With Hope comes Love

Cadence Celeste Harmony wakes up to nothing and has to start life over with help from Man in the Moon. and she realizes she had a past life and now serves a part in protecting children. but then she meets Bunny, and he might win her singing heart


4. The Chosen One


~~I was in my room eating fruitcake when my right hand yeti cam in and told me that the flap to the moon was open. I looked at him with a confused expression. He pointed to the hole in the roof that could be opened or closed to show us the moon.( I CANNOT think of what it is called.!) I walk over only to find the lights blinking a purple-pinkish color. I'm like freakin out. I start to hyperventalite. But I quickly calm myself down and look to the moon. And I say " alright manny you have my attention what do you have to say," and the moon is not fond of talking so he goes into peoples minds.

       North do me a favor and don't flip out on me, I believe there shall be a new guardian. In my mind I was already planning his/her arrival. But manny is one step ahead of me. He tells me, she has just found out her name today she needs a little while before any interference. What a bummer I tell him and I look over to the globe only to see grayish  sand swirling the globe. I immeaditly think its pitch. But manny once again steps in and says thats my magic north. I breathe a sigh of relief and manny is very calm telling me  that she is one of the guardians soul mates. But I have to listen to him with no fault for this to occur. I listen to his plan.

             Cadence's P.O.V

       im making over easy eggs for my breakfast and I go to my fridge and pull out some orange juice. I sit down at my public table. I grab my ipod and tituinam (SO SORRY FOR SPELLING) comes on and I feel a connection to the song and I can't resist the urge to sing. Right before the first line is over I see a few butterflies start to crowd around me. At first I was like what the heck? But when a purple wing came up and fluttered on my cheek I just let my voice go. When the chours came on I realized I was spinning in circles. And 2 seconds later I was off the ground.  What the hell I think to myself. I look down at the ground and see I'm only a foot off the ground. I jump out of the butterfly pile and head up to two deer fawns that had shown up. And when the song was over all of the animals who had been there begged me with their eyes to sing a different song so I waited a few seconds for the next song to come on.........

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