With Hope comes Love

Cadence Celeste Harmony wakes up to nothing and has to start life over with help from Man in the Moon. and she realizes she had a past life and now serves a part in protecting children. but then she meets Bunny, and he might win her singing heart


7. WTF!!!!!!!


~~ Cadences P.O.V.

                                I woke up this morning and I was 100 degrees outside and I am not a person fond of sweat. So I  change into some daisy dukes and a yellow/green cami. After I eat some eggs for breakfast, I head out to my special bench with the lake side veiw. I turn on my ipod and I scroll through my song list and I play dark horse by katy perry. After the first chours I feel a presencce behind me and when I turn around I see a black stallion and without hestation I get on the horse and  order down to the shoreline the chours starts to play the horse which I decide to name sunstreaker. But then he does a half-halt and rears. I grab on to the reins and hold on. He almost throws me off but somehow I sty on. I cautiously look in front of the black stallion ad see a 6ft rabbit and Im   a little nervous cause he DOES look intaming. So I tell him

                " Um...... hi I'm Cadence Celeste Harmony and um..... do u you want or need anything from me?"

                " yes, shelia i need you."

                SAY WHAT!!!!  With my weird mind I was about to scream rape. He cuts me off.

                " Sheila before ya say anything north sent me here and MIM sent him so yeah do ya wanna do this the easy way or the hard way."

                Ohhhh he has an accent I LOVE guys with accents UGH CADENCE PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. I quickly dismount Sunstreaker. And after I get off I slap his rump signing him to be free and he nickers happily and gallops off.

                " I think I'll take the easy way sheila." I say jokingly.

                he looks at me with a weird look in his eyes and I can't understand why. Then he tells me.

                " um sheila is a slang term for a female." He replies bluntly.

                WHOOPS! Man I'm so weird and I can't contain a laugh and then I see him during my outfit.

                "Sheila ya might wanna change clothes."

                "why?" I question

                " Cause back at base we got a pervert who will flirt beyond belief."

                what have I gotton my self into.


Ok I have been REALLY busy and I wrote this chapter once and I got annoyed but I DID IT AND IM PROUD :L


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