❦Coffee and Talks ➺Tyler Joseph

❝ Amber-Rose ? I-i'm worried about you..❝

❝ Oh , But there's nothing to worry about . I will keep her safe and sound ! ❝

©laneboydoubts 2015


7. 6❋

A m b e r - R o s e

I softly knocked on the Joseph's door and waited impatiently for them to open the door . The bag I carried was heavy and the fact that I had a Broken arm was not really helping me at all !

I softly groaned in pain and kneeled on the ground , placing the food on my thigh , instantly regreting it because Kelly opened the door . I mentally screamed and thanked her as she quickly grabbed the heavy bag , noticing how I was in agony .

" Oh dear , I'm so sorry . Tyler is at the bathroom , throwing up due to the muscle relaxing medicine they gave him . Good thing it's common to have that symptom when drinking the pill . If not we would had been back at the hospital checking him up . "

I nodded and gripped the door frame as I stood up on my now slightly numb legs . I pushed the door behind me and locked it , following kelly's instructions to do so .

" There is plenty of breakfast there . Different things like waffles , muffins and even parfaits . "

Kelly glanced at me , her eyes wide as I finished talking .

" Why , that's so much food ! How much money do I owe you seeetheart ? "

I shook my head and smiled kindly at her .

" It's my treat . Thanks again for letting me be there with Tyler . I was so worried , all kinds of crazy throughts running through my head . "

She nodded and softly took a bite of the large banana-nut Muffin on her hands .

" Mom , you okay ? You are really quiet down there ! "

Tyler's Raspy voice weakly called , sounding really close to us for some reason . I glanced at the stairs and noticed a still pale , tired looking Tyler drag himself down the stairs . I quickly looked away , noticing that he was shirtless . I still caught a glance of his toned stomach , the outline of a six pack visible which mean that he either exercised or was just natually toned .

I took a quick bite of my waffle before I made some type of creeper noise and toatally made a fool out of myself In front of not Only Tyler Himself , but his mother too .

" Amber-Rose... I didn't remember that you were stopping by today . If I actually remembered , I would had fixed my self up since we have a guest . "

" It's fine , Tyler . This is your house , afterall . How are you doing ? I heard the Muscle Relaxer makes you Nauseous . Do you think you can eat ? If not , there's a veriety of things in that bag you can dig into later . "

He grinned a toothy grin and quietly made his way to the bag . Letting out a small ' ooooh yay ! " he reached for something and pulled out the waffels . He quickly took a seat and digged in .


I excused myself and stepped out of the room . I quickly read over my mom's ( Surprice Surprice ! ) text and grumbled . 
I dialed her number and waited until she decided to be a little princess and pick up her goddamn phone .

" Amber-Rose ! I need you to come home as soon as possible , we need to talk . See you soon . "

I glared at my phone and quietly , deep sighed . I walked back to the Dinning Room and proceeded to grab my things . Tyler noticed what was happening and quickly spoke up , regret thick on his voice .

He walked up to me and spoke in a hushed tone only us can hear .

" Is everything okay ? Did...I do something wrong ? "

I shook my head , my addituded going from happy to mad in a short brief time .

" Of course not Tyler . Don't blame anything one yourself , okay ? I promise it doesn't have to do with you or it's your fault . You would never do anything to ruin my time . "

I pulled him closer to me and gave him a huge bear hug , the feeling of his body heat making me feel relaxed. I pulled away after a few long seconds and explained to both of them that my LOVely mother demanded for me to be home at this instant , for some strange and unknown reason .

I waved goodbye to both of them and walked through the snow piles , making my way downtown.. just kidding , that would be too clíche . I was making my way home though .

" mom I'm home ! Where are you at ? "

She suddenly popped out from behind me , and walked passed me , not bothering to say even a short hello . 

" We have dinner tonight with some people your father knows . A woman by the name of Kelly Joseph will be having dinner with us . Your father also informed me about her weird mentally unstable son joining us today . " 

I held myself back from snapping at her , correcting her about him and letting her know how good of people they truly are . But I kept my mouth shut . If she knew I was friends with them , or even knew theme , she would be such a drama queen and send me to a psychiatrist . That's how dramatic she is . 

She grabbed something that was laying on the couch and handed it to me . 

" I want you to dress nicely . I'll have the maid up there once you shower to get your hair done . You will also wear the heels I gave you , they are on top of you bed . " 

She waved me off and typed away in her her Rose Gold Mac Book . 

Why do I have to dress nice ? I have a seriously bad feeling about all this . 

I'm going to now work on the 7th chapter , and as soon as I have it done , I will post it .

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