With Hope comes Love

Cadence Celeste Harmony wakes up to nothing and has to start life over with help from Man in the Moon. and she realizes she had a past life and now serves a part in protecting children. but then she meets Bunny, and he might win her singing heart


3. The Cabin

        ~~  Omg!!! This iz way better than anything I could have asked for. I have  a flatscreen I see an ipod and an ipad air. I go until I find the weapons cabinet and I see a .22 .370 a semiautomatic revolver and 5 bows with 20 stead of arrows. Along with 50 knives. I run up to find my room is my favorite color PURPLE (there will be another  pic of her room.) I see a full a body mirror and couple of dressers and a walk in closet I've always wanted one of those!!! I look in and she a bunch of clothes I need to find something else to wear instead of these torn jeans and my pink T and I change into  a purple top my blue and purple vans and jean shorts I decide to go outside and look around, I see a beautiful lake with a forest behind me. I grab my ipod and sit on a bench and start to download my music, I prefer country ( IM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!! Include country in your quizzes if they involve music) but I like katy perry and a bunch of other singers in her catogory. And when I'm done its about noon and I go into my kitchen and make lunch. I decide on a ham sandwich with doritos and sweet iced tea. I for back to the public table by the lake and enjoy my lunch and then my mind starts to think about what MIM meant when he said my name meant something. He said something about a musical term, I know I'll check GOOGLE (what would we do without google). I'm not gonna type in my whole name cause that would be weird. So I type in one word are a time...... turns how he was right all musical terms, what does mean I'm smart bit this is a little to hardcore for me. after awhile I give up, so I just spend the rest of my day programming my stuff. I go up stairs to take a shower and fine a high-tech shower a walk in tub with a sliding glass door. and you can also make it a mini- hot tub. so I decide to fill the 'shower' as high as it can go. my feet can even touch the bottom! and I'm  5'7. after I get out of the shower I find some random clothes that are baggy and just head off to bed.

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