❦Coffee and Talks ➺Tyler Joseph

❝ Amber-Rose ? I-i'm worried about you..❝

❝ Oh , But there's nothing to worry about . I will keep her safe and sound ! ❝

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6. 5 ❋


A m b e r - R o s e

I took a small sip of the now close to cold coffee in my hand and Sat quietly on the hard hospital bed . I finally met his mother and I have to say , I wish she was my mother . Then again , she wouldn't be Tyler's mom and we would had never met . So never mind that .

I smiled at Mrs.Joseph , who told me to call her Kelly , and Grabbed the sweater she brought for me .

" Thank you , kelly . I'm glad he's doing okay . I was awfully worried . How are you feeling ? Would you like to talk ? "

She shook her head and smiled softly , a weak smile that only lasted a good five seconds and dissapeared as soon as it appeared .

" I'm good sweetheart . Glad that he's okay . Thank you for being there at that moment . "

I reached for her hand and held on to it , letting her know that I trully cared about how she was feeling , plus I am feeling the same way too . She sniffled and turned her attention to Tyler , who Stirred weakly on the bed . She stood up and walked out of the door . I assume she went to get someone .

I stood up on shaky legs , struggling at bit due to my broken shoulder and elbow and placed myself next to him . He softly fluttered his eyes and turned to me , dark circles clearly visible under his breath taking eyes .

" Are you okay ? How are yoy feeling ? "

I gave him some time to speak and pushed a bit of hair out of his forehead . I watched as his only reply towards me was tears slipping out of his eyes and quiet whimpers/sobs . I softly wiped them off and placed a soft kiss on his cheek , lingering for a little before pulling away .

" I know you are ashamed . I understand . Your mother told me everything , okay ? That won't stop me from liking you . You are a wonderful person with a huge heart , and gorgeous eyes . "

I made a quick silly face and stood dumbfounded at how happy and jolly his laugh was . It was delicate and really contagious . I burst out laughing and stopped as soon as I noticed we were not alone . I quickly cleared my throat and went back to the plastic chair .

I avoided looks from the grinning nurse and glued my eyes to my thighs , taking a quick sip of coffee in the process .

" Everything seems to be good . When you first got here , you had lost a lot of blood . This y-"

I interupted the doctor quickly and made up a lie .

" Your mom did this , Tyler . I stopped by when All this happened ... I was so scared .. "

I glanced at both Doctor and Nurse , takimg in the pity , sorrowful looks they threw at me and continued talking to their patient . I bit my lower lip and stood up , walking out of the door and to the small waiting area once I noticed the conversation was getting Personal .

I pulled out my phone and read all the worried texts from my dad , obviously none from mom . Cause' to her I'm a 'fucking disgrace to the family ' . I mean I guess , but it hurts and I don't think she knows . She's busy all the time anyways .

" Excuse me , young lady . I would like to say that you are very brave . If I don't mind asking , Why did you say that ? "

I shook my head at him and shrugged my shoulders .

" Do what , sir ? I don't know what you are talking about. "

With those words , I left him there and to say my goodbyes to Tyler and his Lovely mother . She really is the Sweetheart in all this situation .

" I have to go Mrs.Joseph and Tyler... If you guys don't mind , I will Stop by at your house tomorrow with some breakfast . There's this cute little cafe I know of . "

Kelly quickly agreed , giving me a huge hug and excusing herself before walking out of the room .

" I'm glad you are good . Was everything good with the Doctor in here ? "

He shrugged softly and nodded afterwards .

" You could say that . I got schooled by them , but It was bearable . Do you have to leave so early . "

The heavy frown on his face made me do other wise , but I nodded and sighed .

" Dad is worried and wants me home as soon as possible . If I he didn't want me home ASAP , I would had stayed until you were discharged . "

He softly grinned at me and glanced at my broken arm , his grin suddenly vanishing away .

" Are you okay ? Did I cause that ? "

I shook my head and took a seat next to him on the bed .

" Of course not , Why would you say that ? , I attempted to get the ball and one of my team mates tripped over me while playing a volleyball in school . Now I'm out of the team for a good couple of weeks , maybe a month until I get this Cast off . "

Okay , that lie was Half true . I do play volleyball , but the people I know would easily cover up for me and spread around the school that I broke my arm while having practice .

He nodded and glanced at it , grimancing at the black cast .

I'll see you tomorrow . Don't forget that whatever you think about or other tell you , you are a true fighter . "

I softly pecked him on his cheek and walked out of there before he would say something about it , his cheeks fuming with embarrassmet .

Thanks to all the reads I have so far . Means the world to me .

Have a good night / morning !

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