❦Coffee and Talks ➺Tyler Joseph

❝ Amber-Rose ? I-i'm worried about you..❝

❝ Oh , But there's nothing to worry about . I will keep her safe and sound ! ❝

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I felt weird walking into the library and Tyler not approaching me . I hope nothing happened to him .

I bit my lower lip harshly and headed towards my locker . Apparently I have this quiz and I had not fucking clue about it . Now I have to quickly atudy in less than 30 minutes and pray that I get an A or a passing grade .

I glanced around to see if Tyler would be around anywhere , but there wasn't any sign of him .

I slammed my locker shut behind me and headed to Trig Miss my old and irritating teacher . It's barely second block and i'm dying to leave this hell hole .

I could hear the loud clank noise of heels and knew Lacey was passing by .

" Hey nerd . Where's my boyfriend at ? "

I momentarily choked on my own saliva and turned to a glaring and very whorishly dressed Lacey .

I don't know , Lacey . Why don't you call him ? Oh wait ! You don't have his fucking number you bitch . "

I pushed her out of my way and headed to Trig , less than a minute left for the warning bell to ring . I quickly sprinted into the classroom and sat down on my assigned seat . Good thing it was in the back , away from the croud of people and where I could either think peacefully , or chat a bit with Tyler .

I really di hope he's okay . I'll stop by his house and see if everything is okay ..

I attempted to not think about him , if I do all my guilty feelings will return . 

I softly hissed as I rubbed as soft thumb over my freshly made scars . When I cut it helps me feel better. I always have some type of feeling I have to forget about and the easiest way for me to gorget is by cutting . I know what it's farmful for yo , but I'm already messed up . Both physically and mentally . 

I raised my head from my arms and pulled the left over peices of hair that fell from my messy bun away from my face and behind my ear . I picked up my things and headed to the Library where I quietly ate my turkey and cheddar sandwhich and Ruffle chips . I glanced around to see if there was any sign of Tyler , But there still wasn't . 

" Amber-Rose ? Is Tyler here today ? " 

I glanced up to see Josh , a Nice kid who would look intimidating with his Red hair and nose piercing , but is actually a total sweetheart with a big heart for Tyler . 

I shook my head and frowned again . He motioned to the chair in front of me and I nodded , letting him know that I he could sit with me . 

" Are you and Tyler a thing ? Because he's my best friend and I love him . He's like a brother to me . " 

I softly smiled and shook my head . 

" To be honest , I would love to be a thing with him . To me he is a very delicate flower that if once plucked , would instantly die and dissapear into thin air . I don't want that , Josh.. The Idea really scares me .. " 

Tears formed like floods just at this huge though , making me sniffle and quickly wipe my tears away before someone apart from Josh saw me . He softly smiled a sad smile and pulled me to a hug before waving speechless and leaving me all alone . Without Tyler to cheer me up . And Really hungry for some reason .

I quickly sped walked to my car and backed out of the parking spot , determined to drive to Tyler's house and make sure that everything was okay . I parked my car and quickly made my way to the door . I knocked as hard as I could and waited for a responce . Five minutes passed and I knocked again . 

That Is It . 

I went around the house to see if I could hear anything or see if anyone was home or something the quietness inside scaring me .

I sneakily peeked through a window that was high from me and gasped , stumbling down and scraping my knees badly in the process . I quickly ran to the front and attempted to open the door . I backed away a far distance and sprinted towards the door . I broke it down somehow and could obviously feel that I broke my shoulder or something .

Now I was bawling my eyes out because I broke my shoulder and because I am the one who found a lifeless Tyler lying around a pool of his own blood . 

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