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❝ Amber-Rose ? I-i'm worried about you..❝

❝ Oh , But there's nothing to worry about . I will keep her safe and sound ! ❝

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A m b e r - R o s e

All I could do at the moment was Scream my head off and craddle him , not wanting to let go . I sobbed quietly and slipped my cotton jacket off , wrapping it around his wound as secure as I could and moved on to his wrists . lip trembling , I finally came to realization .

He attempted Suicide .

I relaxed a bit as I managed to stop his arm wounds by wrapping some shirt peices around his wrists and softly places his head on my folded jacket . I quickly syood up and searched for a house phone .

" 911 what's your Emergency ? "

I glanced back at a ghostly pale Tyler and whimpered .

" My friend is badly hurt. Please there a lot of blood . I need an ambulance right away . "

I quickly told her the address and demanded for them to quickly send an ambulance before hanging up . I looked for the Kitchen and searched around to see if I could find his mothers phone number .

After a good time of looking , I finally found it and dialed it as quickly as I could attempting to not mess up on the digits .

" Hello , Honey is everything okay ? "

" Actually , this is Tylers Friend , Amber-Rose . Something happened with tyler and the ambulance are on his way . "

I tried as much as I could to not panic completely and break down on the floor with all my little strength left . My Arm ached badly and It fell numb and motionless on my side .

" Did you at least stop the wound from bleeding ? We have to make sure he doesn't bleed out and... "

She stayed silent as I gaped Inaudibly and nodded , speaking up a few seconds later since I had forgotten that I was on the phone and not face to face with her .

" Yes , I took care of that . Mrs.Joseph , he's awfully pale... and The ambulance not here yet . "

I gripped Tyler's freezing fingers and softly placed them on my lap . I glanced at him and noticed how he turned two times whiter than before , going to a blank piece of paper color .

I let out a Loud sob as I couldn't feel the pulse , which meant it was super slow or...

" Mrs.Joseph ! His-his pulse , I can't feel it ! I don't know what to do ... "

I loudly gasped , gripping my chest as I horrible pain began to increase , making me start to softly see black dots in my vision .

" No . You cannot accept the evil thoughts into your brain . They bring positive Vibes to the situation you are in . Now relax and tell me , what do you think of Tyler ? "

I softly cried and attempted to think of happy thoughts , Try to pull myself away from the Evil thoughts and replacing them with good , Happy ones .

" I-I don't know . There's too much that I think about him . "

I shook my head and pulled his freezing hand , placing a soft kiss on his knuckles . Mrs.Joseph laughed a heartily laugh and went quiet for a few seconds .

" You know exactly what I mean , Sweetheart . It's already more than just blushing and embarrisment . It's now love . Deep love . "

I sobbed loudly at her words and nodded my head , not really caring if she was not here with me , suffering through the worst moment of my life .

" I-I love him ! So so much ! I-I don't even kniw if that's possible since I just met him two days ago . Could I really be Deeply in love with him ? Mrs.Joseph , Could that happen ?! Could that really happen ?.. "

I let the paramedics pull me off him , truggling a bit at first , but Giving up because If I didn't it could be too late . I don't want it to be late .

I followed behind as they took him to the ambulance and Hopped in once I was Permitted .

" Mrs.Joseph , I'm sitting with him in the Ambulance . Please meet me there . "

She quickly replied and told me to not worry , ' Tyler was a true fighter by heart and soul . '

I softly smiled and nodded , slowly hanging up . They quickly began making sure that he was alive and threw me a glance .

" Ma'am , it's a miracle that he's alive . With the amount of blood he lost and all . It also had to do with your smart decision to stop the bleeding before it got worst . "

I nodded and glanced at him , completely relaxing as the heart monitor beeped constantly , but slow .

I met a wonderful person That I love . I'm not going to let him go anytime soon . It would be the death of me if I let him go , or if He let's me go . 


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