are loved

And if you don't think anyone else loves you

I do

Because you're you


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